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Baby mobiles are adorable little things that come in many varieties, it can also serve as a good gift.

Things That Hangs Over Baby Cribs

Things That Hangs Over Baby Cribs

Has the thought ever clicked on your mind that the thing that hangs over baby cribs is known or called? It was used by me for my kid’s cradle or crib and I’ve purchased it as presents for occasions like baby showers or while going to see the newborn for various times, but I’ve no idea about the name or what it’s called. 

Well, now the mysterious problem of the baby equipment has been solved finally. We have the answer to what these baby cribs are called.

What are they called?

As we have brought up, the material that sways above a baby’s crib is known as a baby mobile which contains toys and objects joined to it. They also include various types such as rotation or spinning, bluetooth enabled, music, detachable toys, and night lamplight. And in the market these days there are three different kinds of baby mobiles.

Crib Mounted Baby Mobile

The simplest and most frequently used variation in baby mobiles are the ones that can be connected to the edge of the baby’s crib, with the help of a simple clip. A vital problem that caregivers accept in these types of baby mobiles is that few of them are not properly adjustable above the round-shaped or square sides or edges of a baby crib.

Portable Baby Mobile

This type of baby mobile has been trending these days and becoming more popular day by day. Apart from being very quiet and suitable for carrying along, these can be connected to either a consistent baby crib or even a baby buggy. 

Numerous new and amazing designs of these baby mobiles are being put up for sale. Though various security concerns are related to the low-quality ones that are available in the markets.

Ceiling Mounted Baby Mobile

 These kinds of baby mobiles can be gone up or mounted on the ceiling by exactly drilling or inculcating a small hole into it are the most secure options these days. 

While they can’t be connected with a clip onto a toddler’s crib or the buggy, they are quite a very simple and easy-to-manage option for caregivers. When the toddlers are resting indoors, caregivers can easily fix it up. 

You have now eventually found out what this equipment of baby’s material is called, take a look and check out a few of my best-loved and favorite toddler’s mobiles. 

Things That Hangs Over Baby Cribs
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    Things That Hangs Over Baby Cribs

    The Peantshell Pink Mobile For Baby Girls

    Toddler crib mobiles are so lovely and trending these days that I often earnestly think about purchasing one for my bed, but my spouse firmly dislikes this concept! 

    Mainly for the little princesses, these cot mobiles are made specially, as they contain colorful bright roses. What draws my attention most is that the brightness of the color is not that much, so your little princess can simply fall asleep as it swirls. 

    The style of the model is digital and contains a music box that plays segments of twelve mind soothing lullabies that can cause your baby to sleep at once. 

    It is adorned with cute decorative materials that are non-toxic and not harmful to the toddler. 

    Every flower is built with softness for the toddler’s safety in case she has the willingness to play with it but be aware to not let the infant or small baby play with it ignored as it could work as a choking risk factor. 

    Always keep in mind that this crib mobile is produced for normal crib rails, but the holder on the crib mobile arm can fit up to 2 inches to adjust in most cribs in the marketplace. 

    This structure will go smoothly and beautifully with floral designs inside and wall paint like furniture, changing tables, etc. So your little girl will feel like a princess. Just be sure to use secure paints that are non-toxic for her room or not harmful for her.

    Oberlux Baby Crib Mobile

    I only like to go through the certificates for high-quality components and manufacture. Nowadays when it is so simple and easy to learn about non-toxic baby equipment, there’s no defense for not purchasing secure and more innate products. 

    It can be enormous and great though time-consuming to inspect if every single piece of baby equipment is made to maintain quality standards, including the usage of chemicals that are non-toxic to make the product. 

    So that people like me do inspections or investigations for you and give you the lists that contain secure products for the toddlers. 

    This cradle mobile from Oberlux is absolutely what I am talking about. Although I love flowers or flourish designs so much, I have to confess the fact that this mobile is more accurate than the previous one as its features give the vibe of unisex mobile. 

    It contains lovely soft animals, including elephants, hippos, giraffes, and birdhouses. As that birdhouse feels quite out of place, I would count nothing but a bird.

    The model structure is colorful and has different shapes and is full of animals, so it can be used for the toddler even after she grows up, to teach her about those animals which later help in brain development and give the idea of different varieties of animals. 

    The model of Oberlux also has a music box that contains twelve lullabies and the music and amazing melodies play when you turn on the button key of the baby mobile instantly.

    You can adjust the volume, so when you want your toddler to sleep, just decrease the volume and she will fall asleep automatically after some time.

    Lambs & Ivy Baby Crib Mobile

    I think the Jungle Safari is the best present for your infant or someone you are close to or care for very much.

    Caregivers mainly spend their money on mobiles to provide a little bit of joy to their children, and as these crib mobiles seem to be underestimated for the role that can be played by them in the growth of skills, specifically when it comes to visual and auditory stimulation and growth development. 

    These mobiles are here to give fun and calm your baby with lullabies and toys, but also improve the development of the toddler’s brain with various shapes and colors. 

    This device plays music for a fixed time only, it is not like the other model structures which mainly play music until you turn off the switch, so you can put your child to sleep and you don’t need to be tense to switch it off. 

    The animals spin or rotate while the lullabies are played such as the lovely Twinkle Twinkle Little Stars and much more. 

    The equipment is light and soft to touch, but I find the colors too sincere. I would rather choose lighter blue for the babies because it suits them very well.

    VTech Soothing Ocean Slumber Mobile

    Will you trust me that this model contains more than 40 songs? I didn’t know that this model includes so many nursery rhymes and lullabies! 

    This type of crib mobile can be converted to a crib toy too, so when your baby is older she still can play with it. 

    These ocean stuffed animals are colored bright, so even the baby will take a look at them.

    If the toddler throws away or refuses a pacifier, lights and songs are the best ways that can make the toddler calm down. 

    This crib mobile from VTech features amazing pictures of the moon and stars that can work as an infant night light and provide so much fun to your baby. 

    All the characteristics are amazing, but what draws my attention is the sensor that reacts to a crying infant. When the baby cries, the sensor pulls up and the music automatically starts playing. 

    Be aware though, it might pick up if the toddler makes a little noise while sleeping and it could make her awake. To avoid that, just thumb the “turn off” button key.

    Mud Pie Bunny Mobile

    This amazing crib mobile by Mud Pie puts itself separately by its high quality and uniqueness, so there is no need to worry about it falling apart or causing injury to the baby.

    This is available in 4 cute designs. I’m quite attracted to the bunny one but it is also available with colorful farm stuffed animals ( a considerable gender-neutral choice) or unicorns. 

     When it comes to the cost of a mud pie bunny mobile, it is not the cheapest or most inexpensive crib mobile but to be very honest- you don’t have the desire or like your baby to wear a very inexpensive something or something that will be hanging every night over your baby’s head. 

    This crib mobile can also work as a lovely baby shower gift so ensure to count it if you have any friends planning for welcoming a baby in the family.

    Sorrel + Fern Crib Mobile

    The model, sorrel + fern crib mobile is also so cute that I wish I had found it back when my kids were toddlers. 

    By the usage of these types of mobiles, we help our infants from day one to learn about how to connect with nature. Furthermore, I can’t be sure of how much it is appreciated by infants.

    I purchased this as a present for a baby shower and it is adorable, cute, and lovely but mainly moms love these types of mobiles more than the toddlers, who eventually end up playing with their consistent toys. 

    I still have the feeling that this sorrel + fern crib mobile should be included on the list of baby crib mobiles because it is beautiful and adorable and also contains high-quality embroidery that is completely secure for the toddler.

    Tiny Love Soothe N Groove Mobile

    I love the name- “Tiny love soothe n groove mobile” it makes my mood fabulous, fantastic, and joyful. Let’s get on the floor and groove together with our babies! 

    You can decide melodies, rhymes, and songs, from sleep time nurseries to enthusiastic rhythm which is applicable for play and gross motor development. This indicates you can dance throughout the nursery by having so much fun! 

    I’m excited about crib mobiles that can be reused. All you have to do is remove or add up a few parts and you discover a new toy. 

    The tiny love crib mobile can be changed into a music box once your kid grows up. It also has the night light characteristic feature which I love and contains light shows which are more minute and ultra-fine. You can adjust the volume if you want it louder or quieter by pressing the button key.

    The angle of this crib mobile is quite amazing but I don’t identify it as an issue, it fairly makes it stand out and unique from the others.

    C&K Works Baby Crib Mobile

    This C&K work baby crib mobile has a pretty much on the way which is shining brightly as well as a color that triggers the attention of the newborns as the toddlers are often attracted to the bright and colorful materials and love to play with them.  

    Many plush stuffed animals are hanging over the crib mobile side which gives a feeling as if you are in an adorable cute zoo, and this feature is going to be loved by the toddler as well as their mommies. 

    This handmade mobile is movable or portable and can be carried free with a pouch that includes the cost that you can bring it with you anywhere. I deeply acknowledge everything handcrafted, specifically when it comes from the caregivers who know what your little one needs.

    Are Cot Mobiles Dangerous?

    Currently, the mobile is such a gadget that is bought frequently before the baby is even born. But there are still many parents who doubt that mobile may be dangerous for a baby. To be honest, it’s totally up to you how you will use baby mobiles. Every baby product can be dangerous if that product is not used properly.

    Cot mobiles are comparatively safer than crib toys. Because all crib toys remain in the crib, so, babies get to reach them and thus creating a danger for the baby as he/she can easily put them into their mouth, whereas toys on crib mobiles remain out of reach of the baby.

    While using them, kindly take note of the height, safety, and removal time of the cot mobile.


    Always place the cot mobile close to your baby. Babies’ eyesight is poor, so they need close exposure to the cot mobile. But babies are also curious. To prevent your little dear from pulling down the mobile, keep the baby mobile at a safe distance from the baby.

    The perfect advisable height to place the cot mobile is around 12 to 14 inches from the mattress of the crib. This height would allow your baby to see the mobile comfortably but not to get it easily.


    Recommendations from the manufacturer can help in this issue. To assemble a baby mobile may seem easy. You may think of ways to assemble the parts logically. But remember, it is for your baby and you should not take any chances of his/her safety. So, it is advised to assemble the whole thing as per the instructions to avoid any harm.

    Before putting your baby inside the crib, assemble the mobile carefully. Like any other equipment for babies, cot mobiles are also very safe. Of course, some risk is there, but nothing is to panic about or imagine scenarios of the worst cases even before you use the baby mobile. Stay calm and supervise your baby’s playtime besides taking care of him/her.

    Age Limit

    It is important to know when you should take away the crib mobile. Watching colorful toys moving around with nursery song rhymes is fun for babies, but it should come to an end after a certain age. When your baby becomes uninterested in this stuff or when the baby alone can stand up in the crib, you will have to remove the crib mobile.

    If the baby can stand up alone, he/she may try to grab those floating things on the mobile and might put the mobile in his/her mouth and this will cause serious problems.

    The perfect age limit to remove crib mobile is when the baby’s age is four or five months. Also, you may use the mobile for more months, only under proper monitoring.

    If you can monitor your baby carefully, which most parents do, there is nothing much to worry about the safety of using the crib mobile. The worst-case scenarios can be prevented just by your thorough observation of your baby’s activities.

    Even the toy which your baby plays with sitting inside the car has the potential to harm your baby if you think over and over about it. So, better just relax and play with your baby. You can give your baby the best protection by giving your careful company only.

    When to Remove

    The benefits to crib mobiles are only for a certain. When your baby is disinterested in the crib mobile things or the baby is grown up to the stage of sitting and standing alone, that is the right time to take out the mobile.

    For growing babies, there is a risk that they will grab the mobile or put it in their mouth. So, you must be aware of when to take the mobile out and move on.

    Mobiles as Pacifier Alternatives

    A crib mobile can also be a good alternative to a pacifier. Most of the crib mobiles have music boxes with them. Lullabies and nursery rhymes are played and this type of music gives a soothing effect on babies.

    Music can be the best option for soothing someone, even a baby. So, when your baby cries and you know he/she is neither hungry nor pissed, play the nursery rhyme songs on the cot mobile to soothe your little dear.

    Also, the slowly spinning toys on the mobile help calm down the baby as the movement of the toys affects the baby’s brain, making the baby fall asleep.

    Moreover, if you don’t feel okay with getting used to a pacifier, you may use the cot mobiles to calm down your baby during nap-time or at night.

    How You Can Select The Thing That Hangs over Crib

    Several factors are there to consider before buying a cot mobile for babies. These are:

    The Type of Crib You Have

    Baby cot mobiles do not fit into all types of cribs. Some mobiles are designed for round cribs; some others are for square-railed cribs. So, it is very important to make sure if the mobile will fit into your baby’s crib while purchasing one.

    Installing an incompatible cot mobile will destroy the baby’s bed and may cause a hazard to your baby’s comfort and safety.


    If you want to carry the cot mobile outside the home also, make sure to get portability in your baby mobile.


    Cot mobiles usually provide two ways of playing music: battery or wind-up. In the wind-up option, a key or handle is to be turned physically to play the music. In this case, the music is played for a short time; you will have to wind up the mobile every few minutes. But in the case of a battery, the music will be played continuously.

    Checking the volume is also essential. It should not be very loud for your baby. This tip is important, especially for mobiles with no volume control feature.

    The Mobile Operation Mechanism

    Cot mobiles can be operated physically as well as with a battery. Physically operated cot mobiles can also be winded up; the ones operated with a battery are comparatively more convenient.

    So, you can choose a cot mobile for your baby after considering the above-discussed factors without wondering if the cot mobiles are dangerous for babies.

    Extra Features

    It depends on your preference but if you are looking for a standard good quality mobile crib then you should go for a baby mobile that comes with a projector with Bluetooth capability as well as a remote control crib mobile.

    Your Nursery Theme

    Some parents have already decided on a nursery theme that they would like to stick to so if you are one of these parents then you can purchase a baby crib hanging that will have a matching color with the theme you are going for.

    Where Do You Put The Crib Mobile?

    There are some bassinet or pack n’ play-style cribs that have a built-in mobile but many parents buy a separate crib mobile and attach it later to your already existing crib. You should hang the mobile 16 inches (minimum) above the crib mattress. 

    However, you can lower the device if you think your baby is not paying attention or it is harder for your baby to see. Do not lower the device more than 12 inches above the crib mattress. 

    You can hang the crib mobile from your ceiling or you can get a crib mobile that you can attach to the side of the crib. Even though your baby might touch it, these crib mobiles do not pose safety threats as inside the casing, there is no moving part and it is a solid unit.

    Tips On How To Use The Spinning Thing Above Your Baby’s Crib Safely

    There is no doubt that when it comes to babies, safety is the number one priority for the parents so here are some tips that will help you ensure a solid safety system to enable a safe childhood for your baby.

    Ensure The Mobile Is Well Secured

    You do not want to install a baby mobile that is placed improperly because then it can suddenly fall on your baby causing them harm and the little one will not be able to move it away by himself/herself. This is why you have to double-check on your installation process looking for any loosening bit and ensuring a solid fit.

    Check For Potential Choking Hazards

    Now another risk is any small part of the mobile as the small parts can potentially become a choking hazard which is why you need to check on the device once a day to make sure that all the parts are securely and tightly fitted into the device and do not pose a threat to your baby’s safety. 

    If you find parts that are loose and can’t be fixed or reinstalled it is better to throw them away and get a new replacement of the part or an entirely new device.

    Ensure That The Crib Mobile Is Out Of Reach Of Your Baby

    Babies are always curious about their surroundings and want to explore more so when the mobile is within the reach of your babies they might try to grab it with their hands. This can be very dangerous as there can be strings attached to the mobile which is a potential risk factor. 

    The mobile is to create an external visual stimulation that will positively affect your baby’s brain into developing good qualities while keeping your little one entertained. You should not let them touch the mobile and ensure that no strings are dangling that can be pulled by your baby.

    Remove The Crib Mobile When Your Baby Is Old Enough

    As stated by the American Academy of Pediatrics when your baby passes the five months threshold, you have to put away the crib mobile. However, it varies from baby to baby so even if your baby is below the age of five months but can reach the device you have to remove the crib mobile immediately. 

    There is a high chance that the little one unknowingly gets strangled by the strings from the device if they can reach it and because there is such a possible notion you have to either place the device way higher from the reach of your baby or remove it entirely.

    The Bottom Line

    Pat yourself on the back as you now know the name of the thing that hangs over the crib of the baby is. 

    You can find a lot of different types of mobile for the crib. There are a few models that are attachable to your baby’s bassinets and strollers. You can also go for the ones that can be wall-mounted. In terms of safety, there is nothing to worry about but when it comes to being practical these crib mobiles are not the first choice of most parents. 

    If you think that the baby mobile is just there for the show or just to be a plaything for your little one then you are gravely mistaken as the crib mobiles provide your baby with the skill development of hand-to-eye coordination as well as motor skills. This process takes place when your baby tries to reach for the crib mobile. 

    However other uses of crib mobiles are their ability to provide an auditory sensation along with visual stimulation for the little one. The bright colors, different patterns, and sounds can help your baby if you think about it. You can play soothing music if your baby seems anxious. 

    If you follow the instructions provided with the crib mobile by the manufacturer and install the device properly, the device will be safe to use. You can install the crib mobile in your baby’s nursery or their sleeping area. If you also check for the tips provided in this article you should not have to worry about safety anymore. 

    Hope these facts and tips will pave a way for you to find the right crib mobile you want for your baby.

    FAQ: By Moms & Dads

    What is the name of the thing that hangs over a crib?

    The things that parents hang from their baby’s crib are generally known as the crib mobile. It is a great way of initiating a development process of boosting the stimulation of auditory sensation and visual stimulation. 

    There are different objects (such as toys) shown in the crib mobile that keep your baby entertained while they are awake. It also helps keep your little ones calm by playing soothing music and pleasant visual aids.

    Should you hang things above the crib?

    Now, there are no specific objections against hanging a few things over your baby’s crib, however, there are a few safety measurements that need to be taken seriously to protect your baby from any potential risk. 

    You have to make sure that whatever you are deciding to hang above the crib is not within the reach of your baby. Anything from strings to objects too close to the crib and can be grabbed by your baby pose a safety risk so keep in mind the distance you are leaving between your baby and the things you are going to hang over the crib. 

    You also have to check if the things are tightly placed in their spots. If they fall on your baby that can be problematic for safety reasons. You do not want to injure your baby in any way in their developing stage of life.

    Is hanging a mobile above the baby’s crib safe?

    Yes, you may hang a mobile above the crib of your baby as long as you have left enough space between the device and your little one. 7 inches is the ideal distance though if you feel like your baby can grab the device from that far, you have to place it much higher where it ensures no physical contact. 

    You also have to make sure that the mobile is hanging securely from either the ceiling or you can adjust them with the crib edges. Ensure that there will be no such incident upon which the mobile gets bent over enough for your child to reach and pull it. It must not get in physical contact with your baby in any way.

    Do All Baby Mobiles Attach To Cribs?

    No, there are different attachment styles available in the market; some crib mobiles can be attached to the ceiling and some can be wall-mounted. 

    The mobile that can be attached from the ceiling usually comes with a hook or a few companies provide screws to fit them securely. However, there is one minor disadvantage to this type of crib mobile and that is after you remove the device the place where you put the screw in, will leave a hole in the ceiling. 

    So basically there will be a noticeable hole in your ceiling. This problem of crib mobile can easily be fixed if you patch the wall afterward.

    Where Do You Put The Crib Mobile?

    There are some bassinet or pack n’ play-style cribs that have a built-in mobile but many parents buy a separate crib mobile and attach it later to your already existing crib. You should hang the mobile 16 inches (minimum) above the crib mattress. 

    However, you can lower the device if you think your baby is not paying attention or it is harder for your baby to see. Do not lower the device more than 12 inches above the crib mattress. 

    You can hang the crib mobile from your ceiling or you can get a crib mobile that you can attach to the side of the crib. Even though your baby might touch it, these crib mobiles do not pose safety threats as inside the casing, there is no moving part and it is a solid unit.

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