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Diaper changing process can be made pleasant with the right changing table.

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Best Changing Tables | Changing Tables Review 2023

You would agree that giving birth to a baby comes with the task of changing diapers and there’s nothing you can do about it. As moms, we’re only happy to take care of our babies, but it doesn’t make diaper changes any more pleasant.

Changing tables make nursing a child a lot easier for parents. I’ve compiled a list of the best changing tables available in the market – something I wish I knew when I had my first son.


Delta Changing Table

The Infant’s changing table from Delta Children comes out as the best choice as it checks all the important attributes necessary for the product. 

A sturdy table with excellent safety features, easy assembly and generous storage space makes it the go-to choice.

You can change or dress your baby with absolute comfort with this. It is also very highly recommended by many moms.

​Graco Changing Table

If you are looking for a cost effective and an environmentally friendly option, this is your ideal choice. It is functional and elegant, and offers generous storage space to keep all the baby’s essentials.

Graco Changing Table offers absolute value for money with it’s solid and well built structure. It has been designed keeping the safety of the child in mind.

​Dream On Me Emily Changing Table

Dream On Me Emily is a great looking changing table that is best for a budget pick

The design and ergonomy of the table makes it simple and convenient for new parents to assemble and use.

You can pick what you love as it comes in multiple finishes.

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    First thing’s first. Let’s explore a few details about choosing changing tables before we review the 10 best changing tables in 2023.

    How to Choose the Best Changing Table?

    Although some changing tables are balanced in a lot of aspects, there is no single one changing table that is best for mom. Each one has something to offer and the one you’ll choose will depend on a variety of factors that are unique for each mother. 

    Here are a few questions that would guide your decision in choosing a changing table:

    • Where are you going to place it?
    • How much storage do you want on the changing table?
    • Do you want a changing table that can be converted into a dresser after the baby no longer needs it?
    • How much space do you have to work with?

    Your answers to the above questions are going to help you decide the type of changing table you want. Check out the possible options below:

    • Standard changing tables with a lot of space for storage.
    • Changing tables with space for bath
    • Two-in-one changing tables you can connect to the crib in order to save space.
    • Wall-mounted changing tables
    • Set of convertible changing tables above a drawer chest easily convertible to a dresser after a couple of years.

    How to Test Changing Tables?

    Before deciding on a changing table, you have to be sure it can meet the needs of you and your baby. So, don’t leave the store unless you have performed the following actions:

    • If you already have a type of changing table you intend to buy when you get to the store, imagine and try to initiate the actions you would normally perform with it.
    • Check the available spaces for storage to determine if it is sufficient for your baby’s accessories.
    • If it is a convertible changing table, attempt to fold it or change its shape and see if it goes hitch-free.

    What are the Benefits of Changing Tables?

    • It removes the inconvenience of bending over when taking care of your baby. This is especially good for mothers who have knee/back problems or gave birth through C-section.
    • It helps create am habit in your child, as with time, they will know to lie still to get changed when on the changing table.
    • Changing tables contain the messiness of changing a child in a confined environment.

    Things to Look For While Choosing Changing Tables

    Look out for these important characteristics that set apart different brands of changing tables.


    The build material and design of a changing table say a lot about it. Strong, solid wood makes a changing table durable and able to resist more loads. You should also consider design aesthetics.

    Storage Space

    Choose a changing table that has enough storage options to accommodate your needs. Also, the accessibility of the storage should be a deciding factor as open shelving helps parents reach the accessories they need faster. I prefer drawers for when your child grows and becomes more curious. That way, they won’t have access to the supplies.


    If you plan to fix a changing table in your closet or the corner of a room, you need to confirm the appropriate dimensions. Measure the area you intend to fix the changing table and use the dimensions as a reference when checking your options.

    Accessories and Varieties

    Extra features such as a restraining strap or changing pad could push a changing table to edge out others. Be on the lookout for accessories or features that will increase the value of the changing table. Also, some products give color options and models. Choose one that matches your nursery.

    Those are the four main factors to look for when shopping for a changing table. Below are two other factors:


    A changing table that matches your height will save you from back pains or strains. If you decide to go with a taller table, ensure you secure it safely to the wall to keep it from crashing down.

    Cleaning Ease

    Since we’re talking about babies, how easy the table is to clean might be a necessary factor to consider. This is because it’s going to get dirty quite often. A white or pink-colored changing table might look good when you buy it, but after some time, it may not hold up so well.

    What's the Best Way to Use the Product?

    Changing tables should increase convenience and create an extra space for you to store your baby’s essentials.

    • Make use of the storage spaces available to keep everything you need for the baby closeby.
    • If you decide to opt for open shelving, arrange it such that your child can’t reach out and grab any of the accessories. You don’t want to make the same mistake I did and get your baby covered in cream.
    • Your child will eventually outgrow the need for a changing table usually when they clock one year of age. Decide when you want to stop using a changing table for a baby with the weight, age, and height recommendations of the manufacturer.

    Address the Controversy

    Can you do without a changing table?

    Yes, of course.

    You can easily change your child by laying a sheet on any flat surface. But then, you have to deal with all the challenges the changing table helps you to avoid. For example:

    • Neck/back pain because of the continuous bending down
    • Exposure of other areas of the house to the mess that comes with changing diapers.
    • Poor organization because there is no designated area to store the baby’s accessories. This also opens up the possibility of misplacing some items.

    Prerequisites / Precautions for Using the Product

    • Always try to make sure one hand is always on your baby while in the changing table.
    • Put barriers on the sides of the changing table to prevent your baby from rolling off when they are getting dressed or changed.
    • Keep mobile changing tables with wheels on a flat surface away from anything dangerous and remain locked when not in use.

    Top 10 Changing Tables Review

    Delta Children Infant Changing Table with Pad

    The Delta Children Infant Changing Table with pad looks very simple but in my opinion that usually does the job best – by focusing on the most important features of a changing table.

    Storage Space

    The two open shelves give you enough space to store all of your baby’s accessories including wipes, toys, diapers, and cream.


    The solid wood construction is quite strong. You can get yours in any of the popular finishes that appeal to you the most.


    The table weighs 33 pounds and has dimensions of 38.6 x 23.2 x 5.7 inches. In other words, it should remain sturdy and in place whenever you use it.

    Accessories and Varieties

    It comes with a water-resistant changing pad and a safety strap to keep your baby secure.



    Graco Changing Table with Water-Resistant

    Graco changing table gives extra space for supplies if you are using cloth diapers for your baby. It also has some added features such as a safety belt for extra security.

    If I was a parent going for an environmentally friendly and cost-effective alternative to diapers, this would be my choice.


    When assembled, this changing table measures 37 x 19.25 x 44 inches.

    Storage Space

    For parents who use cloth diapers for their kids, this Graco model is a great choice. It has an open, two-shelf design that offers plenty of versatility to store all the required supplies for cloth diapering.

    The baskets may be used to hold diapers, liners, wipes, and creams, and there is room to fit a small pail for the diapers used.


    It has a plain, but high quality look. In most nurseries, the pebble-gray color is flexible enough to work. Also, the changing pad is waterproof which gives it a little protection.

    The high sides are what make it ideal for cloth diapering. This feature should provide parents with some peace of mind, along with the safety belt on the changing pad, as they concentrate on getting rid of the dirty diaper as quickly as possible.

    Made of high-quality wood, this is a diaper table that looks traditional.

    Accessories and Varieties

    The Graco Changing Table has an extra deep top, which guarantees more protection during diaper changes for infants.

    It features deep storage shelves, which as the child grows will turn nicely to toys and clothes.

    The assembly is simple and comes in four colors, parents report white, pebble gray, raspberry, and espresso. 



    Dream On Me Emily Changing Table

    Dream On Me Emily shows that you can get a nice changing table without spending a lot of money. 

    You can buy this model in natural wood for an inexpensive price and still have money left for a changing pad.

    Storage Space

    Dream On Me Emily, like all open frame changing tables, also has two open shelves, leaving you with room for baby supplies.


    The changing table has a safety rail of 5 1/2′′ to keep your baby healthy. It’s also super simple to put together and is made of wood.


    With a 5-inch guardrail and comfortable storage shelves, this changing table is a reasonable bargain with its price. 

    The specs say it has a weight limit that goes up to 30 pounds, but for older children, some parents complain that it seems too lightweight. It measures at 36.5 x 20 x 39 inches.

    Accessories and Varieties

    If the prices of other alternatives scare you and you need no more than a year or two for a changing table, this product may be an ideal option. It’s one of the market’s most simple and cheapest changing tables. 

    Simply fix the 12 screws included and you’re done. White, normal, purple, espresso, strawberry, and steel gray are among the available color options.



    Dream On Me Marcus Changing Table and Dresser - Most Convenient

    The Dream On Me Marcus Changing table is another great option that gives parents a lot of conveniences and also scores high in functionality.

    Storage Space

    If your baby has a lot of stuff, the three deep drawers should provide enough space to keep them all. 

    This changing table is relatively inexpensive and has quite a number of safety features to offer. 

    For instance, I liked the fact that the safety rails are very high, giving a more comfortable feeling.


    Its strong frame is made of solid cherry wood making it very sturdy to hold your baby without shaking. Its design has straight and curved lines giving it a sleek shape.


    The Dream on Me Marcus does an excellent job of merging convenience and style to produce an almost flawless design. The dimensions of this changing table measure 36 x 23 x 43 inches. The product weighs 72.8 pounds which is enough to keep it stable while you change your baby. Safety is also an important feature in this changing table as it comes with a rail that surrounds the changing pad.

    Accessories and Varieties

    It also has a restraining strap and buckles to keep your baby in place while you change diapers. Black, Cherry, Espresso, Grey, Natural, White, and French White are the colors you have to choose from. This wide selection gives you the chance to go for one that appropriately blends with the color and theme of your nursery.

    This changing table, of course, satisfies both CPSC and ASTM requirements.



    Delta Eclipse Changing Table - Most Stylish

    Delta Children Eclipse Changing table effortlessly merges craftsmanship and style to produce a quality product. 

    I’ll let you in on a little tip. You could use this table as furniture when your baby is grown up and no longer needs a changing table.

    I’m talking about a shelf for shoes, a corner table, or other accessories and nobody will ever know that it was once a changing table.


    This adorable changing table from Delta Children takes away the hassle of assembling baby furniture. It doesn’t take much time to put together and it comes with all the parts and equipment. This means that you get to spend more time and focus on the crucial moments.

    The Eclipse’s fast assembly doesn’t indicate a lack of strength or rigidness. The four elevated sides and safety strap prevent your little one from rolling out. Also, the gorgeous finish is non-toxic and safe by ASTM standards.

    Storage Space

    The full package has two open storage shelves which are just enough to keep all your baby’s toys, clothes, and diapers.


    The height of the changing table is just over three feet once installed, so it could be a little short for some parents. During diaper changes, taller parents could find themselves bending over to reach their baby. The frame is produced from solid wood.

    Accessories and Varieties

    Eclipse also has a waterproof changing pad with an attached safety belt. It includes anything you need to bring it together. I am in love with the adorable style and I believe its design is suited for almost any nursery. 

    You can get yours in any one of seven colors: Black, Black Cherry, Dark Chocolate, Gray, White, Espresso Cherry, and Vintage Espresso.



    Baby Changing Table with Laundry Hamper - Best Storage Space

    The sleigh style changing table will be perfect for those that need a lot of storage space. This table is like a hybrid of a classic open frame and a changing table in the dresser style.

    Storage Space

    If storage is important to you, but you don’t want to buy an expensive changing table, one of the best options is the Badger Basket Sleigh style changing table dresser.

    It’s less costly as it comes with fabric box-shaped drawers, but it gives you a lot of room for storage.


    The product is made of a variety of materials including MDF, polyurethane foam, fabric, non-woven fabric, industrial cardboard, solid wood, and PEVA vinyl.


    The complete unit has measurements of 37.5 x 19 x 36 inches.

    Accessories and Varieties

    You get safety rails on all four sides for safety as well as meeting all quality requirements for ASTM. While this is a little more complicated changing table, it is still very simple to assemble. It has safety rails around the four top sides of the table.



    Costzon Baby Changing Table - Best for Small Spaces

    This Costzon changing table puts portability as the most important feature because it is easily foldable and very mobile.

    Storage Space

    This space-saving and portable changing table may be the perfect solution for new moms. 

    It’s ideal if you want a second changing area in another room in your home or a safe place for grandparents to change. 

    It contains three big storage compartments enough to keep all your baby’s accessories.


    The Costzon Folding Diaper Station has a lightweight, eleven-pound frame and is made of iron frame,  waterproof PVC, and 600D canvas. The full-size changing table folds down so that when not in use, you can store it in a closet or behind a door. Remember to take anything off the lower shelf first.


    The specs note that the product is foldable and compact so when you need to store it away, you can fold it in half. The downside to this is that before doing so, you’d have to take all your belongings off the shelves. The dimensions of the table are 31.5 x 24.8 x 35.4 inches. 

    Accessories and Varieties 

    You can find this changing table in two color choices: gray or black. The manufacturer claims that the table can be used as a baby massage table and its comparatively larger size can make it easier for a parent to change, dress, or massage their baby. 



    Delta Children Bell Top Changing Table with Wheels - Easiest to move

    Delta Children Bell top changing table adds four casters to its design so you can easily move it about. 

    It might take a considerable amount of space in the room but its mobility makes up for it.

    Some would’ve preferred if this changing table would be more suitable for those with limited space, but I like the shape. With good paint, it’s pleasant looking and stays together well.

    Storage Space

    It has a robust wood construction and two open shelves that allow you to store a lot, particularly if you add boxes.


    As the name suggests, the Delta Children Bell top changing table has a bell-shaped back. It comes with two shelves on the bottom for holding products and four casters, making it easy to roll from space to space.


    The dimensions of this changing table are 38.25 x 18.5 x 40 inches.

    Accessories and Varieties

    It also features straps for protection. On all four sides, it has obstacles, making it safer for your baby. The Bell Top Changing Table for Delta Children also follows all ASTM requirements.

    It comes with a bundled changing pad that also complies with the CPSC & ASTM safety requirements.

    You have three options when it comes to coloring: Dark Chocolate, Gray, and White, so I’m sure you’ll be able to find one that best suits your interior.

    It’s also worth noting that it takes little time to build this changing table.



    Baby Changing Table with Contoured Pad - Best for Corners

    For small spaces, the Badger Basket Diaper Corner is an imaginative solution. 

    It’s built to fit neatly without hogging too much space in the corner of your baby’s nursery. 

    With the baby’s feet facing you, you adjust the diapers, with shelving on either side of the baby.


    It measures at 35 inches for the height, 28.75 inches from the front edge to the back corner, and 40.5 inches across the corners.

    Storage Space

    Badger Basket Diaper Corner Changing Table has two shelves open-frame design, these shelves are larger than the typical rectangle-shaped changing table, so you can store baby supplies more space.

    There are two tiers of open storage in addition to the shelving on the side of the changing room. This model offers quite a bit of room to carry diapers, wipes, and anything else you would need to change your kid.


    The changing pad on the Badger Basket Diaper Corner is covered with polyurethane foam and wipe clean PEVA (non-PVC) vinyl. It is made of cherry wood.

    Accessories and Varieties

    It is ideal for corner furniture to capitalize on corner space. Corner couch, wardrobe corner, you name it! For corner changing tables, the same goes. It contains a protective strap and a fabric changing pad cover.

    It comes in white, natural, or cherry so that you can easily match it with your nursery’s other furniture.

    It comes with a contoured changing pad, a safety belt, and a terrycloth cover. Additionally, the changing pad is screwed to the table, so you can be sure it won’t slip around.



    South Shore Little Smiley's Changing Table - Best Looking

    Is your look colder and more classic than light and sparkling? Create a chic nursery with this stunning South Shore dark-colored changing table. 

    Not only do you get the theme, but its versatility contributes to multiple functions.

    This changing table looks great in any room, which is particularly good for moms who are short on space. 

    The shortage of instruments and accessories is one downside.

    It does not come with a changing pad or mattress, and to install it, you will need to get your equipment and another adult helper.


    The bottoms of the drawers are made with wood fibers. Round contours and a secure front panel for added safety are located at the top of the changing table.

    Storage Space

    There’s enough storage space under the changing room. Separated by a detachable rack, you get two open storage spaces and four drawers in two different sizes.


    The approximate measurements of this changing table are 19.5 x 47.25 x 36.75 inches.

    Accessories and Varieties

    This changing table is a lovely addition to any nursery with wood knobs and an illusion drawer. However, it is possible to remove the top and turn the whole piece into a standard dresser or storage unit.

    The warranty period on this product also lasts up to 5 years, which is more than a lot of competitors offer.



    Bottom Line

    The above are all good options for a changing table and will all perform excellently. However, since you can choose only one from this list and you have limited space, I will suggest one for you. 

    The overall best changing table from this list is the Delta Children Infant Changing Table with Pad! This is because it excels in all the areas that make a good changing table.

    Of all the other products on this list, it offers the best value for money. It has a moderate enough height for couples that are tall or otherwise so they can reach their baby without having to strain their back. 

    The Delta Infant table has excellent storage space for keeping all your baby’s diapers, toys, clothes, and other accessories. Also, our winner has enough safety measures in place to keep your babies safe while you change them.

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