Snuggle Me Organic Vs Dockatot

Be aware of the different options available for boys & girls and choose the best as per your needs

Snuggle Me Organic Vs. Dockatot

Snuggle Me Organic Vs Dockatot

Have you ever wondered which baby lounger is better for your child? I know it’s a nerve-wracking and challenging question. There are so many options, and choosing the right one is tricky. With such significant differences between brands and models, figuring out which one you should buy can almost seem impossible. While Snuggle Me and Dockatot are both supportive swaddles, they each have features that make them different. 

Snuggle Me Organic and Dock A Tot are designed for babies to relax and play on, and each is available in two sizes: newborns and infants and toddlers. This article will cover the similarities and differences between the two loungers to help you choose the best for your child.

Snuggle Me Organic Vs Dockatot
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    Snuggle Me Organics is an award-winning company aiming to provide value to families worldwide. Mia Carr founded the company to create adorable, minimal, and modern baby products and has grown unusually fast from the first hand-sewn lounger. Snuggle Me infant lounger is a unique pad designed to hug the baby’s body and create a snuggling sensation. As a result, it creates a snuggling feeling to comfort and soothe your baby when you need extra support.

    Snuggle Me Organics locally makes infant loungers in Minnesota using GOTs certified organic, non-toxic, breathable, and hypoallergenic materials. Modern mothers create Snuggle Me infant loungers to blend seamlessly in your home and offer the non-intrusive support you need most. The loungers are designed for your baby’s safety and shipped in the US and internationally.

    Lisa Furuland Kotsianis founded DockATot to create comfortable and versatile baby products to promote the happiness and well-being of babies. Having been born and raised in Sweden, Lisa believes every baby deserves a comfortable environment. A DockATot longer combines support, design, and functionality with exceptional quality and value for money to provide long-lasting solutions to problems that families face.

    Every material is carefully designed to ensure comfort, convenience, and quality. Lisa designed every DockATot lounger with her children in mind while incorporating love and luxury as the greatest gift.


    Snuggle Me Organics, and DockATot loungers have various similarities, and they are both popular among parents worldwide. Additionally, they are similar in their safety profiles, functionality, and portability. In addition, they are both cute for Instagram and social media, and they can make perfect baby shower gifts.

    Safety Profile

    Both Snuggle Me and DockATot loungers have raised sides to provide a safe and comfortable space for babies to nap or play while supervised. In addition, the loungers are made of non-toxic and non-flame retardant materials. Both companies adhere to the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) safety guidelines when manufacturing their loungers. For instance, they do not have small parts that could choke the baby. In addition, both companies advise users not to use the loungers when not assembled fully.

    DockATot and Snuggle Me notify parents to use their loungers appropriately to ensure safety for their babies. Thus, parents should not use these longers on cribs or bassinets and should not be used with blankets, stuffed animals, or pillows. In addition, both loungers should be placed on a flat, firm surface to prevent accidental falls.

    Both companies recommend that parents should use the loungers when fully assembled and not leave their babies unsupervised when using these loungers.


    Both Snuggle Me and DockATot longers are highly portable and convenient for busy parents. They are lightweight, and you can bring them to the park or when traveling if you need an extra pair of hands. Besides, you can use them in different rooms in the house, on the floor, couch or outdoors.


    Snuggle Me and DockATot loungers have similar functionalities. You can use them for lounging, supervised tummy time, sitting up, or cuddling the baby.

    Supervised Tummy Time

    You can use both lungers for supervised tummy time to strengthen your baby’s neck muscles and improve their motor skills. Place the lounger on a firm surface and lay your baby on their tummy near the lounger’s head dock with their arms on edge. Supervise the baby as they have their tummy time.

    Play Time

    Place the lounger on a firm surface and lay the baby on the back for visual stimulation. You can add a mobile arch for your baby can stare at or kick with their legs. Older kids can play with toys, dolls, or stuffed animals while supervised or play peekaboo and imaginary games with the loungers.


    You can use the Snuggle Me or DockATot lounger for DIY infant photography at home to preserve your baby’s childhood memories. Both loungers make cute Instagram photos. Place the lounger on a firm surface near a window and lay the baby in various poses as you take pictures using your phone or camera.


    Both Snuggle Me, and DockATot loungers provide a safe place for your baby to rest as you attend to household duties while keeping an eye on them. If you notice the baby falling asleep, move them to a crib or bassinet to sleep safely. Your baby can relax longer when visiting the beach or on a picnic while enjoying the fresh air.

    Diaper Changing

    Both loungers can double as a changing table when paired with a changing mat. Ensure you have all the changing essentials within your reach to avoid leaving your baby unattended. Put the changing pad over the lounger to avoid soiling it. Lay the baby gently on their back, change the diapers, and remove the changing essentials. You can leave the baby to relax on the lounger as you watch them.

    Perfect Baby Shower Gifts

    Is your friend or relative having a baby shower, and you have no idea an ideal gift for them? The DockATot and Snuggle Me loungers can make perfect baby shower gifts. If you are unaware of the baby’s sex, the two loungers come in plenty of gender-neutral colors and prints. Thus, you can be sure to find a perfect gift for your loved ones.

    Differences Between Snuggle Me Organics and DockATot

    Snuggle Me and DockATot loungers differ in size, age, shape and design, material, safety, functionality, fashion, price, and ease of use.

    Size and Age

    Both DockATot and Snuggle Me Organics baby loungers come in different sizes but use other names. For instance, DockATot names its loungers stage 1 and stage 2, with stage 1 being for infants from zero to eight months. On the other hand, Snuggle Me Organics names its loungers as infant and toddler loungers, with infant loungers being for babies from 0-to nine months and toddler loungers from nine months to three years.

    DockAtot stage 1 loungers are also known as Deluxe+ docks, while stage 2 loungers are known as the Grand docks. The DockATot stage 1 lounger interiors measure 20.57 by 7 inches, while stage 2 lounger interiors measure 22 by 8.5 inches. On the other hand, Snuggle Me infant’s longer interiors measure 36 by 20 inches, while the toddler lounger interiors measure 34 by 12 inches.

    Although both infant loungers are for babies of the same age, there is a slight difference in size. The Snuggle Me lounger has a bigger interior than a DockATot. Thus, it gives more room for the infant to wiggle and plays. On the other hand, there is a vast difference between DockATot grand and Snuggle Me toddler longers. The former is way bigger than the latter, thus giving more room for play and growth. However, it occupies more floor space and may challenge limited spaces. Therefore, the Snuggle Me Organics toddlers loungers may make an excellent choice for small spaces.

    Shape and Design

    Snuggle Me Organics has a purposeful design that mimics the sense of holding a baby. It’s rectangular-shaped and looks like a doughnut pillow. The middle part is not padded but has an innovative center sling design that causes the sides to pull up and hug the baby. The lounger is narrow to hold the baby firmly and create a feeling of being carried.

    The Snuggle Me lounger sides have a tight fit to keep the baby intact and on the back, and they also prevent rolling over and keep the baby cozy and comfortable. Additionally, the sides are slightly lower to allow free air movement and a clear view. 

    The DockATot lounger has a different design from the Snuggle Me, and it has a round shape to mimic a womb and holds the baby snuggly. Unlike a Snuggle Me, the DockATot has comfortable padding at the center and looks more like a mattress. As a result, it remains comfortable even when you place it on a bare floor or a carpet.

    The sides of a DockAtot lounger are thick and high to prevent the baby from rolling over. However, they may clock the baby’s view and free air circulation. Unlike a Snuggle Me lounger, you can open and close a  DockATot lounger at the bottom. Additionally, you can buckle the edges to hold the baby more snuggly or open up the bottom to create more room for playing, relaxing, or changing diapers.


    DockATot and Snuggle Me use different materials to make infant loungers. The Snuggle Me lounger has an organic cotton cover that is non-toxic, hypoallergenic, and free of harmful chemicals. The lounges are locally made in Minnesota by ordinary seamstresses and fillers. 

    The lounger has polyester fiberfill that is easy to wash and keep clean.

    Additionally, all the materials are GOTs certified to be organic, environmentally friendly, and safe for use by babies. The Snuggle me lounger has a removable, washable cover with GOTs certified water-based dyes and colors. As a result, it’s eco-friendly and safe for use with babies. Snuggle Me also has an Heirloom collection of 100% organic cotton in waffle, gauze, and knit crocheted fabrics.

    A DockAtot lounger is European made using 100% cotton. However, unlike the snuggle me, it’s inorganic. The longer has a removable, washable cover with a British standard 1578 permeability. In addition, the body has a 100% polyester fill making it easy to clean. 

    DockATot uses non-toxic materials to make its loungers. Additionally, it tests the materials for heavy metals, harmful chemicals, and phthalates. The company uses OEKO-TEK certified materials to make the loungers, and the materials are also tested for flammability.

    Available Fashion and Prints

    DockATot and Snuggle me baby loungers differ in the available fashion and prints. For instance, the Snuggle Me loungers come in various single-colored patterns with more than six options. For the infant loungers, you can choose the natural, gumdrop, sparrow, birch, moss, slate, or gingerbread.

    On the other hand, toddler loungers come in Moss, natural, and moss colors. In addition, it has an Heirloom collection that comes in buttercream (yellow), gray, pink, Ash (light gray), and primrose (soft pink). Besides, they are classy, stylish, and can suit most nurseries.

    DockATot deluxe + and grand docks come in various colors and prints for most parents. The printed lounger options include new wave, multi bloom, embroidered skies, Acanthus, fruit, stone gingham, etc. On the other hand, the plain-colored deluxe docks come in pristine white, cloud gray, lovely lilac, celestial blue, strawberry cream, and ginger chambray. They have stylish and machine washable covers in each color and print above.

    Ease of Cleaning

    Both Snuggle Me, and DockATot loungers have removable covers. Thus, you don’t have to wash the pill itself in case of spills or spits. Additionally, the covers for both loungers are machine washable. However, you must be extra cautious when washing a Snuggle Me cover. The company recommends washing the cover in a cold, gentle cycle with a dye-free detergent. 

    Snuggle me further advises you to avoid pouring detergent directly on the cover or washing it with other clothes. In addition, you have to disable the top loader with agitators when cleaning the cover. You can dry the cover under low heat or hang it to dry naturally. 

    Although both lounger covers are machine washable,  cleaning the DockATot lounger cover is easier. You don’t have to be lenient on the machine settings, and you can wash the covers with other clothes. Besides, there is no restriction on the drying method. Thus, it’s easier to clean the DockATot than the Snuggle Me lounger cover.


    The American Academy of Paediatrics (AAP) recommends that no baby lounger should be used as a sleeping device. Thus, Snuggle Me organics states that you should not use the lounger for co-sleeping because the padded sides may obstruct airflow. On the other hand, DockATot has fewer restrictions on co-sleeping. Although the company does not fully endorse using its lounger for co-sleeping, it advises you to consult your pediatrician about your sleeping arrangements. In addition, toddlers older than one year and ready to move to a toddler bed can use a grand dock in a big bed.


    Snuggle Me, and DockATot loungers’ pricing models differ significantly. For instance, different prints of Deluxe + docks have different prices, ranging from $150 to $205. Pristine white docks have the lowest price at $150, while strawberry cream, celestial blue, ginger chambray, cloud gray, lovely lilac, indigo, and marine chambray cost $175.

    New wave, multi broom, stone gingham, ginger shibori, Carrara marble, Lavie en Rose, busy bees, painted spots, jungle cat, nightfall, and bronzed cheetah prints cost $195. On the other hand, Blackthorn, Brer rabbit, pink& Rose, Golden willow, Acorn, strawberry thief, fruit, and Acanthus prints are the most expensive at $205. Thus, the deluxe+ docks have various prices to suit everyone.

    Grand docks are more costly than deluxe+ ones, ranging from $250 to $325. Pristine white is the cheapest among grand docks going for $250. On the other hand, Marine chambray, ginger chambray, indigo chambray, strawberry cream, and celestial blue docks go for $275. Jungle cat, black marble, charcoal buffalo, busy bees, nightfall, and painted spots go for $3oo. On the other hand, Acorn, Pink&Rose, blackthorn, willow boughs, brer rabbit, and strawberry thief docks go for $310. Embroidered skies is the most expensive grand dock going for $325.

    Snuggle Me has a uniform pricing model for the toddler loungers, but infant longers have a different pricing model, with the Heirloom collection being more expensive than the classic collection. For instance, all Snuggle Me classic infant loungers go for $109, while the Heirloom collection goes for $148. On the other hand, all toddler loungers have a higher price than infant loungers going at $155. Thus, DockATot loungers have a higher price than Snuggle Me Loungers.


    Snuggle Me ships US orders within two business days. The company offers free shipping on orders above $100 to all US states, excluding Hawaii, Alaska, Guam, and Puerto Rico. In addition, orders below $100 ship at $9.99. The loungers also ship internationally, but charges vary depending on the country and region. Snuggle Me offers free shipping to Canada and goes not add duties for international orders.

    Like Snuggle Me, DockATot offers free shipping on all US orders above $100. In addition, it only ships to the US and Mexico, and charges on international orders depend on the weight of the package and location. Unlike Snuggle Me, DockATot does not ship to Canada because the health regulatory authority requires the docks to have higher sides.

    Refunds and Warranty

    Snuggle Me and DockATot has different refund policies and warranties. For instance, you can cancel a snuggle Me order within three hours if you change your mind and receive a refund. However, you cannot cancel the order if the company has already issued a shipping label. On the other hand, DockATot does not have a clear policy on canceling an order.

    DockATot has a 30-day refund policy for damaged items, but items on a final sale cannot be exchanged or returned on a final sale. In addition, you have to make returns through the portal for approval. The company does not refund the cost of shipping.  

    On the other hand, Snuggle Me has a 60-day refund policy, but you must make returns through the portal. In addition, it offers free returns for exchanges or store credit and does not refund the shipping cost.

    DcockATot offers a one-year manufacturer’s warranty covering any material or artistry defects, and the company may provide free repair or replacement during this period. Additionally, the warranty does not cover damages due to misuse or improper care and is non-transferrable. On the other hand, Snuggle Me offers a six-month manufacturer’s warranty that covers any defects in material and craftsmanship.





    Snuggle Me

    Shape & Design



    Snuggle Me

    Available Fashion & Prints


    Ease Of Cleaning





    Snuggle Me


    Snuggle Me


    Snuggle Me


    Snuggle Me

    The baby lounger you choose will depend on your child’s comfort and your preference. Both Snuggle Me and DockATot loungers are safe, portable, multifunctional, and can make perfect baby shower gifts. From our review, the Snuggle me lounger is our clear winner. It comes in two sizes, including infant and toddler loungers. Although the DockATot also comes in two sizes, Snuggle Me has more room for your child to wiggle and play.

    DockATot wins in its design because it has a round shape mimicking the womb and is padded around the middle. Thus, you can use it comfortably on a bare floor or a carpet. DockATot loungers come in various beautiful prints and colors, but the Snuggle Me loungers come in a single color.

    The Snuggle Me loungers are cheaper than DockATot loungers and have uniform prices across the board. Additionally, Snuggle Me loungers ship internationally, unlike DockATot loungers which only ship to the US and Mexico. Besides, the company has a clear policy on canceling orders; thus, you can cancel and get a full refund within three hours.

    DockATot offers a 30-day refund policy, while Snuggle Me provides a 60-day refund policy. Although Snuggle Me is our clear winner, DockATot is also a good lounger, and you can choose it if you want a lounger that hugs your baby and are willing to spend extra on it.

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