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There are many great options for maternity wear out there. Be wary of and make the right choice for extra comfort. 

What To Wear To Bed While Breastfeeding

What To Wear To Bed While Breastfeeding?

When you are breastfeeding you have to have extra protection regardless of your previous sleeping garments that you are used to wearing. The reason behind this is simple time management and some biological factors. 

If you are a mother of a newborn then you know that you have to feed your little one every 2 to 3 hours. When your baby becomes a little older the frequency becomes less such as one or two times a day. When this change happens, your breast milk might be excess and can get leaked onto your dress or bed sheet. 

If the size of your breast is large then I would advise you to wear something to support the weight of your breast so that you get a peaceful sleep at night. However, if you want something specific then, you should go for nursing sleep bras. 

They are made exclusively for the sole purpose of providing comfort while lounging or sleeping. Nursing pajamas or camisoles are a great choice if you are used to not wearing bras when you go to sleep. 

What To Wear To Bed While Breastfeeding?
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    Things To Consider

    Here I am listing out a few factors that might affect you in some way so take a look at these and then decide whether or not to wear bras while you go to sleep. 

    Breast Size

    If you have large breasts you have to wear a bra for support and comfort but if you have small breasts then it becomes your preference to wear or not to wear a bra. However, you might find it more comfortable wearing a nursing bra overnight when your body is adjusting to the changes happening from pregnancy, especially your breast adjusting to the production of milk. 

    Leaking Breast Milk

    Not everyone’s body is the same specially for women so if your breasts do not leak then it is your choice to wear a bra or not. However, if your breasts leak milk a lot then you will be needing nursing pads as well as something that supports the pads in their place. You no longer have to deal with your bed sheet being soaked with breast milk every morning.


    This is a time when you need rest the most so you have to accommodate yourself with as many things as you can that will make your life comfortable and easy. As I have said before, if the size of your breasts are small then you may find no-bra more comfortable but if you have bigger breasts then you will find wearing a bra very comfortable. 

    You need to look for a bra that is soft, provides comfort while you are wearing it (preferably cotton made) will be a great choice and you can wear it in day time and night time. Sports bra or a nursing bra that is made based on sports bra style is also a good option to wear at night. 

    What To Wear To Bed While Breastfeeding

    New mothers often struggle with nightwears because they do not want to wake to a bed full of soaked wet bed sheets from their leaking milk. If you are a new mama then you should not wear tight bras or tight top wear because it restricts the natural flow of your body. You may get blocked milk ducts in your breast if you wear something tight on your top half. 

    It is always advisable to wear something made of fabric that provides ultimate comfort and clothes that are easy flowing. This will allow your body to adjust to the new changes (that occurred because of pregnancy) easily. 

    Nursing Nightgowns

    Nursing nightgowns are soft, comfortable and cute night wears mostly made of cotton or any breathable fabric. If you want to use breast pads then you can hold them in place with the help of a bustier. Other than that there are silicone nursing pads which stick to your skin so you can use them as well if you do not want to wear a bra. 

    Benefits of wearing nursing nightgowns to bed

    • Moms who have gone through a C-section will find nursing nightgowns the most comfortable. 
    • There are a lot of designs you can choose from like nightgowns with straps, clasps, front wraps, double layers and many more that will make the breastfeeding process easier. 
    • Nursing nightgowns are the easiest to get access to your breasts when you are going to breastfeed. 
    • Nursing nightgowns provide enough area to pass the wind in and out so that you do not feel suffocated wearing it. 

    Negatives of wearing nursing nightgowns to bed

    • Nightgowns are great if you have a c-section, however if you are used to wearing pajamas then you might find it uncomfy at first.
    • In winter, nursing nightgowns will not be enough. 
    Ekouaer Nightgown For Women’s Nursing Breastfeeding Maternity Dress Gown
    • This nightgown is made of polyester (95%) and spandex (5%) which makes the nightgown stretchy so your growing belly can have enough space. 
    • It also comes with double layers in the front accommodated with a nursing gown that is elastic ruched trimmed making it easily accessible for breastfeeding. 
    • It also has an adjustable spaghetti strap which can be adjusted to your likings and makes it easy to wear. 
    • The design of this nightgown is full slip, sleeveless and with double layers. 
    • At any stage of your pregnancy, this nightgown will cater to your needs the best. 
    • The straps are not securely sewn in the nightgown and they are very thin. 
    • The fabric under the first layer of fabric is a bit loose.

    Nursing Tank Tops Or Camis

    You can go for a nursing tank top that comes with a built-in bra. It will support your breasts while you are going to bed. They will also be able to hold your beast pad and that will soak the leaking milk from your breast. 

    Benefits of wearing nursing camis to bed

    Nursing tank tops are better than wearing pajamas that come with nursing bras. Nursing tank tops hold your breasts in place, providing great support while preventing your milk from leaking. The materials used to make the nursing tank tops or camis are usually very stretchy so that you feel comfy when you are going to bed. 

    If you do not like to wear bras when you are going to bed then you can also find nursing tank tops that do not come with a built-in bra. It will let you have access to your breasts easily and quickly. There are many silicone braless nursing pads that you can use at night to prevent soaking the bed sheet.

    • There will be no need to wear a bra if you wear nursing camis.
    • On nights that are little on the chilly side, nursing camis will provide you with more coverage. 
    • You will not need extra breast pads if you wear a nursing cami that already has a built-in shelf bra to absorb the leaking milk from your breasts. 
    • There are a variety of nursing camis in the market and some of them have such a nice and sophisticated design that you can even wear them in the daytime.

    Negatives of wearing a nursing cami to bed

    • As most nursing camis have cups that are clip-down so when breastfeeding at night, it might be fiddly for the mother.
    • If the nursing camis you are wearing is made of nylon or polyester, the material might not be very breathable. Instead you can choose cotton or bamboo material for your camis.
    Lataly Nursing Tank Top Seamless Breastfeeding Padded Cami Bras
    • This nursing tank top is made of nylon (92%) and spandex (8%) and is imported. 
    • It has a pull on closure which makes it really easy to access. 
    • There are no wires in it and the material is extremely stretchy so it will fit your changing body perfectly. 
    • This tank top has a built-in push up bra that holds your breasts and provides good support. 
    • The straps in the top are adjustable and the fabric is ultra soft so you will have a comfortable feeling when you are wearing it.
    • You can not machine wash them as they are only made to be hand washed. 
    • If you have considerably larger breasts then this might not be a good choice.

    Nursing Pajamas

    The regular pajamas that you used to wear daily would not work anymore at night. But the good news is that you can choose from various designs that are exclusively ade keeping in mind the comfort of new mothers and their struggle with breastfeeding. The designs of the nursing pajamas can seem a little bit similar to that of nursing tank tops.

    You will find a few of them that come with an opening for the nipples and some of them come with a flap that allows you to have access to your breast on the side. There is another design named clasp design which you can fasten or unfasten to your preference and is kind of similar to the regular bra. 

    If you are worried about weather changes then there are nursing pajamas for winter as well. They come with long sleeves to protect you from freezing. In hot weather you can go for the pajama shorts set that will give you comfort.

    Benefits of wearing nursing pajamas to bed

    • One of the most common and comforting factors is that if you have always worn pajamas before then nursing pajamas will feel the same and you can have easy access while breastfeeding. 
    • Regular jammies are a hassle and nursing pajamas will be a lot easier to use.
    • When the season changes to winter then nursing pajamas will keep you warm on cold nights. 
    • Not to mention some of the nursing pajamas are quite sexy which makes you look good and feel good too.

    Negatives of wearing nursing pajamas to bed

    • While it comforts you in wintery cold nights, it can be pretty irritating in the summer. 
    • There are no pockets in most nursing pajamas to put nursing pads on.

    Best Nursing Sleep Bras

    Kindred Bravely French Terry Nursing Maternity Breastfeeding Sleep Bra
    • This bra has easy pull-on style and has excluded any hooks or straps that can create discomfort. 
    • It is made with Rayon of bamboo (92%) and spandex (8%) which makes it ultra soft. 
    • There are no wires in this nursing bra and the comfort has made this bra win mom’s choice award. 
    • You can easily access your breast through this bra because they are simple pull on styles and it will accommodate your breast size because of its stretchy design. 
    • It gives you extreme comfort when you are going to sleep.
    • The binding along the side of the bra can provide some discomfort. 
    • If you have considerably larger breasts than average women then this bra will not be a good choice for you.
    Bravado! Designs Ballet Nursing and Maternity Sleep Bra
    • It is made of nylon (78%) mixed with spandex / elastane (22%) which gives the bra a soft touch. 
    • This bra is also another Mom’s Choice Award winner because most mothers loved this bra. 
    • They have modal lined cups as well as extremely soft fabric which provide ultimate comfort to mothers. 
    • It does not include any back closure which makes it a great choice during pregnancy as well as nursing. 
    • You can sleep way more comfortably in this bra which comes with easy pull away access that lets you have maximum skin to skin contact.
    • Though this bra provides a soft fabric, the material is not very stretchy which can cause problems for mothers whose breasts size is fluctuating. 
    • It is a little bit pricier than other bras.
    Motherhood Women’s Maternity Nursing Bra for Sleep

    Benefits of wearing nursing bras to bed

    • If you wear nursing bras while going to bed then you can easily insert the breast pads that absorb the leaking milk from your breasts. 
    • The support provided by the nursing bras are really great as they are light and soft so you won’t have much trouble while moving in bed. If you have large breasts then nursing bras will be a perfect choice for you.
    • On summer nights when you don’t want to be too exposed but you still want to be comfortable you can wear nursing bras. 
    • During and after pregnancy, the body goes through a lot of hormonal changes which causes many physical changes and one of them is sore nipples. Nursing bras protect them from getting chafed on your bed sheets. 
    • If you used to go to sleep wearing your regular bra then nursing bra will be more comfortable for you.

    Negatives of wearing nursing bras to bed

    • Well, you will feel like you are always wearing a bra and that can be a little restraining.
    • The Flaps are not easy to take off when you are about to breastfeed so you have to fumble around with it for a bit.
    • This bra is made of cotton (95%) and spandex (5%) and because of its high percentage of cotton, this bra is extremely soft and comfy. 
    • Motherhood Women’s Maternity Nursing Bra is an imported product. 
    • You can wash them in machines and the quality will remain the same.
    • You can wear this bra during your pregnancy and while you are nursing and because of its wireless features, you can wear them to sleep with no discomfort at all.
    • You can get easy nursing access because this bra comes with the surplice wrap front making it a light coverage bra.
    • This bra can be a bit stiff because of its low spandex quantity. 
    • The size chart is not perfect which creates a problem for mothers to choose the right size for them.

    NOTE: If you are wondering whether wearing bras to sleep might increase your milk production or decrease the production then you should know that tight bras cause blockage in your milk ducts.

    Tips and Tricks to prevent leaks at night

    • If you are a new mom then you have to pump your breast milk at certain times and then store the milk safely so that you can feed your baby later when he or she is hungry. 
    • It is better if you wear something to secure the nursing pads such as nursing tank tops that come with shelf bras. They will hold the nursing pads in their place and keep it secure so that any leaking of milk will get absorbed. 
    • If you are tired of wearing a bra all day then you can go braless for the night but remember to spread a bed sheet that you don’t mind getting wet with your milk or you can use a towel to place underneath so that it will soak the leaking milk. 
    • You can also buy a waterproof bed sheet or a bed cover that will prevent your mattress from soaking the leaked milk from your breasts. However, do check the materials used for the sheet and make sure that they don’t irritate your skin.

    The Bottom Line

    I know that it is a dream come true to find something to wear at night that will be as comfortable as sleeping on a pile of cotton while having easy access to your breast for when you need to breastfeed your baby.

    Some mamas who have breasts that are smaller in size and do not leak a lot while not needing much support can just wear something comfy like a nursing pajama, camis or an oversized T-shirt. 

    For mothers that have gone through a C-section, they have to avoid putting pressure on their belly area (specially the lower belly area) so they can opt for nursing nightgowns. Nursing nightgowns are free flowing and give you easy access to the breasts and also come with built-in bras if you choose to buy one. Nursing nightgowns which have shelf bras can provide you extra support (best for large breasts) and lets you insert a nursing pad as well.

    FAQ: By Moms & Dads

    Should you wear a nursing bra to bed when breastfeeding?

    This question is very subjective because some mothers can not tolerate wearing a bra almost all the time, especially if they live in a place where humidity is irritating such as Texas. On the other hand, some mothers do not mind wearing a nursing bra as well as nursing pads 24/7.

    How can you prevent leaking breast milk at night?

    From personal experience, most nursing mamas have faced at least once in their lifetime leakage through their nighties which can be a little embarrassing though not unnatural. Mothers whose breasts leak milk a lot, find it problematic because it can happen when they are in public as well. 

    So if you want to prevent leakage at night then you can wear a nursing pad (some are stick-on silicone pads so you don’t have to wear a bra) under your nursing bra or nursing pajama or tank top.

    Is it okay not to wear a bra during breastfeeding?

    It is upto your preference whether you want to wear a bra during breastfeeding or not. If you find going braless more comfortable for breastfeeding then you should do that. You should not force your body to submit to something because it can have a negative effect on your mind as well. 

    You should know that your breasts will become heavier once they start producing breast milk so you might need extra support and a good bra will help keep your breasts in shape.

    Can you wear a regular bra while nursing?

    Typically regular bras are tight around your breast that can cause blockage in your milk ducts which you do not want so it is better to wear a nursing bra or something that is made specially to accommodate your breasts through your nursing period. Also you should avoid bras that have wires and opt for something that allows your breasts to have their space.

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