Nursery Decoration Ideas

This simple guide to decorate your baby nursery will help you plan and execute the project with ease. 

nursery decoration ideas

How to Decorate a Nursery?

The nursery is one of the most important rooms for any baby and parent. It is where most, if not all, of the baby’s business will be done.

It is also where the baby will spend most of its time until it has grown older—as such, decorating the nursery to be comfortable and healthy for your baby is essential.

This article will teach you how to decorate your nursery, what to include, the color schemes, textiles and curtains, carpets, and furniture, among others.  

Decorating a nursery can be fun and stressful at the same time because there are a lot of things to consider, like room size (is it a small or big room with large enough space), décor items, arrangements, and more.

You also have to decide if you want it elegant or stylish

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    Decorating For Small Rooms And Big Spaces

    With creativity, getting the most beautiful results are possible for anything you want to achieve, a nursery inclusive. Whether you live in a big house or small house, whether you want your nursery big or small, creativity can help you have that bright, beautiful, and fantastic nursery.

    Check for patterns that make the room look bigger

    There are specific patterns that create illusions of space, making your room look bigger. So, you can check out for them. Designs with vertical stripes can complement the height of a room, while patterns that have horizontal lines can increase the width of a room.

    Make room for extra space

    This can make a small room bigger by choosing furniture that will take care of the baby’s long term needs. You may get a cot or bed that fits the baby between 0-15 months, but what happens after that? You will have to buy extra and still add in the room that is already small.

    Instead of doing that, go for furniture that will occupy the space you have provided. This even goes on to reduce the cost of spending for you.

    Paint the ceiling

    Be it light or dark colors, whichever one you choose, make it a shade lighter than the color you use for the walls. Having painted ceilings in small spaces gives it a vaulted effect that makes it feel spacious. You could also add visual effects like a painting or an artwork on the wall. This could provide an illusion of some sort.

    If you use these methods to decorate a small nursery, it just might feel more spacious. Even if it a nursery with a larger space, you could still consider them. Here are some more ideas and items that work or that you can consider when decorating a nursery:

    Ideas That Can Be Considered

    Several features and ideas can be useful for decorating a nursery. They include: 

    • Choose a light color that balances the furniture in the nursery. You could add pictures and art pieces.
    • Opt for furniture that never goes out of style. 
    • Invest in a changing table that has drawers rather than shelves. This particular one conserves space.
    • You could bring in upholstery, something like a day bed that can serve as a bed for guests or parents. 
    • Don’t be afraid to use bold and vibrant colors. 

    You could decide to install a little library. The collection of books of bedtime stories on the shelve can sometimes be some sort of decoration. 

    • Adding a gallery of family pictures and other pieces of art can be of sentimental value. You may consider it and even try to bring in touches from people who love them.
    • Include personal touches and features. If you love floral decor or undertones, you could decide to include them in the chairs or throw pillows.
    • Creating a nature-inspired nursery is another crucial idea to consider. The trees and greenery give an ethereal feeling.  
    • You could choose to add wallpaper to the ceiling. So, there can be something for the baby to look up to – literally. 
    • You could choose to use a washable wallpaper so that if a pee spray hits the wall, you can always wash and replace it.
    • Above all, pick a theme. When you have a theme, everything else falls in place.

    Items and Considerations for Decoration


    For the theme in nursery decoration, you could go with a bright color or elements of places you have been to. Try to make it baby-friendly too. 

    While choosing the style, get the pallet of the colors you want to combine, consider the cot size and beddings, provide a seating area, and include storage basket, shelves, or drawers.

    Color scheme

    Use soft blues, nurturing greens, feminine pinks, soothing whites,  and other basic colors that speak baby.


    When considering curtains, try to keep drapes away from the baby’s bed. Make sure they are installed appropriately and stay away from curtains that have ribbons, cords, and beads. Make sure the curtains match your theme. 

    For carpets, go for the softest fibers (wool, cotton) and make sure the carpets are wide enough to cover round the room. Use sheets and blankets for the beddings. Woven cotton has proven to be the best.


    For clothes, toys, and other essential and how to put them together, consider using glass jars for pacifiers, picture ledges for books, and baby closet dividers. Other things like diapers and baby wipes should be kept in plain view at the top area if you are using a shelf. If you are not, make sure they are visible enough.

    Light fittings

    When it comes to lighting in a nursery, it needs to be baby-proofed enough to protect children from getting hurt. You should opt for light fixtures that offer shade. Bulbs with labels of ‘daylight’ are better fittings for a nursery. 

    You should also consider where the baby’s cot is, then check to see if the light can reflect and show some kind of pattern that will capture the baby’s interest.

    Bottom Line

    If you feel overwhelmed while choosing the decoration for your nursery, you may want to employ the aid of an interior decorator. Otherwise, the above explanation, methods, and reasons can guide on your journey to decorating the best room for your baby.

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