Dawn Dish Soap Best Or Worst

Health and Hygiene is of prime importance for your babies. Be sure to use the safest option when it comes to cleaning products.

can you wash baby bottles with dawn dish soap

Can I Use Dawn Dish Soap To Wash Baby Bottles?

Babies are more sensitive and open to risk factors from the outside environment. The reason behind it is the still developing immune system of the babies. That’s why parents have to be extra careful so that their babies are not exposed to any toxins.

You have to notice the small details of the type of dish soap you will be using, if the water temperature is set to the right level and the brush you will be using to clean the bottle. All these steps are to keep the best hygiene for the baby.

Dawn dish soap has components that can be harmful for babies as it contains fragrances, dyes and harsh cleaning agents. Other than that, after washing the bottle, there will be some residue of Dawn dish soap in the bottle which is very harmful for the baby. 

There is also a soapy smell left after the wash so it is better not to take chances with this dish soap.

However, if you are still determined to use Dawn dish soap you have to rinse the bottle extremely thoroughly and sterilize the bottle afterwards to remove any kind of toxin. This will get rid of the unwanted soap residue and the bottle will be usable for the babies.

Can I Use Dawn Dish Soap To Wash Baby Bottles?​
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    What Is So Special About Dawn Dish Soap?

    Dawn dish soap is good for cleaning the greases off the dishes. It also raises money for the wildlife and the ingredients incorporated in this soap does not harm animals. The components are quite effective in removing the greases which is why it is so popular.

    Which Dish Soap Is Best To Wash Baby Bottles?

    As a parent you have to look for the best for your baby and you can do that only if you have some knowledge in the area you are surfing in. 

    For example, in the case of which dish soap should be appropriate to wash the baby bottles, you should look for dish soap that doesn’t contain a cleaning agent that includes petroleum-based oil. 

    Dish soaps which have natural ingredients are good. Any dish soap containing fragrances, dyes and paraben is a big red flag so go for something mild.

    To make it easier, 3 of the best dish soap to use for cleaning baby bottles are listed here.

    Dapple Baby Bottle & Dish Soap

    Dapple Baby Bottle & Dish Soap as suggested in the name made solely for washing the baby bottles. This has been formulated without parabens, sulfates, synthetic dyes, any kind of harmful chemical. 

    There are no fragrances incorporated in this dish soap. Dapple Baby Bottle & Dish Soap is also dye free making it more on the safer side for the babies.

    You can also use this dish soap for cleaning pacifiers as well as breast pumps. It effectively gets rid of the milky odor of the bottle making it fresh and reusable and more importantly helps you maintain a good hygiene for your baby.

    The ingredients used to make this product includes components dermatologically safe for babies and baby friendly ingredients extracted from plants. All the ingredients put together to make this product are non-toxic.

    Carolina Pure Castile Liquid Soap

    Carolina Pure Castile Liquid Soap can be used for multiple causes. Aside from washing the baby bottles, this liquid soap can be used for washing the dishes, doing the laundry, as a mopping detergent and as a hand wash.

    Carolina liquid soap also comes without any foaming cleaning agents as well as detergents. It also includes no preservatives which is best for washing the baby bottles. The ingredients used to make this dish soap not only makes it safe for the baby but also safe for the environment.

    The ingredients are biodegradable and vegan not to mention all natural. The plastic that is used for the packaging is also 100% recycled.

    Babyganics Foaming Dish And Bottle Soap

    Babyganics Foaming Dish & Bottle includes ingredients that are derived from plants. They are also fragrance free and after the wash no residue of the dish soap is left in the baby bottle.

    This dish soap is good for people with sensitive skins so after using this, the hands will not become dry. This dish soap is also non-irritant which is a plus. Besides these, the dish soap is free of phthalates dyes making it very safe for washing the baby bottles. 

    Is Dawn Dish Soap Toxic?

    As discussed earlier, for babies it is best to use products that do not contain any kind of cleaning agent that has petroleum in it. Dawn Dish soap uses petroleum-based oil as one of their ingredients which can be toxic for the babies. 

    The sole reason is this compromise the health and safety of the baby. Petroleum based dish soap leaves behind residue of the dish soap and if consumed for a long time, this can create health complications for the baby.

    You have to sterilize the baby bottles twice or thrice a week to remove the scented smell and the residue.

    Is Dawn Dish Soap Safe For Babies’ Skin?

    Since, one of the ingredients used for the Dawn dish soap is petroleum-based cleaning agents, it is definitely not safe for babies’ skin. Other than that, it is hard to rinse off completely. 

    Some residue will be left on the babies’ skin that can later get into the delicate immune system of the baby through their mouth. This can be extremely harmful so it is better to avoid dawn dish soap for using on babies’ skin.

    Is Dawn Dish Soap Bad For Your Skin?

    Though dawn dish soap can be used for washing the hands for adults, it should be used excessively. Do not overdo it by using this as a shower gel because it is definitely not exclusively made for the human body. 

    Our body has different infrastructure and our hands are way more resistant than some parts of our body.

    Soap Left In Baby Bottle, How Do I Remove It?

    There are a couple of ways to remove the soap residue that is primarily caused by the regular dish soaps. Mostly regular dish soaps that have oil based cleaning components leave soapy residues and scented smell. The cleaning agents used in making the regular dish soap also plays a part in generating the soap residue.

    It is better to wash the baby bottle with hot water because warm temperature makes it easier to rinse off those residues more quickly. You will also need to sterilize the baby bottle and the better way to do it is to leave the bottle in a bowl of hot water for 5 minutes. 

    If you want to avoid all these extra hassles then use a dish soap that is known for not leaving residues. One such dish soap is Dapple Dish Soap.

    Dapple VS Babyganics

    As discussed earlier, both Dapple and Babyganics have cleaning agents that are derived from plants. Both the products are quite mild and have the reputation of being safe. This can be used for cleaning both dishes and baby bottles. 

    However, if you are looking for the safest and best dish soap for cleaning baby bottles then among Dapple and Babyganics, Dapple will be the most suitable choice.

    What Is So Special About Dawn Dish Soap?

    Dawn dish soap is good for cleaning the greases off the dishes. It also raises money for the wildlife and the ingredients incorporated in this soap does not harm animals. The components are quite effective in removing the greases which is why it is so popular.


    When the concerns are for the babies that proverb of to be safe at first than later sorry cannot be any closer to the truth than it already is. Babies have a delicate digestive as well as immune system and in the first couple of months parents and guardians need to be extra careful.

    Dawn dish soap though good in removing the smell and grease off of the dishes and baby bottles, it contains harmful substances for the babies. Not to mention the scented smell, dyes and cleaning agents that include petroleum. All of these are extremely toxic for babies in the long run.

    So instead of taking chances with the health and hygiene of the baby, consider switching to dish soap that is proven to be safe for the babies.

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