pull-ups bigger than 5t for bigger kids

Read the unbiased review of top 10 pull ups bigger than 5t in this detailed article.

Best Pull Ups Bigger than 5t

Best Pull Ups Bigger than 5t: For Bigger Kids

For babies who are being potty trained, pull-ups are very important. These babies can be easily taken down and again pulled up with no adult assistance. But are there pull-ups for growing children bigger than 5t?

Fortunately, the answer is yes. A few options can be found. One option can be the Pampers Easy Ups. These training pants are very comfy and easy to use. These pull-ups have easy-tear velcro sides for which these are very easy to take off and change. You can choose these pull-ups as ideal when a bigger pull-up than 5t is needed.

Best Pull Ups Bigger than 5t 2023
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    First thing’s first. Let’s explore a few details about choosing Pull-Ups Bigger than 5t before we review the Best Pull Ups Bigger than 5t for Bigger Kids

    What is the Biggest Size of Pull-Ups?

    The biggest available size of pull-ups is the X large that fits children who weigh 27 to 57 kg. No shame that your baby is not completely potty trained and the accident happens sometimes. This is quite normal and for kids, it takes both patience and time to master potty training.

    These pull-ups will save your laundry costs as they will allow your kid to have a dry sleep and allow you to manage bedwetting at night.

    How to Choose the Best Pull-ups for Older & Bigger Kids?

    When you are in search of pull-ups bigger than 5t, some features should be taken note of. The process of potty training becomes easier by some particular features of pull-ups. Features that should be looked into are as follows:


    Goodnites have five-layer protections which absorb more liquid making these pull-ups more absorbent than other brands.

    Prevents Leakage

    To prevent overnight leakage, Goodnites pull-ups have a double leg barrier.


    Do not worry if your baby is skinny or chubby on thighs as the super stretchiness of these pull-ups will fit all sizes and shapes of the body.

    Pad Location

    There is an extra absorbency pad on the front location in the pull-ups for boys to accommodate the different anatomy of boys than girls.

    Odor Absorbent

    To lock the strong ammonia odor of a toddler’s urine, there is an odor absorbent feature in Goodnites.


    Goodnites Bedwetting Underwear pull-ups have cute Disney character designs that are fun for the kids.


    Goodnites are very comfortable for your baby and they are soft enough to feel like underwear.

    So, you got the points why you may use pull-ups from Goodnites Bedwetting Underwear when you need a bigger size.

    Who Can Use Pull-Ups Bigger Than 5t?

    Babies who pee through a diaper in less than 1-2 hours are heavy wetters, to keep away from your baby sleeping in a water pool in such a situation they do nothing but end up wetting their bed. Children who are living with dysfunctions such as those who are not fully trained or have the disabilities of autism.

    What About Pull-Up Sizes 7 And 8?

    It’s not unusual for some toddlers to require pull-ups to a size 7 and even 8. There are a few brands that can only go up to a size of 5T. Well, the best thing is, the other brands do purvey for the bigger children who still need someone to assist them with potty training.

    It can take a long time to find out for a brand that can fit in with a larger size. To make it easier, I have set down a few choices that might be considered:

    • Pampers Easy Ups- the size of 7 ( as listed above)
    • Natural Blossom Training Pants & Pull-Up Underwear – the size of 7
    • Goodnites Bedwetting Underwear Nighttime (95-140) Extra Large – the size of 7, 8 for big kids – several options for both boys and girls.

    Minutely what comes on the note after 5T in pull-ups, I lately put down a write-up about sizes after 5T in baby clothes. If your 5T quandary trying to link with your little baby’s clothes, going through the article for advice will be a great idea!

    How To Determine When To Switch To a Larger Than 5T Pull-Up For Your Child

    There are not all the children who come about when the child requires a pull-up size larger than 5T. The fact is there are a few children who take a little longer time than the other children learn and overcome to master their bladders. When we find out the dissimilarities between diapers vs pull-ups, you will notice that there are a few indications or suggestions for how to know when your little baby is not ready to leave the pull-ups:

    • Little toddlers often pee thru a diaper in less than 1-2 hours, especially the heavy wetters who have the tendency to wet the bed frequently at night.
    • Toddlers who face difficulty and struggle with potty training and contain the size of 5T are setting up too cozy and even stiff and tight.
    • Children who are suffering from various dysfunctions such as autism are trying to understand and learn to potty training until now.

    At some time, the little pull-ups and diapers will stop being androgynous which means unisex. Go through my article in respect to the differences between pull-ups for a boy or a girl that can make a clear understanding about why boys and girls agave different pull-ups.

    Best Pull Ups Bigger than 5t: For Bigger Kids

    Goodnites Bedwetting Girls’ Underwear Discreet


    • If you want a pull-up that you can dispose of after it has been soiled then choose Goodnites Bedwetting Girls’ Underwear. 
    • These will be the perfect pull-ups if your toddler is at the age when they are almost done with potty training. 
    • The odor can be a big problem for parents who are sensitive to smell so these pull-ups help hide the bad smell. 
    • You will get a total of 34 pull-ups in one pack of Goodnites Bedwetting Girls’ Underwear. 
    • These training pants also have fun prints on them so your toddler would love to wear them.


    • Though the quality is very good, they cost you a fortune.
    • You can not use them for your boys because these are only for girls.

    Goodnites Bedwetting Boys’ Underwear


    • These are disposable training pants so once it gets wet, you have to change the diaper. 
    • It gives your baby 40% more protection against leaking as well as minimizes the odor. 
    • The absorbency is very high so when your baby makes a mess, it quickly absorbs the liquid. 
    • It comes with 5 layers of protection which means your baby will have extra-absorbent diapers to wear. You can leave them on overnight or you can use them in the daytime. 
    • Another cool feature is the double leg barrier which prevents any mess from leaking out the sides.


    • Goodnites Bedwetting Boys’ Underwear is made for only boys. 
    • You can not reuse or do quick checks in these training pants.

    Baby Diapers Seventh Generation


    • If you are looking for training pants or pull-ups that will help you get your toddler from diapers to underwear then these will be a good fit. 
    • The inner layer of the diapers is so soft that it feels like a ball of cotton when you touch it. 
    • If you want 12 hours of protection against leakage, then you should go for the size 6 Seventh Gen Baby Diapers.
    • The multiple inner layers are carefully made for breathable materials so your kid will stay dry and the temperature will not be uncomfortable for them. 
    • Seventh Generation avoids using chlorine bleaches, artificial scents, or lotions.


    • The updated version is not as great as the previous diapers used to be.
    • The sides are not well made for some batches, they come undone when the diaper is full.

    Pampers Easy-Ups Boys and Girls Training Pants


    • The waistband of Pampers easy-ups is super stretchy (360 Degree) which is why even though they feel like underwear, your toddler can easily pull them up or down. 
    • There is no doubt that Pampers is one of the few companies that provide you with a diaper that prevents any leakage and gives your baby complete protection with its extra absorbent channels.
    • These diapers are perfect for overnight protection too. The special dual-leak guard is very effective in preventing leakage. 
    • The sides can be easily ripped apart because of its easy-rip feature so with these diapers you can do quick changes anywhere anytime. 
    • The material used for the inner and outer layers of these pull-ups is very soft so your baby will love to wear it. 
    • The designs on these pull-ups are fun and interesting which kids always like to wear.


    • These are not made for sensitive skins because the material is not hypoallergenic. 
    • Online diapers have less quality than department stores’ diapers.

    Natural Blossom Pull-Up Underwear


    • The fit of these pull-ups is great and just like regular underwear. They are the best when you are transitioning your baby from diapers to actual underwear. Natural Blossom pull-ups work as the mediator and make the process smoother for both you and your baby.’
    • They are designed almost similar to underwear so their outer appearances through clothes are almost undetectable at a glance. This is why they are labeled as discreet.
    • They also incorporate the premium diaper which is cloud-soft and made by Nanliu (an internationally recognized brand).
    • The Allergy UK Dermatest has approved Natural Blossom Pull-ups as they are hypoallergenic.
    • This diaper will provide your baby with 17 hours of dryness and the absorbent pad used for these products are extremely effective. 
    • They are made for sensitive skin so your little one will not get any kind of rash or infection after using this diaper. You may use Natural Blossom pull-ups for both daytime and nighttime. 
    • Another great feature of these diapers is that there is minimal skin contact because of the superabsorbent polymer.


    • The price is very high for Natural Blossom pull-ups. 
    • Parents sometimes get confused about the sizes.

    Bambo Nature Eco-Friendly Premium Training Pants


    • Bambo Training pants have been in the business for more than 35 years and it is the only business that promotes eco-friendly products for so long. The materials used to make these diapers are chlorine-free (the fluff pulp part), free of any known allergen / harmful chemicals.
    • They come in size 6 so to give you a rough idea of how large they will be – if your baby is more than 40 lbs this diaper will fit. If you are buying online, you can check their size chart to be extra sure. 
    • They are very easy to use because you can easily pull them up and down as the sides are flexible and soft. Potty training will be really easy with these training pants. Your toddler will get the big kid experience in Bambo training pants. 
    • These pants have 3 layers and the core is super absorbent so you can count on them to work for long hours. Bambo training pants are also a good choice to use overnight. 
    • Bambo training pants include a back sheet in their diapers which is fully breathable so the delicate skin of your baby stays dry. 
    • This brand has been making its diapers with 100% wind power. This is the first diaper company to attain certification from Nordic Swan Ecolabel.


    • Bambo training pants are not very stretchy.
    • The price is hefty because you get 20 pairs of pants for 12$.

    Bottom Line

    There is no need to be worried if your child has grown out of the size of 5T pull-ups and is not completely potty trained yet. Bring these Goodnites for the children, there are three sizes available: XS, Medium, and Extra large for children whose weights are near 28lbs-125lbs.

    Contemplate the following guidelines as per your choice

    • Size XS which adjusts in children weighing 28-45lbs (13-21kg)
    • Size Small/ Medium for children who weigh 38-65lbs (17-29kg)
    • Size Large/ X Large that adjusts in children with the weight of 60-125lbs (27-57kg)

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