Pull-Ups with Have Velcro Sides

Learn how do pull-ups with velcro sides differ from that of the regular ones.

Pull-Ups with Velcro Sides

Pull-Ups That Have Velcro Sides - For Preschool & Daycare

New parents find it hard to cope up with their babies routine as it is ever changing, especially their frequent pee & poo schedules. Babies who are in the process of potty training, as well as newborn babies, can wear pull-ups or diapers so that they don’t make a mess everywhere. 

For example, when you are taking your toddler to preschool or when you need to keep your baby at the daycare center the authorities such as the teachers or the nurses at the daycare might request that your baby wears pull-ups with velcro sides. 

Pull-ups with velcro sides can be adjusted to the waist size of your baby to provide utmost comfort and you can do quick checks in them. I personally liked the pull-ups manufactured by Huggies with resealable sides. But, I would like to share my experience of other products as well that are on par with the Huggies pull-ups such as Target Up and Ups and Walmart Parent’s choice.

How do regular diapers differ from pull-ups?

Pull-ups are designed in such a way that you can easily put them up and down and you don’t even need to unfasten the connections or straps. The waist part of the pull-up contains an elastic band that is used to hold them in their place. 

Huggies also make their pull-ups with velcro sides so that you can quickly and easily do checks and pull them up and down while adjusting them according to your baby’s comfort level. 

Pull-ups are a great way to potty train your toddler as this helps encourage your baby to use the potty. It is easy to teach toddlers how to pull their diapers up and down by themselves. Pull-ups also come in handy when you need to quickly change them without undressing your baby. That is the reason why many daycare centers, as well as pre-school teachers, request you to get pull-ups. 

Older infants can also wear pull-ups because the design makes them resemble underwear. Regular diapers come with extra padding in the back but pull-ups use less padding which, according to some parents, makes the pull-ups prone to leakage. However, companies claim that the absorbency rate of both the diapers and pull-ups are the same as experienced by many parents who have tried using both. 

As there are tons of companies who claim to have the absolute best pull-ups, parents tend to get confused. Finding a good pull-up that prevents leaks/messes while providing your child a comfortable fit is essential. 

Huggies is a very common brand that is known to almost every human being – parent or not. Huggies is the one chosen by most parents as they have quite a few benefits such as –

  • The Huggies pull-ups are hardly out of stock ever because their production of the diapers is spread widely all over the world and you can even get them online. 
  • You can choose between different designs and sizes of diapers as they make several versions for both the girls and the boys. 
  • The elastic band placed on the waist side is a good strategy since it makes pulling the diaper up and down easier for the kids when they try to do it themselves. 
  • Huggies pull-ups also come with easy-open sides which is helpful to do quick poop checks. 
  • Since the diaper changing process is easy, parents and even teachers prefer Huggies pull-ups. 
  • You can get different designs for the appropriate potty-training time such as nighttime training, fading patterns as well as cool alert. 
  • All the diapers made by Huggies come in several designs made of Disney characters which keeps your toddler interested in keeping up their potty training. 
  • Pull-ups with velcro sides are extremely efficient in providing a secure fit with comfort and easy adjustment. 
  • You can also find a few entertaining gifts inside such as smart apps or even coloring mats.

What Are The Brands That Make Their Pull-Up Products With Velcro Sides

I have come up with a list of diapers and their companies that have helped me and other fellow moms in their parenting journey.


Huggies being the most popular diaper company for a long time in the market have come up with several different types of pull-ups but I have shortlisted the best ones for you -.

  • Huggies Pull-Ups Night Time Potty Training 
  • Huggies Pull-Ups Cool And Learn  
  • Huggies Pull-Ups Learning Designs 
  • Huggies Pull-Ups New Leaf

Up And Up (By Target)

  • Boys’ Training Pants – Up & Up
  • Girls’ Training Pants – Up & Up
  • Nightime Underwear – Up & Up

Parent’s Choice (By Walmart)

  • Paw Patrol Training Pants For Boys

  • Parent’s Choice Training Pants For Girls

Huggies Pull-Ups With Velcro Sides
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    Huggies Pull-Ups With Velcro Sides

    Huggies Pull-Ups Night Time Potty Training

    Huggies Night Time Potty Training pull-ups are specially designed to be ultra-comfortable for your baby and they also come in different sizes and designs suitable for both boys and girls. Though I do not like the stereotypical concept of what is normal for boys and girls to like, these diapers are very efficient in preventing leakage and messes.


    • The quantity in one pack is just amazing because you get 60 training pants and you can also choose between size 3T to 4T.
    • The pad has an extra absorbent capacity and your baby will have 12 hours of leak-free protection.
    • Huggies Night Time Potty Training pull-ups come with refastenable sides which means you can do easy changes as well as quick checks. 
    • The sides of these pull-ups are very stretchy so when pulling up and down, your baby will not feel uncomfortable. 
    • These are the only training pants that feature Pixar (Disney) character Buzz Lightyear (from toy story). It also works as a wetness indicator because it fades when the pull-ups are wet.


    • The cost is pretty high so if you are looking for more budget-friendly options you can read further to choose one.
    • There is a slight chemical smell that comes from the diaper.
    Why Consider It?

    The absorbency of these night-time pull-ups is very hard to find in other diapers in the market at such a price rate and this is why these diapers are very good for overnight use which justifies their name. 

    If however, you need to change the diaper in the middle of the night you can easily pull them off because of their velcro sides. I had faced such occasions only a handful of times so I can assure you most nights you and your baby will get a peaceful sleep without the need to change your baby’s diaper. 

    The waistbands are adjustable on the diaper and the sides are quite stretchy which adds another point for the comfort of your little one. There will be no regression when your baby becomes old enough to begin potty training.

    Huggies Pull-Ups Cool And Learn


    • This is a more affordable version of pull-ups which come in a pack of 94 training pants which is a steal if you ask me.
    • The sizes that you can get are between 2T to 3T and these are gender-specified; only for girls. 
    • These training pants incorporate a cooling sensation when the pants are wet. This helps your toddler learn when to use the potty quickly.
    • The sides of these training pants are made with extremely stretchy material which is why when you pull them, they don’t tear apart. 
    • You can easily open the sides so the changing of the diaper will not be a hassle. 
    • This also has a belle character from Disney as the indicator of wetness as it fades when the pants are wet.


    • Some parents complained that their children did not like wearing this diaper because it got cold when it was wet.
    • People have been scammed while buying these online so be careful and check for authenticity when purchasing.
    Why Consider It?

    These diapers are effective in urging your toddler to use the potty because as soon as they wet the diaper, they will feel a cooling sensation. The velcro sides on the diaper make it easier for the parents to do quick checks while they are on the go and if they need to change it, these diapers are easy to pull on and off. 

    Now, children get very encouraged and happy when they are praised and when they will learn to pull their pants up by themselves, they will get a feeling of accomplishment. Make sure to praise such good behaviors so that in the future they keep on pulling their pants up without your help. 

    The waistband of Huggies Cool And Learn pull-ups have stretchy features and you can adjust their fits so that your baby stays comfortable in them.

    Huggies Pull-Ups Learning Designs


    • If your budget is really tight and you need to save big time then Huggies Learning Designs pull-ups will be a real steal for you.
    • You will get a total amount of 102 Huggies Learning training pants in one packet. 
    • The size range is between 4T to 5T for these pull-ups. 
    • The fitting around the leg is different in these pull-ups to give your baby extra protection from leakage. 
    • Just like the other expensive diapers, these pull-ups also come with a wetness indicator.
    • Quick changes and easy check-ups are also possible in them. There is zoned protection available for boys.


    • If you need a lower size than 4T then these will not fit your baby.
    • These are meant to be useful for only boys.
    Why Consider It?

    Like the previous diapers, Huggies Pull-Ups Learning Designs also come with resealable sides which lets you do easy changes and quick checks. The sides are made to be very stretchy so that your toddler can pull them up and down by themselves without much hassle. 

    The designs are made to encourage your toddler to claim that “big kid” title that we all wished to achieve when we were little. 

    These pull-ups come with a wetness indicator that fades when the diaper gets wet. It will be easier for your toddler to notice that and know when to go to the restroom. Kids love cartoon characters and since these pull-ups come with various Disney characters printed on them, your kid will love to wear them.

    Huggies Pull-Ups New Leaf - Plant-Based & Hypoallergenic


    • You can find a few options for these training pants and some of them will be cost-friendly.
    • The size range is very flexible as you can choose between 2T to 5T. 
    • The different sizes come with different numbers of training pants in them. For example, size 4T to 5T has 60 pull-ups in one pack while size 2T to 3T has 124 training pants in one pack. 
    • The ingredients used to make these pull-ups are plant-based which makes them eco–friendly. They also avoid harsh chemicals making them hypoallergenic in nature.
    • These training pants include a coloring mat and Disney Frozen characters are printed in them.


    • The absorbency is not as great as the other pull-ups discussed above.
    • If your baby has sensitive skin, it is better to avoid these training pants.
    Why Consider It?

    Along with a high absorbency rate, these pull-ups help protect your toddler’s skin. It claims to provide 12 hours of protection. I was surprised when the pull-ups lived up to their expectations. Since it prevents leakage and provides protection for such a long time, your toddler can wear it in both daytimes as well as nighttime.

    The adjustable sides are made with material that gives it a stretchy quality which is why this gives your baby extra comfort. These pull-ups are very easy to pull up or down and your toddler will be able to do it by themselves. 

    Toddlers learn quickly with these pull-ups since the wetness indicator fades when these diapers are wet. I really love the Disney Frozen characters printed on them since both I and my kid absolutely loved the movie. It will give your little one a happy feeling when they will wear new leaf pull-ups. 

    I strongly advise to not mix boys and girls pull-ups because when you browse through boys vs girls pull-ups manufactured by Huggies, you will notice that there are few differences in internal design structures between them. 

    The absorbent pad location differs as well as the outer appearance so it is better to stick to the gender-based design appropriate for your kid. You can also go through the reviews to find out what parents are saying about their stories of using Huggies pull-ups for their babies.

    Up And Up (By Target) Pull-Ups With Velcro Sides

    Another company that is on par with the competition with Huggies is Target and their up and up pull-ups which have velcro sides. Target pull-ups are very popular amongst parents nowadays because they are cheaper than Huggies but do not compromise on the quality while incorporating helpful features such as velcro sides. 

    However, there is a particular section I like which is called the Up & Up section. They include several designs for both genders and come in sizes from 2T to 5T. They are also equipped with a wetness indicator that fades when the diapers get wet. This helps you know when to change the pull-ups and the velcro sides make it easy to change.

    Boys’ Training Pants - Up & Up

    Boys’ Training Pants - Up & Up


    • These training pants come in sizes between 2T and 5T and as you go for the larget seizes the number of training pants also decreases. For example, size 2T to 3T has 94 training pants, 3T to 4T has 86 pull-ups and lastly, 4T to 5T has 70 pull-ups in one pack. 
    • The absorbency of these pull-ups is very impressive. These training pants will keep your baby dry for a long time so they come in handy when you and your little one have to make a trip outside.
    • The quality of the materials, refastenable sides, stretchy sides, and waistbands are soft and gentle on the skin of your little one. 
    • Even though they do not feature easy rip sides, you can easily tear apart the sides as they are very soft. 
    • The price is way low than the other pull-ups in the market. These training pants provide the same features as the ones that are very costly.


    • These are not for sensitive skins so avoid these if your baby has sensitive skin. 
    • The size can be a problem for those who are buying online.

    Girls’ Training Pants - Up & Up

    Girls’ Training Pants - Up & Up


    • As they are made from the same company, they also incorporate all the good features of the boys’ training pants. 
    • They come in very pretty colors as well as beautiful patterns all over the outer layer of the pull-ups. 
    • They incorporate a low-fit waist which adds to the level of comfort for your little girl. 
    • If your daughter has sensitive skin, then these training pants will be good for her. Parents have said that these pull-ups worked for their child’s sensitive skin and did not give them any rash or irritation. 
    • The sides are really just like the boys’ pull-ups so you can easily pull them on and off.


    • If you are buying online, then the sizing can be inaccurate so I would suggest you buy from a store and get an idea about the sizes. 
    • You can smell a chemical fragrance from the pull-ups.

    Nighttime Underwear - Up & Up

    Nighttime Underwear - Up & Up


    • This is the first pull-up that I found that was unisex and has good quality products. The patterns printed on the outer layer of these pull-ups are moon and stars which is adorable. 
    • Their sizing is a bit different than the others I have mentioned so far; they come in small, medium, large, and extra-large sizes. 
    • Nighttime Underwear also features an extra-absorbent core which is perfect because it is for both girls and boys. It also gives protection from leakage for a long time and you can leave them on overnight as well. 
    • These pull-ups have velcro sides and they do not make much noise when you open them so even at night if you need to change the training pants you can do so without waking your baby up. 
    • They are also on the low end of the price so this will be a very budget-friendly option for you.


    • These pull-ups do not contain the odor. 
    • The material used to make the pull-ups are not a good fit for sensitive skins.

    Walmart Brand - Parent’s Choice Pull-Ups That Comes With Velcro Sides

    Walmart is now in the business of pull-ups too as they market a range of pull-ups from different baby brands. They have released their own brand to sell training pants that you can find online as well.

    One of the fastest-growing brands by Walmart is Parent’s Choice. They are also very cost-effective for parents who need to save money. Like the other brands I mentioned earlier, this brand also produces pull-ups for gender-specific designs. However, there are different colors and patterns on these pull-ups making them interesting to your baby. 

    You can find any size between 2T to 5T pull-ups and the counts are seventeen, fifty-six, and seventy. You can customize the fir of the pull-ups because the waistband is very stretchy. The side parts where the legs go through are elasticized so your baby stays extra comfy. 

    The sides are also made to be resealable which means when you are on the go and need to quickly check whether you need to change your baby’s diaper or not, you can do it in a matter of seconds with these pul-ups. Adding on to the pros list, the simple design of these diapers makes it easy for your toddler to pull these diapers up and down by themselves.

    Paw Patrol Training Pants For Boys


    • The material of these pull-ups is very breathable which provides your little one with extra comfort when they are wearing them. 
    • The breathable material also prevents your toddler’s skin from getting wet. 
    • They come with an extra absorbent layer inside the inner layer of the pull-up which can soak up to 10x of the weight of the diaper. 
    • The sizing is very accurate for these pull-ups so you can buy them online if you want to do so.
    • The prints on these pull-ups are little adorable animated dogs from Paw Patrol which makes them fun for your kid to wear.


    • The pricing is high as expected from good quality brands. 
    • You can only get them in size 4T to 5T.

    Parent’s Choice Training Pants For Girls


    • These are made from the same brand as the previous ones and the primary difference between these two diapers is that the previous one is made for the boys while this one is exclusively made for girls. 
    • The prints on these pull-ups are also different. 
    • They last for a long time so you can leave them on overnight too. The absorbency level truly stands out just like the brand claims. 
    • They are quite durable as well, my baby is an active kid and when I mean active I mean running around all day never being in the same place for 5 minutes straight! These diapers do a good job is staying in their place providing protection against leakage.
    • I would say that the price is affordable for Parent’s Choice Training Pants For Girls.


    • If you are buying online, you can only find size 3T to 4T available on amazon right now. 
    • There is no option to choose between different colors which means they only come in one color.

    Why Use Pull-Ups With Velcro Sides?

    • Pull-ups that have velcro sides are easier for your toddler to pull up or down. This motivates them in their potty training process. It also helps them get the “big kid” experience as they are not taking any help from the adults.
    • With these specific pull-ups, it is easy to do quick checks and the changing of the diaper is super easy as well. This is why parents find pull-ups with velcro sides to be extremely efficient. 
    • Most pull-ups with velcro sides also come with stretchy waistbands and sides that make them more comfortable than the regular pull-ups/diapers. 
    • You can also adjust the size of the pull-ups that have velcro sides and this can help give your baby a more secure fit.
    • One of the most eloquent features of velcro sides is that they are refastenable meaning that you do not have to tear the sides apart to check whether they need to be changed or not.

    What About Pampers Pull-Ups With Velcro Sides

    Pampers is another big name in the world of baby products, especially diapers. To be completely honest, there are great options such as Pampers Easy Ups, Cruisers, and Cruisers 360. Some of the necessary features are great absorbency capacity, stretchy sides, leak-proof fit around the legs and not to mention adjustable waistband. 

    These training pants are also a great way to teach your toddler to pull their underwear up and down without taking any help from others. The Easy ups designed by Pampers are made to look similar to underwear.

    Do Easy-Ups Have Velcro Sides?

    The primary difference between other pull-ups manufactured by other companies and the pull-ups made by Pampers is the velcro sides. Pampers does not make their pull-ups with velcro sides. They incorporate an easy-rip design in their diapers. You have to tear apart the sides to change your baby’s diaper.

    The Bottom Line

    The process of potty training takes time and tests your patience sometimes. Normally parents switch from diapers to pull-ups when they are beginning the transition. For me, I found Huggies pull-ups a perfect fit for my baby. 

    The pull-ups of Huggies make the process easier for both you and your baby because of their simple designs. Your little one is more likely to get used to the pull-ups and then once when your child is fully potty-trained, the shifting to real underwear will not be that hard. 

    But I have to admit that the price of Huggies is quite expensive so if you are looking for a cheaper but effective option without compromising the quality, you can browse through the pull-ups manufactured by Target or Walmart.

    FAQ: By Moms & Dads

    Do Huggies Pull-Ups have velcro sides?

    Yes, the pull-ups made by Huggies come with velcro sides. It makes it easier for parents to quickly check on their babies whether to change their diapers or not. The diaper changing is also easy because of the simple design incorporated by Huggies.

    You can choose between several designs and colors of diapers and you can also choose to buy nighttime or daytime pull-ups depending on the absorbency capacity you need.

    Do Pampers Easy-ups have velcro sides?

    No, Pampers do not incorporate velcro sides in their pull-ups instead their diapers have an easy rip side feature that lets you rip the sides of the pull-ups for when you need to change your baby’s diaper.

    Do pull-ups open on the sides?

    Typically, all pull-ups open on the sides but some are refastenable and some can be ripped apart. Huggies pull-ups can be refastened once you open them and do the quick check but Pampers pull-ups need to be ripped from the sides.

    Which pull-ups have velcro?

    Huggies, Up & Up by Target and Walmart’s Parent’s choice pull-ups come with velcro sides. The designs, colors, patterns, and prices are all different for each of the brands mentioned before. Amongst the three, Huggies have a wider range of variety and you can choose between daytime pull-ups or nighttime pull-ups.

    What are pull-ups?

    Pull-ups are similar to diapers but there are some key differences between a diaper and a pull-up. Pull-ups have an elastic band that is placed in the waistband. Most of the pull-ups come with velcro sides but diapers do not have that. 

    Some parents call pull-ups training pants since they are a necessary element in the process of potty training. The design of pull-ups are made to be similar to that of underwear but the elastic bands and velcro sides make it easier for your toddler to pull the training pants up and down without your help.

    Since they resemble normal pants so much, your kid will learn to use the potty quickly by incorporating pull-ups in the potty training process.

    Are pull-ups as absorbent as diapers?

    Pull-ups have less padding on the backside but give a more secure and much more comfortable fit than diapers. Many parents have theorized based on this information that pull-ups are not as absorbent as diapers. Some people also said that pull-ups are more prone to leakage while diapers prevent leaking efficiently.

    However, many brands have stated that the absorbency levels of the pull-ups are the same as the diapers. Both of them have the same material for their padding (absorbent material) hence, their capability of absorbing does not differ. 

    I was confused at first too so I bought both diapers and pull-ups to check the truth myself. I did not find any major noticeable difference in their absorbency capacity. If you were also confused and ended up using both let me know if you found any differences in the comment section. 

    It will be really helpful to know if you found any leaking issues or changes in the material so kindly share your experience as I would be happy to offer any kind of help based on your difficulties.

    Do pull-ups cause rashes?

    It is not uncommon to get a rash because of pull-ups and it happens when the pull-up is not changed immediately after being soiled. Pee or poop have germs and bacteria in them and if your baby or toddler stays in contact with either of them, they are likely to develop rashes. Pull-ups are made to train your baby to use the potty and do not work as a diaper.

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