Know More About Pull-Ups For A Boy Vs Girl

Be aware of the different options available for boys & girls and choose the best as per your needs

pull-ups boy vs girl

Pull-Ups For A Boy Vs Girl

Pull-ups are like diapers which are exclusively created for toddlers to help them with their potty training process. Parents can put the pull-ups on their toddlers just like any underpant while the pull-ups will do a similar job to a diaper. Boys have different types of pull-ups than the ones girls have. The designs are fairly different as they are gender based. 

One of the primary differences between a girls’ pull-ups and the boys’ pull-ups is the location of the absorbency pad. The absorbency pad for the pull-ups made for girls are situated in the center of the pull-ups however, the location is changed and the pad is put towards the front of the pull-ups when it comes to the pull-ups made for boys.

Pull-Ups For A Boy Vs Girl ​
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    Differences between Pull-Ups For Boys And Girls Explained

    Many parents are confused as to why differentiate between two genders when the designs are clearly made keeping in mind both analogies of boys and girls. Some even buy boys’ pull-ups for girls while clearly misjudging the purpose of them.

    This is why I will give you a short explanation of the variation as to why you should not mix up those pull-ups for different gender ever again. Hopefully, my brief guidance will help you in your future purchases.


    Virtually, the absorbency in the case of a girl’s pull up is the same as in the case of a boy’s pull up. The key difference between these two pull-ups is the place where the pads are located in the pull-ups. The pads are placed in the front area of the pull-ups for the boys and for girls the pads are placed  in the middle of the pull-ups.

    Design And Colors

    When you notice the designs and the colors of both the gender’s pull ups you will find clear differences like the sun on a hot summer day. Typically the pull-ups that are made exclusively for boys come with the color blue and sometimes have the stickers of cars or cartoons. As the stereotypes are still in the market, the colors such as blue are associated with male toddlers.

    When it comes to girls, the pull-ups are made in mostly pink color or sometimes have princess pictures, beautiful flowers or even cartoon characters like Minnie Mouse.


    There is absolutely no difference in regard to softness in the pull-ups for either boys or girls. They feel the same and are made of the same material as the other ones. Pull-ups are made to be soft so that they give your little one ultimate comfort while wearing it.


    Comfortability is quite subjective and there is no guarantee that your baby would prefer what other babies do. So, you may have to try out a few products before finding a right fit for your toddler. However, most diapers, especially the ones that are manufactured by renowned companies, provide a very soft build of pull-ups that makes it very comfortable to wear.


    The prices for boys pull-ups are less than that of the girls ones. Unisex pull-ups are more expensive than gender specific pull-ups. So yes there is quite a bit of difference based on some factors.

    Brands And Their Gender Specificity Regarding Pull-Ups

    For a long time, pull-ups were created in a gender specific way while changing the position of the absorbency pad based on the biological facts as to where the boys and girls might be in need of them. However, as time changes, companies and brands started to rethink the designs and came up with gender neutral pull-ups which can be of accommodation to both girls and boys.

    Are Pampers Easy Ups Unisex?

    If you want a pull-up that is unisex and no matter if your little one is a boy or a girl they can use it then you will be happy to know that pampers easy ups are unisex. This makes it easier for you to choose one as well since your toddler has a lot of options before them. There will be different designs of pull-ups so your toddler gets to pick their preferred ones. This means that if your daughter wants to wear blue ones instead of the princess stickers and pink colors then she can choose the blue pull-ups without any problem. 

    However you have to keep in mind that there are some things that make a diaper different  from a pull-up. This is why you have to be careful while buying pamper products so that you pick the right ones.

    Are Huggies Pull-Ups Unisex?

    Huggies pull-ups are not made to be unisex so that means they are gender specific. Huggies have two stickers that they use on their pull-ups for boys which are the beloved character of Mickey Mouse and one of the main characters from Toy Story (very popular amongst children) Buzz Lightyear. On the other hand Huggies includes Minnie Mouse as the design on the pull-ups for girls.

    One of the characteristics I found delightful about Huggies was that they consider the growth of your baby and manufacture different sizes to fit all sizes of toddlers. It is perfect as they accommodate the fact that your baby is in his or her growing phase.

    The Difference Between the Goodnites of Boys And Girls?

    There is one very prominent difference between the Goodnites made for boys and the ones made for girls which is the absorbency pad’s size. The Goodnites made for the girls have a considerably larger absorbency pad. This makes it easier for the pad to cover a wider area which in return helps prevent the leakage. 

    For boys’ Goodnites there are no such complications as the pads are simply located in the front of the pads. Parents are more likely to buy the Goodnites made for girls because of this larger absorbency pad difference. Many people have reviewed the girls’ Goodnites to be more preferable since they found the sides of their Goodnites stretch more than the ones made exclusively for the boys. 

    You should know that Goodnites are not the same as the unisex pull-ups so the designs on them are also varied. The colors on them as well as the designs are quite different too according to the gender stereotypes. However if you need a large pull-up they manufacture pull-ups which are bigger than even 5T. You can even choose a size 6 pull-up as your child will continue to grow.

    Boys Vs Girls Potty Training Process Utilizing Pull-Ups

    Disposable diapers are great but training pants and pull-ups do a better job. However the training process with the help of pull-ups will be different for girls and boys. The primary reason behind this is the way girls and boys urinate. Since girls need to sit while urinating and boys need to stand up, the process becomes different when they are learning toilet manners. 

    You have to be very patient with your little baby because it is a significant fact not to rush the training process. Children’s minds are blank paper and as they grow up they pick up habits from around them (specially from their parents and the people they interact with the most on a daily basis) so remember the fact that children like to mimic the activities of their parents and I hope you put this information into good use while potty training your child. 

    It is better for dads to demonstrate the process to their sons and moms to help out their daughters in the process of their potty training. However fathers can also teach their daughters but they have to train them keeping in mind the biological facts about the female gender. For example they can pretend to sit down while urinating which will trick the daughter’s brain into thinking the right way to do it is the way that is being shown to her. 

    For boys they have to include both sitting and standing for cases respectively potty training and urinating which is why this can be a bit confusing for the little boy’s mind. There are various videos on YouTube where they show how exactly (step by step) you can help your child both boy and girl to learn the proper manners of the toilet and easily potty train them.


    Now that you have the knowledge of how the pull-ups work differently for boys and girls and what products are right for what reasons, I hope it helps you make the right choice while you buy the product your little ones would prefer. You may decide to go for a unisex pull up becase of the various designs, colour and different absorbency capacity. 

    If unisex products are what your are giong for then pampers would be a good choice other wise huggies are of good quality as well. Personally I found huggies work best for my kids when it’s time for them to stay at the daycare and even preschool. The velcro side in the pull-ups were really a life saver and that’s why I tend to prefer Huggies more. 

    However you should judge for yourself and decide which brand will work for your precious ones. The daycare center I used to visit often told me to get pull-ups that have velcro-sides which is why I searched specifically for them and purchased them. Some places like mine have specific rules about these types of things so it would be advisable to buy velcro side pull-ups that will give extra protection.


    Can A Boy Wear Girl Pull-Ups After All?

    Boys will not have much problem wearing a girls pull-up. I myself and other parents as well said that there was not much of a difference when they let their boys wear girls’ pull-ups. However as the absorbance pad is in the center of the pad some were concerned about the leakage though such problems didn’t arise in most cases.

    Is There A Difference In Boy And Girl Pull-Ups For Night Time?

    Typically a normal pull-up for a boy differs from the same of a girl for its absorbency pad’s location. The pull-ups for both genders are the same even if they are made for night time. However, many parents have observed that girls tend to sleep on their stomachs which makes boys’ pull-ups ideal for them since the absorbency pad is placed at the front.

    Do Pull-Ups Leak?

    Normally pull ups work quite effectively and do not leak; however, if you are experiencing such problems even if you are using overnight diapers you need to switch to a different type of diapers or pull-ups. For example you can purchase a boys’ pull-ups that come with dry absorbent pads. Look for a pull-up that has its pad more on the front area. 

    If your toddler prefers to sleep on his or her tummy then these types of pull-ups would be best for your kid and you can have a worry free night. Nowadays people also use the term diapers for pull-ups and parents can also use them as the first step to start their kid’s potty training process as well as their training underwear. 

    If your little one is still in his or her learning process (potty training) then you can purchase bigger sizes such as sizes bigger than 5T. Huggies and Pampers are two renowned companies that are known for their baby products such as pull-ups and diapers for years so it is better to look for a brand trusted by other people.

    Are Pampers Easy Ups Gender Specific?

    Yes you can choose between girls’ easy ups and boys’ easy ups if you decide to purchase them from Pampers. The primary difference between them is the position of the dry pads. For boys’ easy ups the absorbency pad or the dry pad is situated on the front part while for girls the easy ups are more on the center. The designs are made specifically keeping in mind the fact that the easy ups would give them perfect coverage and be of help when it’s needed. 

    Aside from the obvious advantage, boys get to choose between different stickers and have the easy ups in color blue while for the girls, their easy ups come in the color pink and have Minnie mouse or princess characters as stickers on the easy ups. These types of exterior designs are mainly based on the stereotypical fact of the preference for both boys and girls.

    Are Huggies Pull Ups Gender Specific?

    Yes, you can get Huggies pull-ups for your kid depending on their gender since Hyggues have gender specific pull-ups. The designs and color choices are typically blue and pink for boys and girls respectively while boys have cartoon characters on the outside of the pull-up and girls get to choose from Minnie mouse and princesses.

    Are Pull Ups Gendered?

    Not all pull-ups are gender specific but if you want unisex pull-ups Pampers offer great products in the category. For gender specific pull-ups Huggies are a good option as it worked in my case. Gender specific pull ups have less choices to choose from since most are in color blue (for boys) and pink (for girls) and comes with gender stereotyped stickers such as cartoon characters (for boys) and disney princesses and Minnie Mouse (for girls).

    Do Pull-Ups Hold Poop?

    Theoretically, pull-ups should have the capacity to hold poop and urine just as well as any diaper but a report from several parents concluded that pull-ups do not do a good job when m your toddler pees a lot or has a good amount of poop.

    Do Pull-Ups Expire?

    No, pull-ups do not have an expiry date which means that they don’t have shelf life either. Older unopened pull-ups are fine as long as you keep some things in mind. Look out for any abnormality in the old diaper. Any bad smell or discoloration is an indication that the product is not good to use anymore. So, keep these things in mind while using a pull-up. 

    I personally inquired about two of the top brands in this business , Huggies and Pampers. They clearly stated that expiration dates are not included in the pull-ups since they don’t have any.

    Can I Use Pull-Ups Instead Of Diapers?

    Yes definitely, pull-ups tend to hold more than diapers. Though some brands like Huggies and Pampers provide good quality diapers, pull-ups stay on quite effectively and give more protection against leakage.

    Do Pull Ups Hold More Than Diapers?

    Theoretically, if you look at the product descriptions and brand marketing, the absorbency should be the same for both pull-ups and diapers. However one condition applies that the brand has to be the same for them to have equal absorbency. Though many parents reported that they found an edge when it came to taped diapers and leaving them on overnight.

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