Is Baby Shampoo for Adults?

Get to know what makes baby shampoo better than regular shampoos, its usage and effects.

Can Adults Use Baby Shampoo

Can Adults Use Baby Shampoo?

Adults face a lot of  issues with respect to hair, like hair loss, dry and frizzy hair, dandruff etc. Hair care routine is very important to adults for healthy hair growth. But finding that perfect routine that suits your hair and body type is quite a daunting task. In the process of searching for the right shampoo, I have asked myself many times if using baby shampoo is a good option as they are supposed to be gentle.

However the curiosity was shared by other people as well so I decided to try for myself and the answer to “can adults use baby shampoo?” is yes, they can. Baby shampoo is actually quite good for adults as it has gentle components that make the product. However the question still remains – is baby shampoo better than regular shampoo for adults? 

If the product is safe for the babies then of course it will be good for adults as well. Though it is tricky to find a good baby shampoo, I am going to provide you with all the necessary information about good baby shampoo in this article.

Can Adults Use Baby Shampoo?​
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    What is Baby Shampoo Made Of?

    In general mild cleansing components are chosen as the ingredients of the baby shampoo. For example one of the most common cleansing agents used in the making of baby shampoo is sodium trideceth sulfate which helps clean the oily scalp and other dirt in the hair.

    Some of the ingredients that are used in the baby shampoo are also made in such a way that helps them get diluted easily and balance the pH level to 7 (which is close to the water’s pH level). The reason behind this choice is to prevent the babies from tearing up since no one wants to see their children crying and in a lot of pain while bathing them.

    The skin as well as the scalp of a baby is very delicate and sensitive because they are still not developed fully like an adult’s skin or scalp. Other than that, the subcutaneous glands of a baby are known to have a longer interval time than that of the adults. Adults can produce natural oils in a shorter amount of time which helps in keeping their scalp and skin moist. 

    So baby products like shampoo and soap prevent babies’ scalp and skin from drying. Now, I am telling you the details because if your scalp gets irritated while using the shampoo made for adults then it will be good for you to use baby shampoos instead. 

    Is Baby Shampoo Better Than Regular Shampoo?

    As discussed earlier, there are certain mild cleaning components included in the baby shampoo and the regular shampoo for adults have strong cleansing agents. This also makes it clear that depending on the type of one’s hair and scalp, the effect of the shampoo will be determined as the manufacturers of the adult shampoo include a few chemicals that help make the hair quick to lather and very soft after the application. 

    Most people wash their hair with water that contains high mineral percentage and that is why the process of lathering takes longer but the chemicals in adult shampoo quickens the process making the shampoo very lathering. 

    Is Using Baby Shampoo Good For Adults?

    Most adult shampoos contain the chemical sulfate to make the scalp dry but it can be very drying and irritating to people who already have a dry scalp or a sensitive scalp. So, if your scalp is not compatible with the regular shampoo you use then give the baby shampoos in the market a try.

    Your hair might thank you for that if it has gone through the tortures of bleaches and chemical dyes. The damage will also be restored while locking in the moisture in your hair that will restrict the scalp from drying any further. Other than that, you can read what ingredients are included in making the shampoo you are using and then look for the components that are likely to cause allergic reactions.

    Know that the chemicals may have the potential to penetrate through your scalp into the bloodstream of your body causing physical harm. I am going to give you a few basic harmful components that you need to be cautious of and they are – scented components (fragrances), dyes, pathlates and of course parabens. 

    Since baby shampoos are hypoallergenic, you can avoid the harmful chemicals in the product if you choose to use baby shampoo. Regular shampoo (most of them in the market) are not hypoallergenic which might cause irritation and allergic reaction to some people. There are no safety threats in using baby shampoo as an adult. 

    Baby shampoos are created specially for the delicate hairs and they are very gentle. I usually lather twice the amount in order to be completely sure that my hair is cleaned thoroughly. Another known chemical used in regular shampoo a lot these days is sodium lauryl sulfate which is a cleaning agent. This component is the reason for your dry hair which is why many people tend to search for other shampoos.

    One of the most typical cleansing agents used for baby products is amphoteric surfactants which are much less harsh cleaning agents than the typical ones. If you use baby shampoo your hair will be cleaned thoroughly and it will not leave a dry impact later. But there are obviously some downsides to baby shampoos.

    One of them being that effectiveness is not as good as the adult shampoos. However gentle the shampoo is, the less effect it has. So you have to use more amount of shampoo than that you regularly use to get a good cleaning of your hair. There is another component that you need to pay attention to which is a preservative namely quaternium-15. This ingredient potentially releases formaldehyde that is the primary reason for people to get skin irritation.

    Read the labels and pay close attention to the ingredients when you are buying baby shampoo or even regular shampoo. If regular shampoo disagrees with your hair and scalp then you have to distinguish which component is causing you discomfort and once you figure it out, you just have to avoid that ingredient when you go shopping for hair products.

    In general you should avoid components that have “eth” in them such as polyoxyethylene, polyoxymethylene, polyethylene, polyethylene glycol and many more.

    Use Extra Care When Pregnant

    Be more careful of the harmful chemicals when you are about to have a baby because whatever product you will choose will also indirectly affect your little one. It goes without saying that you need to choose the safest products for your newborn baby in order for them to be healthy. Check the label and if the ingredients are safe then the shampoo (baby or regular) will be safe for both you and your child. 

    Baby Shampoo For Adults Dandruff

    I used to suffer from heavy dandruff and hairfall and it started after I was on medication for some physical problems. But that time the idea of using baby shampoo did not occur to me. Instead I applied a mixture made by me suggested through tons of youtube videos and google. I mixed 1 cup of curd and 2 whole tablespoons of unsalted lemon and put it in my hair and scalp. I waited for 1 hours before taking a shower.

    After a thorough rinsing and making sure all the mixture was cleaned I decided to keep repeating this process once every week. 

    However, there are other options as well which I came to know later such as Dove derma care and Loreal anti-dandruff. Another great option is Neutrogena T/Sal as the mentioned products work very well against dandruff. In my personal opinion prevention always holds more significance than cure. 

    Keep your hair and scalp clean and apply good quality conditioner. Know what works best for your hair and then choose the right products.

    You have to know that there are some internal changes you need to make in order to make your hair and scalp healthy and sustain their health in the long run. This process includes eating healthy food (add more greens in your diet). You will  notice a good change in your skin as well. 

    Baby shampoos are not gonna work if you use them to remove dandruff because the formula of baby shampoo does not have the ability to get rid of dandruffs.

    Baby Shampoo For Adults With Fine Hair

    Baby shampoo will not be able to give a boost in the volume of your hair when you have fine hair just like how they are not of any help curing dandruffs. Damaged hair will not get better or cured if you keep using baby shampoo. 

    Baby shampoo can provide you with a freshness in your hair and be gentle on your scalp. If you are looking for baby shampoo that will be smooth on your hair as well as your scalp then here are a few suggestion to start you off with:-

    The Moms Co. Tear- Free Natural Baby Shampoo

    This product includes coconut-based oils blending it with other natural oils. The Moms Co. Tear- Free Natural Baby Shampoo has been clinically tested and proved to be hypoallergenic, gentle as well as mild.

    • If you have sensitive skin, the Moms Co. Tear- Free Natural Baby Shampoo will be the perfect choice for you. 
    • This product is free of any kind of toxins, sulfate, parable, PEGs, parabens, mineral oil, TEA or DEA. 
    • It has no additional fragrance meaning it does not contain any synthetic fragrance or dyes. 
    • The primary component used in making this shampoo is moringa oil (organic), argan oil (organic) and pro vitamin B5. 
    • The cleaners included in this shampoo are coconut-based.

    With many positive customer reviews, this shampoo has become one of the best-selling baby shampoos.

    Lotus Herbals Baby Body Wash And Shampoo

    If you want to use a baby shampoo that has been clinically approved to be used by adults then Lotus Herbals baby body wash and shampoo is the perfect choice for you.

    • Lotus Herbals baby body wash and shampoo does not include any harmful chemicals as this product is tested to be 99% natural. 
    • This product is free of any synthetic fragrances or dyes, mineral oils and alcohol. 
    • The manufacturer of this product has used very rare plants, some useful flowers and few beneficial herbs in order to make this shampoo. 
    • This shampoo is also recommended by the doctors for the adults. 
    • Another great quality is that this shampoo is able to cure dandruff problems and is a better option compared to the typical anti-dandruff shampoo made for adults.

    If you have sensitive skin and almost anything irritates your scalp, Lotus Herbals baby body wash and shampoo is the right choice for you as well as your baby.

    Can We Use Johnson Baby Shampoo For Adults

    There is no question about the safety of the johnson baby shampoo even if it is being used by adults as it is perfectly safe. Though one thing you need to keep in mind is that there are amphoteric surfactants in the shampoo and the product is good for gentle hair. 

    Amphoteric surfactants are proven to be less harmful and less effective than the regular sulfates but the surfactants included by Johnson & Johnson are extremely mild making them perfect for people and babies with oily hair.

    Why Are Baby Shampoos Good For Adults?

    If you have read so far, you understand that the shampoo or any other product that is specially made for children or babies are generally extra mild and way more delicate than the products produced for adults. The components used in making adults’ products are certainly more rough.

    The skin, scalp and hair of a baby who has recently been born will be very sensitive so the shampoos and body washes made for them are also made in such a way that it has gentle effects on their scalp as well as their skin. The products take care of the hair, not letting it get dry, make sure that the scalp is not stressed by locking in the moisture in their hair, nourishes their scalp etc. 

    If you are wondering what effects baby shampoo has on an adult’s hair then there is nothing for you to worry about as the typical effects are almost the same as it has on the baby’s. The hair of the adult (after using the baby shampoo) becomes smoother and more silky which makes the baby shampoo a better choice than the regular ones adults use.

    Advantages Of Baby Shampoo For Adults

    You might find the sudden shift from your regular shampoo to the baby shampoo a bit unsettling as well as unreasonable. People also complain about the high price of the baby shampoos and tend to avoid spending extra money on this while some people refuse to use them, declaring them as useless for adults.

    However, I will let you decide after you have evaluated all the facts:

    • Is baby shampoo more expensive than regular shampoo? Yes, they are but shampoo made for adults comes with a lot of harsh chemicals while the baby shampoo is completely free of any dangerous toxins. Now it is up to you if you want to pay a little more for the better quality shampoo or not. 
    • When it comes to safety there is absolutely no harm in using baby shampoo if you are an adult. On the contrary, they are safer and healthier if you compare them to the shampoo which are made for adults. 
    • There are doubts on the subject of whether baby shampoo has the ability to cleanse the hair of adults as well as the regular shampoos. Many people claim that the chevelure of an adult is not cleansed thoroughly if one uses baby shampoo. However, let me tell you that those claims are baseless and the efficiency of baby shampoo is just as much as any adult-oriented shampoo. 
    • The amount of sulfates and parabens are aloso way less in the baby shampoos than they are in the regular shampoos. 
    • The daily activities of adults have a huge impact on their hair and their scalp. Adults have higher exposure to the polluted air and dust as well as heat damage which is why they need a shampoo that will be gentle with their strands and wash it clean like the baby shampoos.

    In conclusion, even though the prices are slightly higher than regular ones it will make your scalp and hair healthier as well as stronger. For me personally, shifting to a milder and for obvious reasons a safer alternative than the regular shampoo has proven to be quite beneficial.

    Disadvantages Of Using Baby Shampoo For Adults

    Though there are a lot of benefits if you use baby shampoos there are certainly a few downsides to them. When you start using the baby shampoo everyday you will notice some mild differences.

    • As you know baby shampoo are made for baby’s skin and scalp which means the ingredients used in making the product will obviously be way milder than adults’. This can make the shampoo less effective than regular ones. 
    • The efficiency of cleaning the dirt and oil in the hair might also be compromised if you use baby shampoo instead of regular shampoos that are made for adults. However, if you lather enough baby shampoo then the effectiveness will remain the same and the build-up of oil and residue on your scalp and hair will get thoroughly cleaned. 
    • You also have to wash 2 to 3 times or even more to get a thorough cleaning because baby shampoos don’t lather as much as the adults’ shampoo.

    Other Uses of Baby Shampoo

    If you think that baby shampoo can only be used for one purpose only then you are mistaken my friend.

    Use It On Your Face

    You can use baby shampoo as a face wash because of its mild ingredients and safer components. If you want to remove your makeup, baby shampoo can come in handy. You can also use them as your body wash as they clean the sweats and germs on your body. They are perfect for people with sensitive skin or people whose skin breaks out easily. People who have a higher chance of getting eczema can also use baby shampoo.

    Shampoo Your Dog

    When I ran out of the shampoo I generally use for my dog, I searched online if I can use my baby’s shampoo on my dog and surprisingly the answer is yes. As it turns out baby shampoo is absolutely safe for dogs as well. Dogs who have a lot of fur also mostly have sensitive skin.

    Baby shampoo is perfect for dog’s skin because the gentle components will give them a freshness in their fur while leaving them with a pleasant smell.

    Wash Make-up Brushes

    This is the best use for my leftover baby shampoos. I love to put on make-up often so my brushes often need a thorough cleaning. I have been using baby shampoos to clean my brushes ever since it made my brushes soft, fluffy, bacteria free and just like how I bought them. 

    You can clean your make-up brushes by washing them in warm water and putting a few drops of baby shampoo in the water. Do this every week so that the brushes stay bacteria-free. After that, rinse your make-up brushes with cold water then leave them to dry.

    Wash Woolen Items

    Woolen clothes are very sensitive which is why they often need softener because of the use of detergent (it makes the clothes extremely dry). Baby shampoo would be a perfect choice for you to wash your woolen clothes since it will sustain their softness while cleaning them.

    You can wash woolen clothes by hand while using baby shampoo and then let it dry out completely before using.

    Clean Leather Furniture, Jacket and Other Items

    If you have leather furniture or accessories such as handbags, shoes or jackets made of leather then you can wipe them with baby shampoo. Since the properties included in the product are mild and do not have harsh chemicals your items will be safe. 

    Take a cloth, slightly dampen it then pour a few drops of your chosen baby shampoo in a bowl of warm water. Now wipe your items with the water and towel and when you are done use a dry towel or cloth (preferably clean) to dry your items.

    Clean The Floor

    Harsh cleaning agents can cause some bad effects on our skin which is why while cleaning the floor when your hands come in contact with them it can be dangerous for you. This is where baby shampoo comes to the rescue again as it can be used as an alternative to various household detergents. 

    Take necessary water to clean the surface of the floor and pour a few drops of baby shampoo in the water. I use lukewarm water for cleaning the floor with baby shampoo.

    Shaving Cream

    Baby shampoo can be used as an alternative approach for shaving cream as well. If you are in an emergency and do not have shaving cream ready at home then feel safe to use baby shampoo to lather up the area you want to shave.

    Clean Greasy Surfaces

    Kitchen is the one place in our household that is prone to having the most greasiness because of cooking. However, baby shampoo can easily clean the oil and grease from your kitchen countertop as well as other greasy surfaces in your house.

    Take a clean cloth and a bucket full of warm water where a few drops of baby shampoo needs to be poured and then wash the grease away.

    Wash the Car

    All you need to wash your car with baby shampoo are a bucket full of water, clean clothes or towels (preferably something soft) to wash the war and mix baby shampoo in the water (put in generous amounts to get a thorough cleaning). You want the water to bubble up nicely before you start cleaning the outside of the car.

    Baby Bath Time Games

    Babies sometimes make a fuss while they are being bathed by their parents. Parents always have to look for ways that will make the bath time easier for them as well as the baby. Babies love new forms, shapes and things that sparkle so baby shampoo comes in handy in this case. 

    You can form various shapes from the foams that bubble up because of the shampoo keeping your baby fascinated. You can blow bubbles out of baby shampoo if you rub a few drops in your hand mixing it with a little bit of water.

    This way you can have fun with your kid while also spending a positive bonding time with them.

    Which Baby Shampoo Is Best For Adults?

    There are certain criteria’s upon which the best baby shampoo is chosen. I personally did a thorough research and concluded on 4 shampoos that are the best in the market right now. Here are the shampoos and their specialties:-

    This is the best in worldwide market for its “no more tears” formula that is exceptional for sensitive skins. It is free from toxins like paraben and doesn’t include dyes in their formula. Another great thing is that this shampoo has been tested by the dermatologist to be hypoallergenic. It is also my personal favorite because of the freshness it leaves after applying it.

    Cetaphil also promotes the “no tears” formula in their manufacturing process. Other than that Cetaphil blends glycerine, calendula (organic) and aloe vera to produce this shampoo. It does not leave residue on your hair after rinsing and gives your scalp proper hydration. It does not contain any dyes, mineral oil or parabens and is also dermatologically tested.

    Himalaya baby shampoo is also dermatologically tested to ensure its gentle characteristics. It excludes phthalates, silicone and paraben and adapts the “no tear” formula like the other two shampoos mentioned earlier. Himalaya baby shampoo contains chickpeas and hibiscus which nourishes baby’s hair.

    Dove baby shampoo adapts a mild formula which is also like “no tear” formula. I like this shampoo because of its ph-neutral quality as well as the hypoallergenic characteristic. It also contains hydrating components which gives the scalp a smooth and fresh smell and makes the hair softer.

    Babo Botanicals is a shampoo perfect for people who have sensitive scalp that is prone to dryness. The product is organic as well as vegan while avoiding harmful sulfates in their formula. It is extremely delicate on the scalp because it is rich in vitamins. The antioxidants in the formula keeps the scalp non-irritated and helps get rid of itchiness.

    This particular shampoo contains soy protein in its formula which makes the chevelure soft and nourishes it thoroughly. It also excludes any kind of paraben, harmful sulfate and phthalates. It is extremely good for people with dry scalp.

    If you have dandruff and you are suffering from hair loss then Aveeno conditioning shampoo will be a good choice for you. It contains vitamin E and the good qualities of natural oats and wheat proteins. This is by far the best shampoo for dry scalps.

    The formula implicated in this product makes it extremely mild which is why this shampoo will be a treat to those with extremely sensitive scalp. It also makes the hair easy to comb. You can say goodbye to the feeling of dryness in your scalp with this camomile shampoo.

    Only the best natural oils (coconut oil, jojoba oil and sweet almond oil) and herbs are included in this shampoo which makes it ideal for people with sensitive skin and scalp. It is suitable for babies as well as adults.

    99 percent of this shampoo is natural and the primary component is avocado extract which is responsible for softening the hair and nourishing the scalp to remove dryness or flaking of the scalp. It is also a good cleanser for the babies.

    It is a vegan product and has a gentle effect on your scalp because of its super sensitive formula. It consists of mostly plant-based cleaning agents. It abstains from using betains or sulfates and has no artificial dyes so if you are sensitive to smell, this shampoo will be a good option to consider.

    This can also be used as a body wash as it is free of any toxins and has soothing plant-based nourishing elements in its formula which is extra careful for sensitive scalp and skin. It is also biodegradable, has “no tear” formula and is gluten free.

    It thoroughly cleans the oil build-up in the hair vehicle conditioning the hair leaving it moisturized and well-nourished. It also comes with a pleasant smell because of its natural ingredients (rosemary, calendula and arnica).

    The Bottom Line

    In conclusion, if you want to use a safe, chemical-free shampoo that nourishes your hair and scalp without damaging it then you should consider using baby shampoo instead of the regular shampoo made for adults since they contain harsh chemicals which is bad for the health of your scalp and hair.

    FAQ: By Moms & Dads

    Can adults use Johnson baby shampoo?

    Yes, there is no harm in using Johnson’s baby shampoo for adults.

    Is baby shampoo good for adult hair?

    The effect of baby shampoo for adult hair is the same as the effect regular shampoo has on an adult’s hair.

    Is baby shampoo better for your hair compared to the ordinary one?

    Of course, the ingredients are safer as well as milder than the regular shampoo. The harsh components are also missing in the baby shampoo making it a better choice for adults.

    Can you use baby shampoo as body wash?

    The baby shampoo is made of ingredients that contain no toxins or harmful components which is why it makes perfect sense to use them as body wash.

    Will baby shampoo help my hair grow?

    No, baby shampoo will not help grow your hair because there are no ingredients in them that have properties to grow hair.

    Can we use baby Johnson’s shampoo for adults?

    Yes, adults will have no problem using Johnson’s baby shampoo as the components are totally safe.

    Are Baby Shampoos Good For Hair Loss Prevention?

    Baby shampoo can be beneficial to both children and adults as they do not include dangerous properties that can inflict harm upon you or your baby. Hair Fall can occur for many reasons and if one of them is because of the lack of moisture then baby shampoo might be of some help.

    The dandruffs also occur because of extremely dry scalp and the typical ingredients included in the regular shampoo can cause such results. Baby shampoo does not add any properties (paraben, sulfate, sodium laurel) that can potentially cause harm. The toxin free and harness ingredients also help contribute to the problem of hair loss.

    Does Baby Shampoo Help Hair Grow?

    Baby Shampoo does not contain any properties that guarantee hair growth so to simply answer the question – baby shampoo will not help your hair grow. However, the components in the shampoo keeps the hair clean which indirectly may stimulate healthy hair growth in a natural way.

    Difference Between Baby Shampoo And Your Regular Shampoo?

    The surfactants included in the baby shampoo have milder effects on the hair and scalp. For example instead of using lauryl sulfate baby shampoo use amphoteric surfactant as a cleaning agent. It prevents the burning of the eye or irritating scalp.

    How Safe Is It for Adults?

    There are various safety tests for baby shampoos. Quaternium-15 and Dioxane are two components that can cause allergic reactions and if used in excessive amounts can potentially cause cancer. Baby shampoo contains a safe amount of quaternium-15 and has a very low exposure to formaldehyde.

    Which Is Better - Baby Shampoo Or Regular Shampoo?

    It depends entirely on your personal experience, if your scalp and hair agrees with baby shampoo then you should definitely move forward with that instead of using regular shampoo. However in matters of safety baby shampoo is the best option.

    How Good Is Baby Shampoo For Hair Growth?

    There is no baby shampoo that guarantees hair growth. All they do is clean your hair, revitalize the skin of your scalp and lock moisture in your hair which in turn may give a boost to the growth of your hair or it may not.

    Is Baby Shampoo Good For Dry Scalp?

    Yes, absolutely; baby shampoo helps keep the moisture in your scalp and hair preventing dry and itchy scalp. So if you have dry scalp go for baby shampoos since the components of the shampoo are safer than ordinary ones.

    Is Baby Shampoo Good For Adults Dandruff?

    Dandruffs can be a cause of some serious underlying problems. However baby shampoo prevents dry scalp which is the primary reason for dandruffs so in a way baby shampoo can be useful for preventing dandruff problems.

    Baby Shampoo For Thin Hair?

    Baby shampoo does not boost the volume of the hair so if you are searching for a shampoo that can grow more hair, prevent hair fall or treat damaged hair then baby shampoo will not be helpful (look for other treatments).

    Cons Of Using Baby Shampoo?

    • You have to use double the amount of baby shampoo to get desirable results.
    • Baby shampoos are way more pricey than regular ones.
    • The ability of baby shampoos to clean your scalp thoroughly is not as good as the ordinary ones.

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