Compariosn: Depends Vs Always

A detailed review on Depend vs. Always for you to make the most suitable choice

Depends Vs Always

Depends Vs Always

Having a diaper that you can rely on is invaluable when dealing with incontinence. You need excellent solutions that will make you feel confident again. Two of the most popular products are the Always Discreet and Depend Fit-Flex.

Many adults worldwide patronize these two brands – so much that it may be difficult to know which to choose. 

Let us examine both products to show you why Always Discreet is better than the Depend Fit-Flex.

Depends Vs Always
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    Depend FIT-FLEX Incontinence Underwear for Women

    Depend is a company that has made its name for producing excellent, absorbent disposable undergarments and underwear for people that struggle with incontinence. It has a 49.4% share of the entire market of disposable incontinence garments in the US.

    Depend Fit-Flex is underwear simultaneously soft and firm to protect you from any bladder leaks. It uses Dry Shield Technology, which gives a guaranteed full day’s comfort. It is full of absorbent materials that lock in all the odors and wetness. It is designed with the Surfeits waistband to keep it in position and give it a fine form under clothes. Unlike other bulky adult diapers, the Depends Fit-Flex is barely recognizable under clothes.

    It is available in the following sizes:

    • Size Small (24-30″ Waist)
    • Size Medium (31-37″ Waist)
    • Size Large (38-44″ Waist)
    • Size Extra-Large (45-54″ Waist)
    • Size Extra-Extra-Large (55-64″ Waist)

    You can get this underwear in the blush color with three feminine designs.


    • It has form-fitting LYCRA strands that give a flexible and smooth fit.
    • Stretchy secure waistband that moves with wearers. Its fits and cuts are like regular underwear, and it will not irritate episiotomy sites.
    • Confidence Core technology gives dry and comfortable protection for bladder leaks, postpartum recovery, urinary and minor bowel incontinence.
    • Comfortable and breathable wear with its cloth-like material with an odor guard.


    • Pad sometimes separates from the outer lining. 
    • There may be leakage along leg seams.

    Always Discreet Postpartum Incontinence Underwear for Women

    Always Discreet is a sub-brand of the giant Always brand known for making sanitary pads and other menstrual hygiene products. Always Discreet focuses on women with sensitive bladders to give them unparallel protection, comfort, discretion, and odor control.

    The Always Discreet underwear is very absorbent because of its rapid dry core feature, which dries up all the moisture on your skin and traps it in. This feature ensures you get protection throughout the day and night without any occurrences. Always Discreet also has double leak guards design that runs from back to front, so there are no leaks while you’re wearing it. You don’t have to worry about any unwelcome odors as it has an OdorLock system that neutralizes all odors throughout the day.

    It is available in the following sizes:

    • Size Small/Medium (24-40″ Waist)
    • Size Large (38-50″ Waist)
    • Size Extra-Large (48-64″ Waist)
    • Size Extra-Extra-Large (62-80″ Waist)


    • Very absorbent, making it great for late-term incontinence and postpartum bleeding
    • Wicks away moisture properly without causing any irritations
    • It has a four-way stretch waistband for good fit
    • RapidCore technology pulls back, traps, and locks away all the wetness and odor covering from back to front.


    • It isn’t discreet as it has a bulky fit, and the perfume may be too intense for some.
    • The waistband may roll down and cause some leakage.

    Features Face to Face

    We’ll examine each of their standard features and see how they compare to each other.


    Always Discreet underwear is made from soft cotton-like material that isn’t abrasive on private parts. If you have C-section wounds, stitches, or just removing from an episiotomy, this underwear will not cause any harm to you. The material is also very breathable so that your private parts stay dry, heal fast, and prevent infections.

    Depends Fit-Flex has elastic strands that aren’t rough on the body. It is a cloth-like material that feels comfortable to move with on the body. It is latex-free and lotion-free to prevent any form of irritations or reactions with the body.

    Winner: Always Discreet wins this round as it has soft materials that are gentler on the skin.


    Always Discreet helps with wicking to quickly dry off any moisture on your skin before any irritation starts. Aside from the wicking functionality, it also has a RapidDry core to keep all moisture on your skin at minimal levels. It turns liquid and odor into a gel, leaving you feeling smooth and confident throughout the day.

    Depend Fit-Flex also has impressive absorption qualities. It has breathable stretch panels that gently contour the body to form a comfortable fit. Its outer surface has a cloth-like material, and its inner surface that touches the skin is rustle-free with absorbency protection made specifically for women. Its design quickly absorbs moisture from the skin before it drys up and starts to smell.

    Winner: The Always Discreet underwear wins this round. Its RapidDry Core and wicking features work together excellently to ensure your skin stays dry.


    Always Discreet has 360-degree elastic pulls that put the core closer to your body, so it fits discreetly under your clothes. There is no uncomfortable tightness, and it sits perfectly on your body without any unnecessary movement. It also has a soft waistband that follows your body shape and curves to give the best comfort. It is perfect for fitting to your body change after childbirth.

    Depends Fit-Flex has a flexible fabric with form-fitting elastic strands that can change shape and conform based on your body. It doesn’t squeeze you and effortlessly adapts to fit different body shapes. Its improved waistband makes it fit just like any other underwear, and its form-fitting LYCRA gives a smooth fit.

    Winner: Always Discreet! The four ways stretch waistband on the Always Discreet stands out here, making it one of the most comfortable incontinences underwear.


    Always Discreet has feminine designs in each pack. It usually comes in peach and purple colors. It features a typical boutique underwear fit made with silky-soft fabric and delicate soft prints. Since it is for women gently hugs and fits bodily curves with its fabric. Unlike the name, this isn’t as discreet and is usually a bit noticeable when you wear it depending on the cloth you are wearing.

    Depends Fit-Flex has three unique feminine designs in each pack and a fit similar to regular underwear. It has a silhouette premium shapewear fit, usually in pink color. You have to tear away seams on the Depends Fit-Flex for easy disposal after use. Its waistband also acts as a security feature to prevent falling off and keep it in place. It typically fits into your clothes without any issues and isn’t visible.

    Winner: Depends Fit-Flex has extra features for added security and is less noticeable. However, both underwears feature a similar design in the form of regular underwear so, you step into the leg holes and slide up to your waist.


    Always Discreet has a distinctly fresh and light scent that is dermatologically tested and will not harm your body in any way. It neutralizes odor from the underwear continuously instead of locking it up. This makes it a perfect option for the temporary incontinence women may experience after childbirth. It keeps 

    Depends Fit-Flex does not have any scents and eliminates odor with its Odor-Guard feature that turns odor and liquid into gel.

    Winner: Always Discreet wins this round with its perfume that helps eliminate odors. However, some people prefer odorless underwear like the Depends Fit-Flex, especially when distracting or sensitive.


    While comparing the large sizes, the Always Discreet costs $0.73 per count, with 52 counts in each pack. Each large box, therefore, costs $37.82. On the other hand, Depends Fit-Flex costs $0.62 per count, with a total of 52 pieces in a pack.

    Winner: Based on the prices above, Depends Fit-Flex is a cheaper alternative to Always Discreet.

    Stand Out Features

    We’ll now discuss the features that stand out individually in the two products.

    Always Discreet

    LeakGuard Design: Did you know that the legs are where leaks happen most from underwear? The LeakGuard design on the Always Discreet helps stop leaks at your legs before they can stain your cloth or cause a mess.

    Scent: Always Discreet has a smell that helps mask odors from the diapers. This could be beneficial in some scenarios, and it helps in helping users be discreet.

    Depends Fit-Flex

    Confidence Core Technology: This keeps the skin dry and comfortable with a unique technology that quickly absorbs moisture.

    Tear Away Seams: Disposing of this underwear is super easy with its tear-away seams that allow you to change whenever you need to quickly.


    Use a Depend FIT-FLEX Incontinence Underwear if:

    • You are struggling with postpartum bleeding or bladder leaks
    • You are looking for an easy-to-use incontinence product that is a fast absorber and gives excellent protection.
    • You are looking for a discreet incontinence product.
    • You have moderate to heavy incontinence.

    Use an Always Discreet Underwear if:

    • You have postpartum bleeding or late-term incontinence
    • You don’t have problems with fragrances or perfumes in your underwear
    • You have sensitive skin that gets irritated easily

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