Small Nursery Design Ideas

Design a nursery that makes you relax, smile and enjoy. This list of 12 ideas will help you create an amazing nursery.

12 Chic Ideas for a Small Nursery Design

Creating a nursery has become standard practice when expecting a new-born. These days, pretty much everyone with a baby is expected to have one.

Why? A nursery is a one-stop for all of the basic needs of a baby. It provides a safe space for your baby to sleep when they are not beside you. 

So, if you need a little space to yourself or a good night’s rest, it’ll be great to have a nursery in your home. It is also a great place to feed the baby and store all their toys.

One more thing. Since we’re talking about babies here and they poop – like a lot, a nursery makes a good designated spot for all diaper changes and wipe-downs.

Now, if you’ve decided to get a nursery and you have a lot of stuff you want in it, but only have a small space to work with, this post is for you. 

There are a lot of creative ways to make the most of the space you have and get amazing nursery designs for your baby.

Here’s a list of insanely simple tips and ideas to produce a beautiful nursery for your child!

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    Optimize the floor and room plan

    When you make a list of items you’ll need in a nursery, you’ll realize almost immediately that babies need a lot of stuff. Hence, you should manage the space you have properly and use the room plan to your advantage to get the best possible result.

    4 EASY ways to optimize the floor and room plan

    1. Use soft shelves instead of bins and baskets in the nursery. You can easily hang the shelves in the closet and make use of floor space for other purposes.
    2. Remove all clutter from the floor to create space for the child to play. You could get a playmat for that area so they can learn to crawl on it.
    3. Avoid unnecessary accessories or materials such as pouf or footstools. They just take up additional floor space.
    4. Do not leave the corners of the room bare. Putting corner hanging nets or corner shelves is a great way to utilize the space.

    Get a compact crib

    Cribs come in different sizes and if you live in a modest apartment, space is a vital factor for your nursery. Choosing a big crib can take a lot of space that could otherwise be effectively managed to fit more items and still look good. 

    There are a few things to look out for when choosing a small crib so that it is just as effective for you as a bigger one would have been.

    4 items when choosing a compact crib

    1. A foldable crib is a good option because you can easily pack it up for sleepovers.
    2. Cribs that accommodate the baby’s growth are also an excellent choice. Some also swaddle the baby and encourage them to sleep on their backs to prevent acid reflux.
    3. Look for one that doesn’t need you to bend too much and you can easily place at your bedside. This factor is especially beneficial for those that delivered their baby through a C-section.
    4. Choose a crib that comes with drawers where you can keep toys or diapers.

    Repurpose the closet space

    Closets can serve as a great storage option for smaller apartments. You could consider converting it into a nursery and use a wardrobe for your clothes. Alternatively, the closet and surrounding areas can store the baby essentials and accessories.

    Want to use closet space effectively?

    1. Get a hanging shelf and equip it in the baby’s closet. Organize clothes and toys there for easy reach and space maximization.
    2. If you don’t want to use the closet door to hang accessories, you can completely remove the door. You will have more space and better traffic flow.
    3. Baby closets in the nursery are usually too small to contain all the clothes so consider using hanging brackets for extra space.

    Go for folding furniture

    Furniture often takes up a lot of space in the nursery. Some of them that take up space are not necessary and end up just being bulky with no essential function. Foldable furniture can help preserve space and still serve as a functional unit.

    4 things to look for when selecting furniture for your nursery

    1. Use collapsible drawers so you can store toiletries, nappy bags, or other items under the bed.
    2. Tall furniture is a better option than wide ones. Tall furniture helps you to utilize the height of the room so no space goes to waste. At the bottom of the tall wardrobes, you could put hanging rails and shoe racks.
    3. Get a folding bassinet that could have another function – as a playpen. Look for those with wheels so you can move easily from room to room.
    4. Furniture that can serve more than one function is always a gem. Storage benches as a toy chest and changing units with space underneath where you can keep boxes are efficient. You can save space and money on these items.

    Maximize storage spaces

    A space-saving hack is to take full advantage of the storage areas to keep essentials. You can even come up with your out-of-the-box ideas for storage space. Start by looking around the room and identifying areas that aren’t properly utilized or have extra space to use as storage.

    Storage space maximization ideas

    1. Under the beds and wardrobes are spaces that are just lying there without use. They’re good for storing items such as storage bags with toys or bedding to keep them safe.
    2. You can keep the baby’s shoes under the crib for an easier reach.
    3. The back of the closet’s door is an often overlooked and unused area that you can use to keep accessories for the baby.
    4. Get truck shelves to keep in empty areas of the room.
    5. Organize the nursery with storage cubes and baskets to keep all of the baby’s belongings in order.
    6. Save counter space and put it to good use with stylish tiered trays.
    7. A reliable option for nursery in small spaces is a rolling storage cart. They are very mobile, small, and give a lot of storage space.

    Use the changing table effectively

    Changing tables are an integral part of the nursery but they take up a lot of space. You have to make the best with the space you have on the changing table and around it. One of the factors in determining how effectively you can use the space is the design and type of changing table.

    How to get the best out of a changing table?

    1. Remove the changing table from the nursery and place it in the closet to free up space in the nursery.
    2. Buy a changing table that also functions as storage for clothes.
    3. Carefully select the most effective design. Sleek designs without obtrusiveness allow you to use the space you have effectively.
    4. Place it beside the wall so you have space above the changing table. Use the space above the dressing table as a diaper organizer with all the essentials for changing such as wipes, grooming kits, creams, etc.

    Say no to nursing pillows!

    Nursing pillows can be a great addition if you’re breastfeeding. They help you and your baby get into a comfortable position when breastfeeding. Strains in the neck, arms, and neck are greatly reduced with a nursing pillow and it gives the baby an extra lift. 

    But to save space, a specific pillow for nursing isn’t necessary. A carefully selected pillow from your bedroom will do the job just fine.

    To select an appropriate pillow for breastfeeding:

    • Use pillows with covers that are machine washable. During breastfeeding, there is a tendency for the pillow to get stained, hence, you’ll want a material that is easy to wash.
    • Choose the one that makes you comfortable. Everybody has their preferences. Some prefer soft pillows and others prefer stiffer ones. No matter what, comfort should always be your priority.

    Take Wall Art seriously

    Wall art can add a lot of personality and beauty to the nursery. It can liven up space, fill up empty walls, and make up for the little space you have in the nursery. This is a chance for you to be more experimental and try different themes you couldn’t with furniture because of limited space.

    Don't know what art to select? These tips should help you

    1. Don’t go for art that looks too childish. Before long your baby will grow into a young child and it’ll be tedious to have to change the art when that happens.
    2. Use a color palette that blends well with the rest of the house.
    3. Make it exciting and don’t overthink it. Use colors you are easily attracted to and that you are also comfortable seeing.
    4. Personalize it with a wall name by using a monogram.

    Take care of the safety aspects

    You and the baby will be spending a great deal of time in the nursery, so you need to make sure it is safe and there are no hazards that could harm anybody. You might not be around the baby every time they are in the nursery. 

    Therefore, checking for safety is an ongoing process and an aspect you should be aware of every time you step into the nursery.

    How to improve safety in the nursery?

    1. Do not use a toy box with a heavy or hinged lid that could potentially get your child trapped.
    2. While arranging the nursery, keep the playpen, furniture, and crib away from the window.
    3. Make sure the crib mattress is fit and firm without any gaps by the sides so the baby cannot slip in between.
    4. Regularly check the crib and remove any small pieces or parts the baby can put in its mouth. Use curtains instead of doors to keep them from hitting it and sustaining any injuries.

    Have a toy organizer

    As children accumulate toys over time, they could get scattered all over the house. You will need a toy organizer to keep the toys in a safe place and keep the room tidy. 

    With a toy organizer, you don’t have to deal with misplaced toys or a messy nursery. Plus, it’s a great way to encourage your kids to clean.

    Simple practices to organize toys and save space

    1. As your child grows, they tend to stop playing with certain toys and concentrate on others. You have no reason to keep old toys around, so give them out.
    2. Building sets and blocks that usually come with the toys do nothing but add extra clutter to the nursery. You should do well to get rid of them.
    3. Use toy hammocks. They are the best for stuffed animals. You can easily hang a toy hammock on the wall or across the room without using any floor space.
    4. Use the back of doors to hang clear shoe racks filled with odds and end. Keep the toys that require the most supervision at the top so your child can only have access to it with your help.

    Avoid unnecessary decorations

    The excitement of getting a baby might make you want to go all out for the decoration, but babies don’t even need a lot of fancy decors. Most of the decorations and art are for you because you’re going to be spending an awful lot of time in the nursery. 

    Keep it simple and avoid going over the top. Make more productive use of the space for more functional items and accessories for the baby.

    How to get the best results from decorating?

    1. Identify all of the essential items in the nursery and remove all the clutter to create space.
    2. Use one statement piece that draws attention and gives it a little style.
    3. The simple and calm design is always the way to go. Remember the space is for a baby, so try to create a serene setting with minimalist design elements.
    4. Make sure small spaces are well organized and each item has its specific purpose and place.

    Get a nursery glider

    Gliders can be of great use in the nursery especially during the first few months after childbirth. The smooth motion back and forth is good for calming the baby’s nerves and also helps the mother relax for C-section recovery. It’s also a great place to feed or read stories to the baby.

    Consider these 3 details when shopping for a glider

    1. The fabric should be easy to clean because it would come in contact with drools or spills from the baby quite often.
    2. Sit on it before purchasing to make sure that your feet can comfortably touch the floor and it gives adequate support for your head.
    3. Use a glider with a locking mechanism for added safety so it moves only when you want it to.
    4. Check the cushion on the chair to make sure it is not too thin and it gives just enough comfort for you and your baby.

    Bottom Line

    These ideas for more space in a nursery also depend heavily on your preferences. Some accessories may be useless to you. Some others you can’t do without. Use these chic ideas as a guide in designing your nursery and the results would be amazing. 

    You and your new-born will have a nursery you can be proud of soon. Happy designing!

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