Clean Your Nursery Perfectly

Cleanliness is next to godliness, especially when you have a baby around. Get the basics of cleaning right so that you can be at peace.

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How to Clean a Nursery?

Cleanliness is essential in almost every aspect of life, and there is nothing positive about untidiness and dirty environments. Cleaning the nursery is as delicate as feeding your baby. 

This is because many things could go wrong if your baby remains in a polluted environment. The health implications and infections from a filthy nursery can span from mild to life-threatening. 

The dangers of a dirty environment to an adult are numerous, and it could be even worse when babies are involved.

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    Why It is Essential to Keep the Nursery Clean and Neat?

    Keeping your nursery clean is very important for you and your baby. Here are some reasons why a clean nursery is essential.

    Babies Have Low Immunity

    A baby’s immune system does not get strong enough until they are up to three months old. Even then, it is not as strong as that of an adult. It is crucial to keep the environment in which a baby stays clean because dirt can breed infection. 

    The baby’s immune system might not be strong enough to fight it, and you might soon get a sick a baby on your hands if you keep a polluted nursery. One of the best ways to reduce your baby’s chances of sickness is keeping your nursery clean.

    They Touch Everything

    Babies are inquisitive. What is normal for you is brand new and exciting to them. 

    It is not a wonder why they are driven to explore and touch everything, trying always to understand and learn new things. Also, whenever they pick up something new, it ends up in their mouths. 

    This helps them answer questions like: is it sweet? Can I eat it? is it soft? Etc. 

    If your nursery is kept clean, no matter what it is that finds its way to your baby’s mouth, or no matter how many surfaces your baby has touched before putting their hands in the mouth, you will not be worried about your baby injecting dirt and becoming sick.

    Tips to keep the Nursery Clean

    Taking care of a baby can be very time consuming, and, sometimes, you might be struggling to find time to clean up your nursery. With these tips, cleaning your nursery can become seamless and stress-free.

    Declutter the Area

    Decluttering involves removing excess and unwanted items from the room or space. It is easy for the nursery to become overrun by the baby’s essentials, and finding space to keep them can be a bit difficult. 

    You can come up with an arrangement strategy, have sufficient cupboards and drawers, and a designated area for everything. 

    Also, throw out or move all unnecessary items and effects. When your nursery is cluttered, cleaning and keeping track will be more difficult; there will be too many things to store and wipe. It will also give your baby a luxury of items to put in their mouth. 

    Accidents can also happen because it is very easy to trip on children’s toys. So, always ensure to declutter and keep the nursery free from too many properties.

    Frequent vacuuming

    vacuuming helps you remove all dust and dirt from the floor and other surfaces. It also helps keep your nursery clean and baby-friendly. Dust can quickly settle on surfaces and the floors of your nursery, but vacuuming is an easy and efficient way to clear them out. 

    With vacuuming, you can have a clean nursery in ten minutes. However, you have to do it regularly. If possible, do it daily. 

    Dirt will always settle, and it does not hurt to take a few minutes out of every day to clean out your nursery and create a healthy space for your baby.

    Washing the Linens Regularly

    The baby’s linens include bed sheets, blankets, towels, pillowcases, and more. These items come in close contact with your baby every single day. Your baby will always hold, play with, and touch all of these. 

    Many times, bedsheets, pillowcases, and blankets can be stained with baby’s poop and pee, and this can find its way to the baby’s mouth if the linens are not kept clean. 

    If this happens, you will be welcoming a whole lot of germs into your baby’s life.  It is easy to lose track of cleaning the linens. So, it is better to have a routine.

    Cleaning the Diaper Bins and Trash Can

    Diaper bins and trash cans are an essential part of the nursery. Used diapers should be tossed in a bin rather than left in corners of the room for convenience. Sometimes, though, people forget to clean the container after emptying it. 

    If diapers are left in the bin for too long, or they are tossed out without the bin being clean, it is going to get smelly quickly. Apart from the smell, which can make the nursery unbearable to stay in, molds can grow in the can too. 

    This is bad because molds are known to cause numerous health risks and sicknesses.

    Dust the Windows and Deep Clean

    It is easy to forget about the windows in the nursery, especially when you have so many other things to do. But then, it would help if you made out time to clean and deep clean your windows from time to time. 

    Dust and dirt can quickly settle on the windows, and the vacuum might not do a great job cleaning it effectively. Take time out to wash blinds if you have them and wipe down panes, too.  It is not necessary to do it all the time; two times a month would suffice.

    Use Gentle Disinfectants and Oils, Avoid Harsh Chemicals

    Cleaning, disinfecting, and sanitizing is necessary for nurseries. Washing can clean toys and items, but it may not kill all germs, so it is advised to disinfect from time to time.  

    Since most of the things in the nursery can end up in the baby’s mouth, it is advisable to use mild disinfectants that will not be hurtful if ingested by mistake. Sometimes bleach can be watered down and used to disinfect. 

    Never use chemicals that have ‘danger’ or ‘corrosive’ warning signs on their labels.

    Bottom Line

    Keeping a clean environment is essential when it comes to childcare and your baby’s health. So, you must ensure to keep your nursery clean at all times if you want to raise a healthy baby.

    The tips discussed here will help you. It is also okay to hire helps to deep clean your nursery from time to time.

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