Alternative to Swim Diapers

Disposable Vs Reusable diapers – Learn the what, whys and how’s? 

What to Use Instead of Swim Diapers

What to Use Instead of Swim Diapers?

Since I planned for my baby to take swimming lessons from an early age I have been researching and trying out swimming equipment for my baby. To be perfectly honest I had tried various swim diapers from different companies but only a few turned out to be effective. One of them is Pampers splashers and the other one is Huggies little swimmers. However, the prices of these two products are quite expensive (10$ for 11 diapers).

However, the price is still reasonable considering the season but summer is coming and a lot of families are going to take their babies and toddlers to swimming lessons and the prices of branded diapers will soar high this time. As the kiddie pool and sprinklers will get more and more parents and their kids, the costs of diapers will only rise because of the sudden increase of their demands. 

I had to do overall research about little swimmers and its alternatives. Do you know that there are diaper companies that make swim pants made of cloth? And the most interesting part is that some of them are actually better than splashers as well as little swimmers.

An interesting fact I came across while researching is that some pools (private and public) do not even allow people using disposable diapers and that is enough to make a statement about their performance. However, reusable diapers are much more efficient as they are eco-friendly and cost a lot less than disposable diapers.

Alternative to Swim Diapers​ 2022
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    Reusable Swim Diapers vs. Disposable Swim Diapers

    You can use both disposable diapers and reusable diapers as alternatives since they are both good choices. However, public pools only allow one type of diaper. It is advisable to check with the pool authorities before you enter the pool. Here is a list of advantages and features of both disposable and reusable diapers.

    Disposable Swim Diapers

    • If you are a beginner with diapers then you should know that disposable diapers need to be disposed of right when they are soiled. 
    • You can not change in the pool area so you have to go outside of the parameters of the pool area and then change the diaper. 
    • The diapers once used can not be used again. 
    • However one benefit is that the diapers (one pack) can be easily fit in your bag if the diapers are from Little Swimmers or from the Huggies.

    Reusable Swim Diapers

    • You have to clean the reusable diapers right when they get soiled. 
    • Like disposable diapers, reusable diapers also need to be cleaned or changed away from the area of the pool.
    • You can clean the diapers in the wash thoroughly and then use them again. 
    • You have to bring extra reusable diapers so that you can change into the new one after the first one gets soiled. 
    • There is one company named My Pool Pal that makes cute reusable diapers.

    How Do Swim Diapers Work?

    Regular diapers work in a different way than swim diapers as they get puffed when they store liquid in them. Their prominent feature is to be absorbent so they store the liquid emitted from the body of your little one and also prevents any solids from making their way out.

    Swim diapers on the other hand will not store any liquid because that will defeat the whole purpose of them being waterproof in the pool. These diapers will hold the solids and the liquid will just pass through the diaper like it does when you wear a swimsuit. So to put it in simple words, these diapers are good to hold the poop but not the pee. Pee will go through the diapers and go straight into the pool water. 

    Well, even adults sometimes pee in the pool so I don’t think this matters much and babies also do not pee a lot.

    Swim Diaper Alternative Solutions for You!

    I would like to share with you our personal thoughts of using the alternatives to swim diapers for the trip to sea beach or for use while going to swimming sessions. Well, if you want to avoid bleeding money by purchasing disposable or one time use diapers then these are essential and a must have.

    Here, you are going to require a cloth swim diaper that can be reused. Please bear in mind that all the cloth diapers don’t run or function well, nowadays there are a bunch of cloth diapers that are not well adjusted and easily cause the leakage of dirty, filthy stuff.

    Swim diapers which can be reused do not have the capacity to hold onto in pee, these have very less capacity to absorb that’s why the toddler can be lightweight as they start swimming. These are built to suppress solids only and retain the poopy dirt out of water.

    The only reusable cloth swim diaper that is highly recommended by me is the Alva Baby Reusable Cloth Swim Diapers  as it easily adjusts well and plays a very good role at blocking the leakage of dirty stuff and keeping it in.

    This swim diaper that can be easily reused is the best to use as an alternative to disposable or expandable diapers accessible currently.

    Since my son started his swimming sessions at month 6, he has been using the reusable swim as it is customized and well adjusted for him.

    These reusable cloth swim diapers are made in such a way that you can alter or modify them for custom fitting for the baby and even there is no fear and tension of leakage and can be washed up superbly.

    Alva Baby Reusable Swim Diapers include a variety of pops or clicks that you can alter for custom fitting for the baby and you can again adjust in future as the baby will grow.

    We also get these at an impartial and fair price rate mostly for 3 diapers which at the same time contain high quality, what much can you actually ask for?

    Best Reusable Diapers

    Nageuret Reusable swim Diaper
    • These reusable swim diapers have a reputation of lasting longer than other diapers that are single-sized diapers made by the leading brand in the market. 
    • You can choose sizes upto N and the cost of these diapers are way cheaper than most reusable diapers.
    • The ingredients used in making of this product are eco-friendly so by using them you are saving your money as well as mother earth. 
    • The quality of these diapers are very different and I would say they are better than most of what I used and they can be adjusted to your baby’s size (between 8lb to 36lb, size 5)
    • You can wash the insides of the diapers and the outside of the diaper is designed to be waterproof.
    • Some mothers have complained about the size saying that it did not fit their babies perfectly. 
    • It doesn’t hold pee.
    Green Sprouts I Play For Baby Girls Reusable Swim Diaper
    • These swim diapers are made of polyester (100%) which gives them a soft touch. 
    • The closure pattern of these diapers are designed to be a snap closure so they are easy to put on and take off. 
    • You can wash i Play diapers in the machine and not wash them by hand. 
    • When you use this diaper, use another swimsuit on top of them so that they stay in their place securely. 
    • The diapers are very lightweight so your baby will feel very comfortable wearing them and the fit helps keep the poop inside the diaper.
    • Since the material is polyester, they are not eco-friendly and it can give your baby a rash.
    • You might notice discoloration after a couple of uses.
    Alvababy Swim Diapers
    • Alvababy swim diapers are also made of 100% polyester and have an attractive design with great fashion style. 
    • They are 100% waterproof with adjustable features and great quality materials. The outer layers are made of polyester PUL and there are elastics around waist and leg so the poop will not leak through. 
    • The openings of the diaper around the leg area are made of soft lycra bindings that give the diaper a stretchy fit and make it more secure. 
    • You can easily take Alvababy diapers off and put them on very easily. 
    • You also get a 1 year guarantee so if anything is wrong with the diapers the company will return your money and send you a completely new diaper.
    • The fit is not always right for these diapers.
    • The instructions on how to adjust the diaper is a bit unclear.
    Thirsties Reusable Swim Diaper
    • The inner layer of this diaper is made of Polyester (100%) and the outer layer is 100% polyester. 
    • The outer layer of this diaper is absolutely waterproof and the diaper itself has trim cut and the material gives our babies a comfy feeling and does not irritate the skin. 
    • They also come with leg gussets that prevent the mess in the pants from getting blended in the water. 
    • There are hip snaps that are very good to keep the wings attached for settings that are smaller in size.
    • These diapers do not absorb any liquid and this feature makes the diaper extremely lightweight so that your baby will learn his swimming lessons without a heavy diaper weighing him or her down.
    • It comes in size one, two and three.
    • It is only for babies who weigh 18 pounds to 40 pounds.

    How Long Can You Use This Reusable Diaper?

    These reusable cloth swim diapers can work until the toddler reaches 2 years of age.

    What I like about these reusable swim cloth diapers is that they have a lot of pops to make sure that they adjust easily but feel comfortable around the waistline and legs to keep away from accidents and dirty stuff.

    Most eminently, it doesn’t expand or enlarge like a disposable diaper under water so the toddler can freely swim without being pulled down.


    Well, there are a few things i like about these reusable swim cloth diapers

    • It is a cheap alternative unlike disposable swim cloth diapers.
    • It doesn’t expand underwater like normal diapers do, it’s made up of thin fabric.
    • It is eco friendly and can be cleansed easily.
    • It helps you to save money and be in the budget limit in the long run and gives you a 1 year guarantee along with profound service and no risk.
    • It contains high quality fabric- well sewed, thick and long-lasting- they sustain well 8 months later.
    • Contains snaps for adjusting to fit the baby as their growth
    • Easy to wear and accessible in super cute designs.
    • Looks voguish and fashionable even without a suit over it.
    • Well furnished with a tight comfy fit in the baby bottom.
    • Safe to use on baby’s skin.
    • After using these reusable cloth swim diapers for over a year with my baby son, I haven’t faced any problems.

    There Are Several Pools That Require Double Disposables

    Believe it or not the best disposable swim cloth diapers don’t entirely adjust as well, and are known to the pools. Maximum pools need you to double over your disposable diaper with a plastic or rubber swim diaper cover.

    Now, it’s getting even more costly and way less lovable. Is it really imposed? I can’t be sure. I always see the toddlers at the local pool wearing disposable  swim diapers under their swimsuits. But I’ve also done online research and found that some people were pressured to purchase one from the pool in order to swim in the water. So, which pool you go to depends.

    I have one event where a double diaper is required nonetheless if you have the reusable swim one or not. I truly have no idea how a second reusable diaper helps ( the adjustment would be all wrong), and none has asked me to put in another diaper.

    Reusable swim diapers are very essential when you are introducing your baby to the pool or beach for swimming. These diapers are not absorbent as the regular diapers are. These are only for catching poop, not pee.

    How To Clean a Reusable Swim Diaper and Make It Reusable?

    What to do when your little one poops in the reusable swim diaper depends on the baby’s poop.

    If you see solid nuggets, just brush off the poop into the toilet and then put it in the laundry like you would do with a swimsuit.

    If your baby is  breastfeeding, then the baby’s poop can be rinsed in the sink and after that you can wash the swim diaper with laundry.

    And if you are unfortunate to see peanut butter or paste consistency in the poop, you can use toilet paper, not a wipe for babies, to wipe off the poop as much as you can and then throw it into the toilet. The diaper is to be soaked for a bit which can be done by dunking into the toilet to get off some more solid poop.

    Run the swim diaper on a hot cycle shortly by itself and then run that diaper on a normal hot cycle. You can run it with other laundry as well. Though this process is against the recommendations of most of the manufacturers and will shorten the usability of the material also, this is the only way out if you have got a poop mess.

    What about Diarrhea?

    Including babies, nobody should go to the beach for swimming or in a pool when they are having diarrhea. Because any illness that is causing the diarrhea, might spread to others in the pool or beach water. So, it is better to avoid swimming while having diarrhea.

    But sometimes sickness may happen all of a sudden without giving you a hint of it. For babies with diarrhea, it is better to use a reusable diaper. A good reusable cloth diaper contains diarrhea better than any disposable diaper. In a swim diaper, there will never be a fountain up the back and a good quality cloth diaper also contains it for a bit.

    What about Breastfed Babies?

    Most people other than the moms who use cloth diapers for their babies don’t know that breastfed babies’ poop is water soluble. But it is not advisable to keep away your baby from the water because the poop will disintegrate into the pool water; rather it is advised to check the baby’s diaper often. The poop doesn’t disintegrate immediately, so just change the diaper quickly.

    The Bottom Line

    If you are looking for solutions for babies for their swimming lessons then you can either use a disposable diaper or a reusable one. I would advise you to use reusable ones because disposable diapers are not eco-friendly and are very expensive. 

    You can choose from a lot of different styles and features when it comes to reusable cloth diapers and they don’t harm the environment. So, I wish you all the best in the journey of your parenthood and trust your good judgment.

    FAQ: By Moms & Dads

    Should I Get Reusable or Disposable Swim Diapers?

    Most moms choose to use reusable swim diapers for their babies, even though they use disposable diapers as regular diapers. Some of the advantages are – 


    Reusable swim diapers are not that expensive. Some diapers last almost for several years. Imagine if you use disposable ones, how many diapers you would have to buy for your baby over the years!

    Don’t Go to Landfill after Every Use

    To use reusable cloth diapers means not to add diapers to the landfill after every 30 minutes of use or every time after swimming. Reusable diapers of good quality can be passed down to the younger siblings also.

    When babies are swimming, it is the only way for diapering that you use either disposable diapers or reusable ones. But, disposable diapers simply add waste to the environment and those are comparatively more expensive than the reusable diapers. 

    So, you may choose reusable ones. Reusable swim diapers are more economical and look cuter and stylish. Also these are eco-friendly.

    Do You Really Need Swim Diapers?

    Yes, swim diapers are a must when you are making your baby take swim lessons because you can’t guarantee that your baby won’t poop in the pool water. I personally have never used disposable diapers but I have heard other moms discuss on this issue that these diapers do not work very well and cost a fortune. 

    However, I did buy a few reusable diapers because why not! I think the elastic around the edges of the diapers are quite effective and hold the poop well. There are many reusable diapers from various companies that provide good support. I have a few because they do not cost me a lot and I don’t find them a waste of money.

    Are Disposable Swim Diapers Safe?

    Most disposable diapers I found out about were made by companies that do not disclose the chemical products used to make the diapers which makes them not that safe. This is the reason why I never used disposable diapers in the first place.

    How Do Reusable Swim Nappies Work?

    If your baby is not yet potty trained it is better to use reusable diapers because their sole purpose is to hold the poop. These specific diapers are no good when it comes to storing liquid i.e. pee. They are designed in such a way that you can wash these diapers (please wash them thoroughly) and you can reuse them.

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