Cool Gifts for Expecting Dads

Check out this carefully curated list of gifts that an expecting dad would love to have.

Fathers’ Day Gifts For Expecting Dads

Fathers’ Day Gifts For Expecting Dads

If you are here you must be confused about what to give to the expectant dad for the fathers’ day gift. Well, you have come to the right place as I have listed down below the items from various categories to help you out. 

There are tons of options out there and of course, you will be confused just as I was when I first started looking through the gift options. However, I figured with experience that specific types of gifts make almost everyone happy so I put them down in my notebook, and here I am sharing them with you.  

These items are selected by me keeping in mind the various preferences of new dads and what will help them out in their upcoming journey of parenting.

Best Lovable Gifts for Expecting Dad's
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    Father's Day Fun Gifts for Expecting Dads

    Book For Expecting Dads

    There is nothing that can change the life of a man quite to an extreme or entirely when they will be going to become a dad. 

    Well, infants don’t have the idea of a manual about full responsibility or taking care of themselves but the parents must know or have the idea about how to take care of their babies, and if not they must go through some guide about how to make your baby burp, how to feed them carefully, how to make them sleep while swaddling and much more. 

    Researchers suggest that dads have lesser ideas or experience about these things as compared to moms. So, it is very important and interesting for a father to know about such things and it can also be a perfect and useful gift for an expecting dad on the occasion of father’s day.  

    By going through these books, the father can explore new ideas which help them to understand how it develops the working mind of the baby.

    Personally, “Dude, You’re Gonna Be Dad!” and “We’re Parents- The First Time Dad’s Guide To Baby’s First Year” are my favorites as these two books are interesting as well as informative to explore new things for the father about taking care of the baby.

    Baby Wear Hoodie

    The Baby Wear Hoodie is completely amusing and enjoyable yet viable for the expecting dad. When as surprise gifts on the occasion of father’s day, these babies wear hoodies are sent to expecting fathers, they become so excited as their new journey with their little toddler will begin and as for the gift, this hoodie helps the baby to keep in touch with his/her father to feel the warmth of love and safety. 

    This hoodie is soft and made of high quality polyester cotton  that will protect the baby as well as the dad from cold and keep them warm and feel comfortable.

    I love the Kangaroo jacket hoodie more for daddy and baby as it will look so cute on them. In this kangaroo jacket hoodie,  the kangaroo panels can be affixed and shifted at any time. Close bodily attachment with dad helps the baby to develop emotions as well as breathing process to calm down the baby to prevent crying and restlessness.

    Dad Journal

    For the first time, a father can get a feeling that he is very excited for the arrival of the baby and he can’t wait  for this moment to embrace his baby in his warm arms. So, there are guided journals for expecting dads that are one of the perfect gifts, especially on the occasion of father’s day. 

    Dad journals are very essential, important, and amazing gifts for the expecting daddies because it assists the father to take the preparation both physically and mentally with feelings of affection and love to welcome the baby. 

    These Dad journals help them to discover their ideas and thoughts and make a record of it as for that “can’t wait ” special day. However, it includes monthly check-ins, preparation of fatherhood that includes future planning with intuitive thoughts and memories to cherish which cheer up the dads to create and capture those priceless moments between daddy and baby.

    Baby Swaddle

    Well, Baby Swaddle is something that safeguards the baby from the natural startle reflex and also works as a practice where babies are wrapped up in blankets or clothes alike to keep control of the limb movement tightly. 

    When the dad swaddles his baby in his warm embrace it represents the warmth of love, safety, comfort and provides good sleep. It especially helps the baby to fall into a deep sleep that’s why most of the parents depend on it. 

    I feel like the Peekaboo Panda design will look adorable on your baby and it is soft, made of 100% cotton, and can easily be washed in machines.

    So on the occasion of father’s day, the baby swaddle is the perfect present for the daddies to spend time with their little ones as it is soft and comfy, easy to change, and available in small and medium sizes.

    Personalized T-shirts

    By giving this t-shirt you can surely mesmerize someone expecting to be a dad. This Behind the Bump Funny Novelty T-shirt is very trendy and the design printed on it lasts a lifetime. 

    The material is 100% cotton which makes the shirt naturally soft and breathable. The expressions printed on this t-shirt are unique and stylish too. The t-shirt is available in various high-pigment colors and comfortable sizes.

    Another uniquely designed t-shirt is this one. This Promoted to Daddy 2022 T-shirt is made of cotton. This lightweight t-shirt is comfy as well as classy. This t-shirt is suitable for summer and any casual occasion. 

    The graphic design is perfect for all men. A wide variety of options is there in colors and sizes. Even after multiple washes, the printed design will last and the color will not fade. This is an anywhere-go-and-wash t-shirt that looks classy also.

    Baby Dome

    You can gift a baby dome to the expecting dad as it is a perfect napping place both outdoors and indoors. This Fisher-Price On-the-go baby dome is for babies of 0 to 5 months. This is available in grey, white, blue, and yellow colors. 

    The dome will protect the baby and 2 toys are removable. It is also easy to handle and can be taken along conveniently as it folds flat. In the dome, the baby will feel at home at all-time. 

    For the expecting dad, this will be a great gift because this is a must-have. Babies can get relaxing napping time and also comfortable playtime under the canopy of the dome.

    Baby Monitor

    A video baby monitor with a digital camera can also be a great gift idea. This Animate wireless transmission video monitor has talk-back technology which allows the parents to communicate with their baby. 

    Reminders can also be set for feeding the baby or changing the diaper. There is no way to hack the monitor, so it is a safe communicating and monitoring system with wireless transmission. Up to 4 cameras can be connected to get full room video coverage. 

    This monitor also includes temperature monitoring and automatic night vision. The transmission range of this baby monitor is 960 feet and the battery is of high capacity. All along, the video monitor is a very useful gadget for the expecting dad to be gifted.

    Diaper Bag Backpack

    This product is a great combination of function and fashion. This Ruvalino diaper bag backpack includes two big compartments in it and 16 pockets and handles as well. The material of this bag is a waterproof fabric that is also durable and lightweight. 

    The handles are easy to grab and the pockets are organized very much for functional purposes. Also, there are two insulated pockets where bottles can be kept. The front compartment is perfect for organizing wipes and diapers. 

    The bag can be easily converted into a handbag, backpack, or stroller. This versatile and elegant hands-free diaper bag is very convenient for its features and functions. Most important thing is that it is a unisex bag. You can gift this to a dad without any second thought.

    Baby Carrier

    A baby carrier is an integral part of parenting as you will learn that being hands-free gives you so much more freedom to handle other things. New dads always have so much on their plate so why not make it easier by giving them a useful gift like a baby carrier?

    There are a lot of options for baby carriers in the market but if you want something easy to wear, lightweight and stylish, go for Fruiteam Baby Carrier. They come in one size which fits infants of all sizes and the material is cotton so your baby stays comfortable in it.

    Apron Kit For Baby Duty

    Is the expectancy dad you are giving a gift to need guidance for his first ever experience of being a parent? 

    Well, normally, the hardest job and the job that parents would like to avoid is the diaper changing process. Even though we love our little puffballs, when it’s time for changing their diapers, it is quite the experience! 

    But not to worry as Daddy’s Diaper Duty Apron is all your new dad-to-be needs to be ready for the job. It consists of every tool a dad can need for a quick and clean change of the diaper. It has a pair of gloves (rubber), a mask, wooden pins for clothes, one diaper, and a very cute plush toy to divert their baby’s attention elsewhere. 

    This is a classy as well as a hilarious gift for the father-to-be as though it is useful, it serves as a comedic gesture. It also comes with a pin that says – This Guy is Going To Be A Daddy which is adorable!

    Smart Phone Photo Printer

    When there is a newborn in the house, every moment counts, and especially new dads like to capture the adorable picture of their family. Trust me, our babies grow up so fast that it’s like a whoosh! of time and suddenly you are walking them to school. 

    Kodak Mini Printer will help the soon-to-be dad not lose the moments and keep that love in a photograph printed and glued straight to the baby album. This printer is compatible with both IOS, Android, NFC as well as Bluetooth devices. As they are wireless, they are portable. 

    I have attached a link so that you can see the additional features for yourself. This is a great gift for a new dad who is very much fond of photography. Since these are portable, they can take the mini printer with them for when they go on vacation as well.

    Keepsake Frame

    Another great gift for new dads who are really into photography is A picture frame. There are different types of frames you can find – some have multiple windows, some have an exceptionally good design for the outer layer and some have the durability of an elephant. 

    However, if I were to give a frame to a soon-to-be dad I would choose a simple and sophisticated Pearhead Triple Sonogram Keepsake Frame. The border is white and has space for decoration so the expectant dad can be creative with it, after all, it’s his gift and he should get to decide the designs. 

    The dimensions of this frame are 0.5x1x5.75 in and the size of the pictures can be width 3.3 in x height 2.5 in. it will capture the journey of your baby and be a sign for the upcoming responsibility and happiness of being a parent.

    Baby Soothener

    Suppose, your soon-to-be dad is taking care of his baby soon but the baby starts to cry. And, no matter what he does, the little one just will not stop bawling his/her eyes out. A baby soothener will be a perfect gift for these kinds of situations. 

    Now, pacifiers are great but they are no gift material so instead, you can go for WavHello Travel speaker. They can be attached to any stroller, crib, or even car seat so as you can see the portability is great. There is a Bluetooth connection available for this so the dad can play his own music or even a lullaby from grandma. 

    They look adorable because they come in the shape of an owl, bear, and cat. The soon-to-be dad will love it because he will be able to choose a specific time to play a particular song or he can opt for the continuous play option.

    Bluetooth Tracker

    This is a rather well-thought safety gift that will be appreciated by any dad because of its profuse utility. Bluetooth trackers help find any object or multiple objects and note their location so one can easily find their belongings. 

    Being a parent is one of the most difficult responsibilities and sometimes, it can get messy. Bluetooth tracker will help the dad to keep things organized and save him a lot of trouble if he lost any important thing and needs to locate it asap. 

    I used a Tile Mate which comes in a pack of two. It can find your bag or keys if they are situated within a 250 ft radius around your tracker. They are water-resistant and can also find android/IOS phones. However, one downside to this product is they come with a non-replaceable battery that will last for up to 3 years.

    Polaroid Camera

    A polaroid camera is cute, has that trendy look, and instant pictures give anyone a feeling of rush. This is what an expectant dad would love to have when he is playing with his baby and suddenly wants to take a picture of his little one goofing around. 

    Personally, Kodak Instant Camera caught my eyes when I first saw it so I bought it for myself. Little did I know that it would be one of the most favorite items of our household! It comes with 20 sheets of zink paper and a very chic Delux case. The sensor is 5 mp the lens is f/2 wide angle.

    The photos printed through this camera are 2×3 in. there is no need for toner, films, or even ink cartridges. Not only this gift is just a brilliant choice but also it is very useful to both the parents – dads and moms alike.

    The Bottom Line

    Have you decided yet what gift to get the baby daddy for fathers’ day? Let me know what was the item that caught your attention the most and why do you think it would be a good choice for the soon-to-be dad. 

    If you still haven’t decided, I can offer you some last-minute recommendations – you can go for the camera, Bluetooth tracker, or printer because they are the most useful ones while other items are for aesthetic and fun. 

    If you want the gift to be emotional, you can go for the sonogram photo frame as well, it would make the shelf a beautiful memory of their journey. But in the end, it all comes down to the preferences of the person you are giving the gift to, so keep in mind his likings as well.

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