SNOO Fitted Sheet Alternatives

If you have had troubles finding SNOO Sheet Alternatives, we have got you covered with our extensive list.

SNOO Sheet Alternatives

SNOO Sheet Alternatives

Are you thinking of getting a SNOO sheet alternative? Then there are a few third party sheets which are affordable and cost less than SNOO sheets while providing a good quality as well as fitting. You can browse through different designed sheets as for the SNOO sheets you only get to have plain white color. 

It was not the easiest task to locate a SNOO sheet alternative that gives you perfect fitting so we had to dig into a lot of products and finally we got some alternatives that held the most positive reviews.

Among these sheet alternative suggestions you will find the one that will suit your tastes and fitting for your SNOO. Read further to know more about the SNOO sheet alternatives exclusively selected for you.

SNOO Fitted Sheet Alternatives
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    SNOO Sheet Alternative Reviews

    Cambria Baby Standard Bassinet Sheet

    Cambria Baby Sheets come 3 in one pack and are already pre-shrunk so that you get an absolute perfect fitting. They are very smooth as well as snug and have the same quality as SNOO sheets. 


    • Cambria Baby standard sheets are made of 100% cotton Jersey. 
    • If you have different shapes of Bassinet pads such as rectangle, oval or hourglass, you don’t have to worry because this sheet fits those shapes perfectly. 
    • The fabric type of this sheet is Jersey knit which is why this material is extremely soft to touch. 
    • There are no harmful chemicals or dangerous dyes included to make this sheet so you don’t have to worry about safety. 
    • The ingredients are all organic and meticulously farmed while keeping in mind the safety of your baby as well as mother earth.


    • The new sheet odor is a bit strong so people who are sensitive to smell should avoid this sheet. 
    • Size can be a little tight around the edges of your sheet.

    You can wash Cambria baby sheets in your machine and if you want you can use them as changing pad sheets. If what you are looking for is a sheet which has an earthy tone and the price is reasonable then this will be your best alternative for a SNOO sheet.

    Cuddly Cubs Sheets Bassinet Set

    This is the best one yet to be found in the market since the fit is absolutely perfect with the SNOO. You will get two sheets in one pack and the price of this product is very reasonable considering its features and material quality.


    • They are made of Jersey cotton and as it was established earlier, these materials are super stretchy and buttery smooth. The soft sheets will give you such comfort and make the sleeping environment soothing.
    • For an overall idea sheet that has width between 12” to 17” (size) and length between 28” to 34” will have perfect fitting in Cuddly Cubs bed sheets. 
    • You will be able to wash Cuddly Cubs bed sheets in the machine as well as tumble dry them. The adorable patterns and designs carved upon the sheets will not fade away after washing. 
    • There are certain brands that these sheets will fit into perfectly and this is why the design of these sheets are made in such a way that it will not slip off your baby’s head but you can put them on your mattress very easily. 
    • Global Oeko-Tex approves of the no harmful chemical in its material and Cuddly Cubs specifically maintains a strict safety standard because they care about your baby. They do not want any harm to be done to your baby’s sensitive skin so they are extra careful with their ingredients.


    • The price though reasonable can be a bit higher than other affordable options in the market. 
    • There is only one design and color to choose for Cuddly Cubs bed sheets.

    Even if you are looking for a backup sheet for your already existing SNOO, Cuddly Cubs will be the best one for you since these sheets barely shrink and have a reputation of not losing their stretchiness and it is way better than third party sheet because of their incompetent quality.

    Momcozy Bassinet Sheet Universal (For Boys)

    If you are searching for a sheet made of breathable fabric, it gives you necessary comfort but most importantly comes with various colors and designs to choose from then give Momcozy bed sheets a shot.


    • The fabric type of Momcozy bed sheet is cotton which is why it is very soft and it will help if you use fabric softener after each wash. 
    • Bassinet mattresses as well as co-sleeps of various sizes will be able to fit in this sheet perfectly. 
    • It comes with a 360 degree elastic band that helps keep the sheet in place even after playing or sleeping in it. 
    • These sheets are also very lightweight which creates a good sleeping environment. 
    • You can wash these sheets in the machine and there will be no discoloration of fading.


    • It can shrink a little after washing this sheet.
    • The elastic band incorporated in the sheet can be a bit too tight.

    For less than 20 dollars you can get 3 in one pack if you purchase Momcozy Bed sheets. You can use a fabric softener or wash these sheets by hand if you don’t want the color to fade. The texture will also remain soft if you hand wash them. You have to properly lay the SNOO properly to ensure perfect fitting of the sheet.

    Our Choice: Best SNOO Sheet Alternative

    One of our best choices is the cuddly cubs bassinet sheets (it comes in a pack of two). Consider this specific sheet for its impeccable quality and it fits the sheet evenly in the edges. They make good alternatives to the SNOO sheet and customers did not find it getting shrinked. The material is fairly soft for the sheet and you can choose from a number of colors.

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