How Much Do Baby Helmets Cost?

Check out all the pricing and insurance options available and make a informed decision.

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How Much Do Baby Helmets Cost?

Since you’re reading this article, I’m assuming your doctor recommended getting a helmet for your baby. Parents of babies with flat head syndrome (plagiocephaly) commonly get this recommendation. To reshape or correct the shape of the little one, doctors tell the parents to use cranial helmets. 

If your healthcare provider has also suggested getting a cranial helmet for your baby then you are probably thinking about what the price of one cranial helmet may be and if the helmet helps or not for plagiocephaly.

How Much Do Baby Helmets Cost?
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    The Cost of Baby Helmet and Helmet Therapy

    Well, as you know every child has different physiology so according to your baby’s physical needs, the cost of one cranial helmet might be somewhere between 1800 Dollars to 3300 Dollars. But on average, you’ll probably need to spend around 2500 Dollars on your helmet as well as the specialist’s appointments. 

    It’s best to get in touch with a clinic that specializes in this kind of therapy or treatment. After analyzing your baby’s case, they’ll be able to provide a specific course of action. You may get one free consultation as most clinics provide that and there you can personally ask them about the treatment cost to get an idea of your spending. 

    To make this treatment budget-friendly or at least less expensive you can opt for financing options like a payment plan or multiple payments. Your insurance provider will know if you are eligible or if they provide any sort of coverage for this kind of treatment financially. 

    For further cost-related queries, you can even contact your local clinic as they can give an approximately accurate number based on your child’s case.

    Does Health Insurance cover the Cost Of Cranial Helmets?

    If you are getting worried about the cost of your baby’s helmet therapy, then you might be wondering if your health insurance will be providing any support in this case. The good news is that most insurance companies do provide if not the full but at least a portion of the cost of the helmet. However, if they don’t then you’ll need to cover those expenses from your pocket only. 

    In this case, you need to call or get in touch with your insurance provider directly to know if they cover this type of expense so you have an idea of how much you’ll have to spend in the process. If you decide to call then keep the policy number near you and also enquire about the pre-authorization process (if there is any) process which you’ll have to go through. Your insurance provider may also need a medical note or a prescription from your doctor to authorize/cover the treatment. 

    Some insurance companies necessitate physical therapy for two months before they cover the cranial helmet’s cost. If this concerns you, be sure to ask about this the insurance provider. 

    Sometimes, insurance companies cover only a specific area so you need to get the details of how much they’ll cover for helmet therapy / cranial orthotics (it also differs from policy to policy). 

    Unfortunately, some companies refuse to provide any sort of financial coverage for the baby helmet even if your child has some underlying medical condition. 

    If you find yourself in that position, there is a grant from the United Healthcare Children’s Foundation. You can apply here as it has helped a lot of parents and might be of help to you as well.

    How Much Do Baby Helmets Cost If You Have Insurance?

    If you have insurance then you might feel at ease knowing that you might not have to pay the full price of the baby helmet. It depends on the specific policy you’ve got. Depending on how much coverage you get from health insurance, you might have to spend 400 Dollars / 600 Dollars to 2000 Dollars from your pocket. 

    Here’s a small tip to decrease the cost:- you can write it off when it’s Tax season. The medical bills, cost of the helmet, doctor’s appointments – your tax will deduct these as medical expenses. So this way your overall expenses for the treatment will be less.

    A Few Things to Keep In Mind When It Comes to Baby Helmets:-

    • The first thing you need to remind yourself is that your baby’s head shape is not your fault. You are not the reason for your baby’s head shape so don’t blame yourself. Scientifically there can be various reasons why some babies have Plagiocephaly. 
    • Most Babies will not mind wearing a helmet but in some rare cases, some babies are allergic to helmets. Do not fret if your baby hates wearing the helmet. In these cases, you can ask your orthotics team to help you out. 
    • There are other alternatives to treat the head shape of your baby. You can opt for physical therapy according to your baby’s age. Another option you can choose is chiropractic care.
    • There’s also hope for parents who are not well enough to afford any of the above. Sometimes, the head shape naturally corrects itself. I would suggest you research some more on the alternative ways so you can choose the best for your kid. This a gentle reminder that you need to make a decision early.
    • With helmet therapy, you need to know that the closer your baby is to one year old, the slower your baby’s growth curve will be. Generally, most kids finish their helmet therapy after their 1-year-old mark.
    • Also, there’s a possibility your child may outgrow the helmet so you’ll need a second one. It all depends on where they are in the treatment process and the percentage of improvement due to this treatment. 
    • After one week or two, the helmet will inevitably smell because of the sweat. Even if you clean it, sometimes the smell is persistent. 
    • Don’t take the helmet off for reasons that don’t concern your baby but you. I understand you would like for your baby to be helmet free in social events like family gatherings and all but the right thing to do is to keep their best interest at heart and let the helmets be on them for their health benefits only.

    Don’t be mindful of people staring and also try not to take it personally because sometimes people are just curious and they are not judging you. Some people look because they don’t comprehend, and some look because a cute baby is always the centre of attention.


    I will not sugarcoat the next statement – it’s undeniable that helmet therapy can be a tough financial burden for a lot of parents, especially when your insurance company refuses to cover even a portion of it. However, what matters is that, as a parent, you do everything within your power to help out your child. 

    Look for alternatives, search for foundations that offer help, and seek help from family and friends.

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