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Read on to understand the things to consider while choosing the right coming home outfit for your baby.

Baby Coming Home Outfits​

Best Baby’s Coming Home Outfit

You have to prepare a lot of things before your baby is born and getting your hospital bag ready is one of the most important things on that list. When you go into labour, you do not want to run around the house packing stuff for the hospital. 

The items that you will require during, before, and after your delivery should be organized beforehand so that you are well-prepared when the time comes. While you pack the necessary items like diapers, nursing clothes you may also want to pack a cute coming home outfit for your newborn.

However, in the first couple of days, your baby might need to wear a hospital-issued onesie but every parent wants to see their cute little ones in adorable outfits. The coming-home outfit is the first opportunity parents get to dress their baby in something they like. 

Moreover, you want your little one’s ride home to be as comfortable as it can so if the weather is not ideal your coming-home outfit will be more suitable for your baby.


Simple Joys Coming Home Outfit

I usually prefer dresses from Carter as they have cool designs and are extremely comfortable for the kids. So, my first choice even for the Coming Home outfit would be Carter’s.

Their Simply Joy’s romper collection comes in nice whimsical designs that suit both boys and girls. It is easily wearable as they come with front open zips or buttons.

These features make it the go-to choice for parents. It is also very highly recommended by many moms.

Hanes Ultimate Coming Home Outfit

If you have the baby in summer, you should be extremely careful while picking the outfit. It is generally better to go with a pure cotton material that will keep the baby comfortable.

The Hanes Ultimate Sleeveless Rompers would be the ideal choice. It has super soft fabric and comes in cool prints.

Hope And Henry Coming Home Outfit

It is always good to go for sweater-type outfits for winter-born babies as it will keep the baby warm and cozy.

One of the very good choices available is Hope & Henry Layette Baby Knit Sweater Romper. It comes in varying colors and has a side-open button for easy wearing.

Best Baby’s Coming Home Outfit 2022
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    First thing’s first. Let’s explore a few details about choosing baby’s outfit before we review the 17 Best Baby’s Coming Home Outfit.

    What Is Baby Coming- Home Outfit?

    During the time you will spend in the hospital, your infant will most likely be put on a swaddling blanket and long-sleeved bodysuit provided by the hospital. But when the time for leaving comes, it will be needed to change the little one into a coming-home outfit that has been brought with you. 

    It is not required that you have to buy a special outfit for bringing your baby home, obviously- any infant sleeper or clothes will do but there are a few parents who love to celebrate the moments by choosing very adorable outfits or one with funny quotes. Be ensured to make plans for the possibilities too.

    How to Choose Best Baby’s Coming Home Outfit ?

    Are you done with your baby registry? If yes, then you have an idea of how complicated the baby gear can be. However, the easiest thing on your plate would be to choose a good coming home outfit before your delivery. 

    You should consider these tips while you browse for a good outfit in which you will take your baby home.


    Onesie can not go wrong because it is a basic building block for the clothing category. If your baby feels cold or their skin becomes cool to touch (decreases from normal temperature) you can add a few more layers. For vice versa, you can just put a onesie on your baby if he or she feels hot. To be honest, a onesie has become a trend because it can be styled with pretty adorable accessories.


    Babies normally tend to stay cool because of their small body proportions so you can also go for a knotted cap or a beanie but take care of the sizing because normally you have to specifically ask for a hat that accommodates a newborn’s small head.


    Not every baby likes to keep on their socks while some don’t mind the extra clothing. Their blood flow around their tootsies is lower than their other body parts so some babies will like to get that extra warmth from the sock. If you want a better fit then booties will also be good.

    Leave the mittens home

    It is better not to obstruct the baby’s hands because everything around them is new sensations and their only solace and familiarity is their hands. They will stay calmer with their hands-free on their way back home.


    Simplicity will be the best virtue in this case because the more functional the clothes are the better for you. You might want to see your newborn in a sleep sack or even a swaddle but trust me they are not practically good for their ride back from the hospital. In a car, the buckles will go over their shoulders and stay between the legs. That’s why you need to choose an item of clothing that is comfy and soft and you can easily take it on and off.

    The Weather

    you need to keep in mind the humidity or temperature of the area you are living in. the clothes you are taking for your baby need to be season-appropriate. Typically babies need 1 extra layer of what a healthy adult would wear. If the surrounding atmosphere is cool then you have to consider taking clothes for your baby’s head, feet, and mouth corners. For outfits that do not include matching socks or hats, you need to purchase them separately.


    I know that as a new parent you want to dress your baby in so many clothes, take adorable pictures and cherish those memories but remember to keep it simple and comfortable for your newborn as well.

    Back-up coming-home outfit

    Even if you are 100% sure that your baby’s coming-home outfit will be the one you chose and packed for the hospital, it will be a smart decision to pack a backup in case of emergencies. 

    Baby’s often poop, pee, and vomit so there is a real chance that you won’t even make it out of the hospital before your newborn decides to relieve himself/herself without much warning. It can also be your excuse to buy a second pair of adorable baby outfits which your baby can wear when he or she comes home.

    Baby’s Going Home Outfit Sizing

    Finding the right size for your baby might be a difficult task if you are not clear about what you are looking for. The outfits for babies are typically running big currently and the most purchased size is between 3-month-old babies to older ones. Any outfit that is labelled as suitable for newborn to 3-month-old babies is loose-fitted to newborns. 

    Unless the weight of your baby is certain to be 9 pounds to 10 pounds at the delivery time you should go for outfits that are specially made for newborns to take to the hospital. If you are still concerned about the fit of the clothes you can buy two outfits – one being bigger and the other being a small one. 

    There will be no problem if the outfit turns out to be a bit big because it will still give your baby the necessary protection any well-fitted outfit would have done and will keep your baby warm. If the outfit turns out to be smaller than you can make small adjustments to keep your baby comfortable in that fit like not closing the buttons at the bottom of the onesie or keeping the hoodies unzipped. 

    Apart from these, you should enjoy the whole process of choosing your baby’s first-ever outfit. Get something that your heart desires and celebrate this milestone. Do not stress over this because your baby will look adorable in any dress you buy for them with love.

    A few practical suggestions on How to dress your newborn from the hospital to home:

    • Though your first focus would be to get your baby something nice, keep in mind that once you get home, you have to undress the cloth, and if your baby is sleepy or making a fuss then it would be difficult for you to undo a fancy dress. 
    • Complicated outfits will take time to undo and as newborns tend to make a mess quite often, you have to change the diapers often, it will only make it difficult for you so something simple yet adorable would be the type to go for. 
    • Keep one bigger outfit and one regular fit, in incase your baby turns out to be big so you can stay prepared. 
    • Onesie is cute and works well but when you are taking your baby home via car, you can’t help but feel uncomfortable that the seat belt straps are touching the sensitive skin of your baby so you should bring a pair of pants to protect your baby’s skin. 
    • Look for outfits made of bamboo or cotton; the material should not irritate your baby’s skin.

    Pro Mom Tip: Footed pants are always better than socks or pants because they are extremely easy to use and stay on while giving a comfy feel and are also easier to keep track of. 

    While I was browsing, I loved footed onesies with long sleeves. They are also called footie pyjamas. The coverage of this outfit is good as they protect the sensitive skin against wind, sun, or cold. 

    They are also very breezy so your baby stays comfortable while wearing footie pyjamas. I can easily change the diapers in this outfit and quickly tackle my baby from the car seat to my arms and then to her stroller without much hassle.

    How We Listed Our Choices for the Best Baby Coming-Home clothes

    Get your baby home with cute adorable outfits. When it is the selection of clothes suited for a baby coming home, we browsed those products which are highly reviewed with top ratings from reliable and renowned brands.

    Our staff members who are parents also gave recommendations on this issue. We considered the style and functions of those recommendations of baby clothing with care. We compared the prices of similar products from other brands as well to get the most price-worthy products.

    Also, we checked whether the product will be comfortable for babies or not. Like, as if the product is made of cotton or any other baby-friendly material, if the clothing is soft and cozy, if babies can sit or sleep comfortably with that outfit if it is easy to wear and change if it is washable in a machine if the product is durable if the prints and patterns are good for babies if the closure type is convenient or not, for which weather it is cozy to wear etc. and some other neutral things.

    Finally, we made the lists to make sure you find appropriate options. Adorable cute babies coming home from hospital outfits that are available at an affordable price are listed below.

    Best Baby Coming-Home Outfit

    Simple Joys Footed Sleep And Play

    These kinds of footed sleeper outfits are adorable enough for welcoming a baby into the home and it is probable that you will need quite a few packs for daily life, too. For super quick diaper changes, there is a zipper on the front that can go down up to one leg ( easier than snappers).

    As these outfits contain low prices as compared to other outfits, it is easy for normal people to afford them and purchase them to celebrate the moment of picking out their baby outfits.



    Hanes Ultimate Baby Flexy Sleeveless Rompers

    Though how fidgety babies tend to be, Baby clothing which is mostly knit stretches only in 2 directions: either it stretches up and down or side to side but not together or both. But here is a solution. Hanes  Baby Flexi presents a four-way more stretch clothing to keep active babies super comfortable.

    As this outfit is sleeveless, the baby will feel more comfortable during the summer days.



    Hope And Henry Layette Baby Sweater Romper

    Babies are sensitive and are not habituated to temperature adjustment. So choosing a seasonally suitable outfit is required and babies need an extra layer to what you might dress yourself in. New parents who are leading for the home in the chilling winter will praise this cute cable onesie with exclusive decoration. 

    Despite the plenty of warmness, this knit-onesie is also high fashion and a birthright outfit that will be used for kids. It has all the features you want to make your baby feel comfortable.



    Tesa Babe Long-Sleeve Coverall Gift Set

    This is a jumpsuit, made of 100% cotton. This is available in some options with floral prints and matching headwear also.



    New to the Crew 3-Piece Outfit

    This includes a cap, pants, and warm romper. A great variety of options are available in terms of size and prints.



    Little Me Cute Bear Foodie

    This is an overall jumpsuit with long sleeves. The outfit is made of cotton only. There are snaps from neckline to feet. The jumpsuit includes a footie also. This one is only for baby boys.



    Mori Organic Baby Zip-Up Sleepsuit

    This sleepsuit is a one-piece outfit with a zip-up feature. This is available for newborns to infants. The organic cotton material of this product makes it ultra-soft and comfy.



    Cobroo Newborn Footie Pajamas

    This outfit is cottony and the pajamas have side belts in them. Some cute color options are there with wide size ranges. It should be washed in machines with cold water and dried low.



    L’ovedbaby Organic Cotton Footed Overall

    For the mommies who love the softest materials to touch the smooth, graceful skin of their babies, here is a 100% organic cotton baby snap footie from L’ovedbaby Girls’. 

    Separate terminations from top to bottom make for easy adjusting and easy off adaption and wrapping around fashion for not trying to compress the head of the baby through the little entrance of the outfit. It contains features that you have no idea of how useful and valuable it is.

    While buying the outfit, just make sure to choose the infant or preemie size, depending on the size, measurement, and weight of your baby.  



    Burt’s Bees Baby Romper Jumpsuit

    This jumpsuit is an organic product with 100% cotton material. This is a one-piece overall suit. The product is exclusively made to prevent babies’ sensitive skin from getting irritation. The outfit features an easy-on & off snap-front, placket, and lap shoulders. There are snaps at the diaper line area which makes it easy to change diapers. This outfit is available in various colors and prints. Suitable sizes for newborns to 2-years old babies are available.



    Burt’s Bees Footed Sleep And Play

    These types of rompers contain dozens of typical patterns from crafty to wild and will make your baby feel comfortable during the first car ride home.

    As it contains various patterns with adorable designs, many parents are more likely to buy these rompers.



    Little Me Newborn Footie And Hat

    This baby girl’s coming-home outfit is pretty and essentially feminine. This outfit is so adorable with a romper made of soft cotton, a matching hat, and contains sweet colors with vintage, fuzzy, floral, and animal designs.

    As this kind of outfit includes various adorable sweet girly designs, parents spend their money to buy them for their baby girl to welcome her home and celebrate the special moments.



    Fommy New To Crew 3-Piece Outfit

    Can’t wait to welcome baby boy home?! This going-home outfit presented by Fommy has another level of attitude. There are a lot of designs, quotes, patterns to select including “New To Crew”, “Little Man” etc.

    Not only as a coming-home outfit but also this kind of boy outfit can work as a perfect gift on the occasion of a baby shower, the casual gift to visit the baby, birthday gift. So, it’s time to shower the baby boy with a bunch of happiness by presenting this cool outfit for welcoming him home.



    Owlivia Baby Sleep’N Play

    It is kinda bit on the expensive side in comparison to numerous packs of similar sleepers. This full-sleeved amazing sleeper suit contains high-quality features. We will love to recommend fabric containing bamboo rayon, organic cotton, or spandex because of its super softness.

    Despite the disadvantage of the hanging issue, its high-quality features make the parents worth it that they buy these pricey footie suits, no matter how much the price.



    Little-Me-Unisex-Baby Footie and Cap Set

    This is a unisex two-piece baby product that includes a cap and footie set. The closure type of this outfit features a zipper. There is a variety in sizes, patterns, and colors. Size ranges from newborns to infants and toddlers. 



    Hudson Baby Fleece Jumpsuit

    This jumpsuit outfit almost reminds everyone of a baby bear. But if you are not interested in the baby bear concept or design, you can also purchase homey and comfortable, and way more traditional pajama-like fabric.

    But this jumpsuit contains high-quality features and is also affordable for normal parents and covers your little ones from head to toe. So, it is an essential coming-home outfit for toddlers during winter.



    Bottom Line

    Do not worry about getting a “perfect” outfit for your baby because whatever you choose with love would be enough. It is however once in a lifetime occasion where your baby is transitioning into his or her new life in their own home. So, enjoy the process of choosing a coming-home outfit for your little one.

    Even if you are tight on budget, I have included some budget-friendly outfits so that you do not need to worry about money. If you don’t want to spend money on this then look through the outfits you got from the baby shower, you might find something you will love.

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