The changing table from Tris is a multipurpose piece that has a baby bath and drawers attached.

TRIS PALI Changing Table Review

TRIS PALI Changing Table Review

The baby furniture technology has been completely revamped in recent times. Parents now have the luxury of getting 3-in-1 state-of-the-art baby products that can improve their standard of living. One of these unique products is the Tris Changing Table-Baby bath. It is one of the most sophisticated but simple creations that harmonizes changing and bathing a baby into one system. 

Parents can now bathe and change their babies all in the same place. This baby furniture has eradicated the need to take the baby out of the shower and go into the nursery before changing him. Understandably, parents often have a lot on their plate, and every minute counts. Asides from this fact, it can be stressful trying to change the baby when the diaper is smelly.

Most times, the babies do not want to be changed too; parents have to use different tactics to calm their jittery nerves. Therefore, having a bathtub and a changing table all in one is a great deal for them. To make things even better, the changing table also has drawers safely locked with baby items. 

Without a doubt, this eco-friendly baby item is set to make your experience as a new or busy parent much more seamless. Here are more things you should know about the product:

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    TRIS PALI Changing Table Review

    TRIS PALI Changing Table

    Product Specifications

    • The Tris changing table-baby bathtub can come in different colors, and the bathtub is made of phthalate-free PVC. 
    • The product measures 76 x 90 x 45. In a clearer picture, the product’s width is 76cm while the height is 90 cm. Finally, the depth is 45cm.
    • The product weighs 35.7kg.
    • It is an environmentally friendly product.
    • It has three drawers and four wheels.



    Here are some other reasons why the TRIS PALI Diaper Changing Table is ideal and best for your baby.

    Easy to use

    There is no way to talk about the Tris Changing table-baby bath without mentioning how ergonomically efficient it is for parents. Asides from Changing having to assemble the components before first-time use, you are less likely to encounter many problems in using it. 

    The bath’s double-position feature allows parents to lift the table so that it can be converted and used as an anatomic bathtub without any hassles. It is so convenient that one end of the bathtub holds the baby firmly to prevent it from slipping, while the other side of the bathtub is for babies who can already sit up on their own during bath times.

    The product’s compact design also accommodates a water level gauge, bottle, and soap handler. This makes it more comfortable for parents to reach the items when needed.

    Convenient Height

    It is one thing to find the appropriate baby furniture, and then it is another to get the proper dimensions for the product. If the changing table or the bathtub is too high or low, it will limit the parent’s ability to do much during bathe or nappy change. In turn, the baby will become more restless. This situation is set to frustrate you and your baby’s bonding experiences. 

    Fortunately, the Tris changing table allows parents to stand appropriately while changing and bathing their baby. Height is an imperative changing table consideration, especially as most parents use their baby’s bath time to bond well with the little angels. Hence, the Tris baby changing table-baby bath will allow you to connect with your babies and capture those precious moments on your phones.


    This changing bathtub from Tris comes with drawers that have safety locks on them. It prevents any unforeseen tragedies from befalling the parents or the child. The bathtub also has an anti-slippery surface that keeps the baby in place, whether lying down or sitting. According to the manual, it is firm enough to hold the baby as long as the parts are adequately assembled.


    The baby product is made in Italy with the finest materials to keep the changing table and bathtub durable. Italian products are notable for their durability, style, and uniqueness. Tris taps into this excellence to give parents top-notch quality that they can be proud of. It can last for a long time and can be used for more than one baby in the future. So, you do not need to throw away the changing table-bath tub. All you need to do is to maintain the baby’s furniture and clean it regularly. It will be gratifying to know that once you get this changing table, you do not need another one.

    Our Choice

    The ability to combine the hectic but yet pleasurable tasks of changing and bathing your baby is ingenious. There is ample opportunity for parents to bond with their babies without the rigor of walking tirelessly to get necessary items for the task. This has simplified baby item prices and made everything available to the parents in one place. Since the product has wheels, you can move the changing table- bathtub to any destination you want. However, you have to be careful as the parts are somewhat delicate.

    The Tris Changing Table-Baby bath is the right combination for a parent looking to accomplish so much at one go. It is a great buy as long as it is appropriately managed.

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