The STOKKE Home Changer

The flexible changer from Stokke attaches to the bed, the dresser and cradle stand.

Stokke Home Changer Table Review

Stokke Home Changer Table Review

Have you been stuck in a bus, and a baby smiles at you? Perhaps, you are late for an appointment at work and definitely not in a smiling mood.

However, at that moment, you forget the pressure of work, and all that matters is smiling back at the adorable creature. Of course, there is no denying that babies are genuine blessings that add warmth and joy to our hearts. 

The smile that made you cheer up while on the bus is the same euphoria parents bask in when they pick their child up from the changer. However, the job involved in caring for a baby can be quite frustrating. The comfort of the baby sometimes lies in their diapers.

If they are messy, it will affect them, and they begin to call for help. Considering the baby’s comfort is something the parents must always do 

As parents, having a conducive and comfortable place to change the baby can improve your relationship with your baby. A quality changer is necessary to allow babies to enjoy their parents’ company while being changed. Thankfully, the Stokke Home changer is a versatile component that parents can use on the bed, cradle, or top of the dresser. 

There are several benefits of having a suitable changer for your child. For instance, its storage keeps the essential baby items close to you. Another exciting feature of a changer is it can be used as a play table when the child is older.

Why Go for The STOKKE Home Changer?



First thing’s first. Let’s explore a few details about why the Stokke Diaper Changing Table is ideal and best for your baby.


If there is anything parents can be assured of when using the Stokke Home changer, it would be its flexibility. The home changer can be attached to the bed with self-locking handles. It can also be attached to the cradle.

The product is useful for various reasons and is adaptable to any situation you find yourself. It is also easy to carry and does not weigh much. This makes it very appropriate for parents.

Easy to Use:

This baby furniture is very convenient for parents as they can do all they need with the baby in one spot. Plus, the manuals and descriptions make it easy to attach and detach from the bed. The mattress’s water-repellent feature, which is part of the home changer, makes it easy to clean. 

You do not have to worry about water soaking the changer and discomforting your baby. Also, there are not many parts to fix when using the Home changer, and whatever struggles you may have can be solved by reading the descriptions. 


Everyone loves a luxury of comfort no matter what stage of life we are in. Babies need it more as they may not adapt as quickly as other people will do. The home changer has soft and protective sides around the body, so it will not hurt when the parent is turning the baby. 


The product is made from MDF and offers durability for babies and their parents. It has a complete changing and storage unit altogether. Parents can also place the changer in the bed, allowing them to have everything within their reach as they change their baby. 

The storage box allows you to arrange your baby items. This is so you can organize your baby’s essentials comfortably. The Home changer has a plethora of accessories that can go with it. Some of them include Stokke Home changer matters cover, hooded towel, and blanket. 

Bottom Line

Providing your little ones with the most convenient places to change helps them stay active and sleep comfortably. The Stokke Home changer is sure going to provide all these for your baby. 

If you are looking for a versatile baby component that will help you take care of other activities while changing your baby protect still protect them, then the Stokke Home changer is a great buy.

Even if you do not have that little one crawling all around the house, you can still get it and find a strategic place to put it. For expecting mothers, it will be a good way to bond with their babies. 

For durability, you have to maintain the home changer properly. As strong as it is, there would be severe issues if it is not taken care of. Therefore, parents have to be careful whether they are moving the bed or cleaning the changer.

Choosing a home changer that allows you so much freedom and luxury for your child is the way to go.

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