INFANS Baby Diaper Table

An easily foldable changing table for babies between 0-12 months

INFANS Baby Diaper Table Review

INFANS Baby Diaper Table Review

Babies are adorable. There is a special kind of joy that comes from having one. However, a special kind of responsibility comes with it too.

Some of them stay awake at night, not being able to leave the baby’s side unless they are asleep, spending more time doing laundry, etc. However, one experience that most parents find particularly challenging is changing the infant’s diaper. 

For a good diaper changing experience, you must place the baby on a table that is as tall as the parent or adult tending to the baby. Baby clothes and accessories also need to be close by so that the parent does not have to dash in and out to get them.

Thankfully, all of this is not impossible to have; with INFANS Baby Diaper Table, you will find the convenience you need while changing your baby’s diaper. Also, it will improve your bonding experience with your little one.  

INFANS Baby Diaper Table is a foldable baby changing table for babies between 0-12 months old. You can use it for changing diapers, changing clothes, or massage care. The diaper changing stations come in average heights to protect the parent from back and leg pain caused by prolonged bending.

The diaper changing station is also easy to fold up to save space, cheap to buy, requires low maintenance cost, etc. some mothers say the best part of the product is its feature that helps keep the baby in one position while the diaper change is going on.  

Why You Should Consider Getting the INFANS Baby Diaper Table?



Why the INFANS diaper table should be your table of choice are group under headings below: 

It is Multi-purpose: You can use the INFANS diaper station to change clothes, diapers, and massage care. 

Convenience: The diaper changing station comes in average elevated height that makes it suitable for most people, no matter their height. This convenience helps to prevent back pains from bending to change baby diapers. It also has a safety belt to hold the baby in place while the parent changes the diaper. 

Saves Space: After you finished changing your baby’s diaper, you can choose to fold the INFANS Diaper Changing Table easily to save space. The table can be rested against the wall or placed behind the door. It is suitable for most homes because it does not take too much space to expand and much less when folded.

Large Storage Capacity: INFANS diaper changing table is equipped with a storage basket with three compartments at both sides of the table. Baby needs like diapers, nursing bottles, towels, baby toys, and dolls can be placed in these spaces.

Besides, the baby changing station has a wide shelf under the table for additional storage. These spaces are ideal for storing be long towels, baby bottles, blankets, diapers, etc. The top of the table is also spacious enough for changing and massaging the baby.

Easy to Clean and Water-resistant Surface: The table surface of INFANS Diaper Changing Station does not hold water. It is made from a water-resistant Polyvinyl Chloride. Hence, it makes for easy inspection and cleaning. A gentle scrub with a damp cloth will wipe any dirt off the surface. 

Stable and Compressed Construction: INFANS diaper changing table is ideal for heavy use and also lasts long. The table legs are rubber-padded to prevent sliding when you’re using the product. Also, to stop the metallic legs from denting your floor.

INFANS table has two safety belts that secure your baby on the table when you are changing or massaging her. To ensure safety, the product has a lock which when pressed, pins the table and prevents it from accidentally folding up while changing your baby.  

Measurement Ruler: The unique thing about INFANS tables is that it comes with a baby height measuring ruler. You can easily track your baby’s growth anytime while using the table. 

Our Choice

The INFANS Baby Diaper Table is the ideal table for changing diapers, changing clothes, and massaging babies. It is tall enough for most people. Hence, it eliminates the need for bending that leads to back and leg pain for the parents. It also has the storage capacity to house necessary accessories like baby clothes and lotion.

The advantages of this table  portability, foldability, and space-saving. However, not being suitable for babies more than one-year-old and heavier than 24.2 pounds are some of the baby diaper station’s disadvantages. Regardless, INFANS Baby Diaper Table is many customers’ choice; it has found a home in many households.

While its pocket-friendliness is one of the reasons it is widely bought, customers have commended its durability too. It is the best choice for new mothers looking to buy a Baby Diaper Changing Table.

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