Ikea Sniglar Changing Table

A detailed product review on IKEA SNIGLAR changing table with F&B’s, customer reviews, pros and cons.

Ikea Sniglar Changing Table Review

Ikea Sniglar Changing Table Review

I used to change my baby’s diapers by placing a blanket on the floor and laying him on it before replacing the diapers. Before long, I started to notice weird smells in different areas of the house and got a lot of the changing accessories (rash cream, wipes) misplaced.

Finally, when I began to suffer from back strains, my sister recommended getting a changing table. Since then, all my diaper-changing accessories have been organized and the procedure has become a lot tidier.

First thing’s first. Let’s explore a few details about Ikea Sniglar Changing Table.

Things to Consider

A changing table is a great asset to have when taking care of your baby, especially for first-time mothers who are still getting the hang of it. It gives you a designated spot for changing your baby so that other areas of the house are free from pee or poop stains.

This would have been of great help with my first child because he had a habit of peeing when I took his nappies off, soiling the surrounding in the process. You can also keep all your baby’s toys, clothes, and diaper replacement accessories on the changing table so that you remain organized and nothing gets misplaced.

Taking care of a newborn? A changing table may be a great addition to your nursery. It relieves you of the stress of bending down constantly which could be uncomfortable especially if you had a C-section. 

Changing tables typically have a weight and an age limit and if your child exceeds these limits, a changing table will no longer be suitable for them.

Different manufacturers have their limits but generally, anywhere from above 2 years of age or 30 pounds, changing tables will no longer be safe for them. At that age or size, your child should be outgrowing diapers and be potty trained. 

These days, there are several changing tables out there. How do you know the right one? Here are a few things to keep in mind when selecting a changing table:

  1. The storage size in relation to your baby’s need. You should choose a changing table that has enough space to keep all your baby’s diapers, cream, wipes, toys, etc.
  2. Make sure the paint finish on the changing table is safe and in no way be of any harm to a developing baby
  3. Safety features available on the changing table must be sufficient enough to keep your baby safe. Be on the lookout for changing tables with railings, straps, or anchors to secure it to the wall.
  4. How easy is it to get cleaned, because it’s going to get stained and dirty regularly.

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IKEA Sniglar Changing Table Review

Sniglar changing table is from the popular brand named Ikea which is known for its affordability and easy-to-assemble products. The Sniglar is no exception to this, and unlike the Sundvik changing table, also from Ikea, it has a minimalist design that only focuses on the basics. 

The Sniglar may be ideal for you if you’re looking for a simple changing table with a minimalist design. You should also be aware that it cannot be converted later on into a dresser or desk, but used strictly as a changing table.



Features & Benefits

The idea behind the Ikea Sniglar is to focus on the basic use of a changing table so parents can get a functional product at an affordable price. It is a very simple changing table that does not have any special features or functions. The features and benefits of this changing table are going to be discussed under the following headings.


Since this is a product from the brand Ikea, durability is pretty much an accompanying feature. The main parts are made of solid beech material which is strong enough to withstand the strength of your baby. You can also be sure the solid beech material will last a couple of years before it becomes susceptible to any form of defect.

If you plan to have more babies, hold on to this changing table because it will still be in good condition and you can use it when the other babies arrive. The bottom panel is made of foil, fiberboard, and acrylic paint. This is the storage area where you can keep items for future use.

Most parts of this product are wood with little white details here and there. The two main parts serve specific purposes: top panel for changing the baby and the bottom one as space for keeping all you need. 

Assembling this product is quite easy and you shouldn’t have any problems with it. There is no need for additional drawers or panels in assembling and you should be done with it very quickly.

Storage Space

The Sniglar has only one main storage area beneath the changing surface. It has an open shelf right under the panel for keeping anything from diapers to toys, depending on what you see fit. It cannot hold a lot so you might want to stick to the essentials you need for changing your baby’s diapers. 

Also, you can’t use this changing table as a dresser or a storage space in the house if you no longer need it as a dressing table. It only performs one task: as a space for changing your baby’s diapers. This is a task that it performs excellently. 

If your baby has more accessories or clothes, you can augment the storage space of the Sniglar with fabric bins or wicker baskets. This gives you extra space to store your baby’s properties like toys and diapers so you can have all you need near you.

Dimensions / Specifications

These measurements for this changing table are: 28.4 (Length) x 20.9 (Width)  x 34.25 (Height) inches. The height of the changing table (34.25”) is very comfortable for a lot of parents to change their babies conveniently. 

When assembled, this changing table weighs approximately 25 pounds. That is not a lot, making it a lightweight changing table easy for you to carry to any part of the house you intend to use it at that particular time. 

It also makes it convenient to keep it closeby when you’re spending time with your baby and eliminate the need to go to the nursery every time your baby poos (which is going to be quite a lot). Keeping it close to where you keep your diaper changing supplies would be a good idea so you can keep it organized.

Accessories / Varieties

Unfortunately, the Sniglar does not come with a changing pad and you will have to buy one specific to the product. The shape of this product does not allow you to just buy any changing pad for it as it will most likely not fit. 

Instead, you must buy an Ikea brand mattress specifically made for the Sniglar. There are no other accessories or features on Sniglar as it was designed to be simple and serve its primary purpose which is creating a convenient area for you to change your baby. 

You can only get the Sniglar in the basic wood color. There are no fancy color options or designs to choose from, so matching your nursery with this changing table might be a tad challenging.

Social Proof

I have scoured the internet to see what people think about the Sniglar Changing table and I have found some positive reviews worth looking at here..

Alternatives to the Ikea Sniglar Changing table

If you’re not satisfied with the Sniglar, other changing table alternatives from the same manufacturer are:

Stuva Changing Table

This changing table also has a simple design without any drawers, edges, or accessories. But unlike the Sniglar, you can convert this table into a working desk or be decorated to look good when you no longer need it as a changing table instead of it just sitting at home. 

Stuva also has a considerably large open storage which you can easily access to get all you need to change your baby’s diapers. This will be a better choice for you if you want more space and functionality than the Sniglar as long as you are willing to spend a little more.

Comparison with Sniglar

  • Has more storage space
  • Multi-practical because it can serve other uses when as your child grows. 
  • Great for decorations and can fit smoothly with your nursery

Check out the Ikea Stuva Changing table here

Solgul Changing Table

The Solgul is a simple design that comes in the color white. There are also no drawers on this product rather opting for open storage in the panels. You shouldn’t have any problem with maintaining the Solgul because it is very easy to clean – a simple mop will do the job. You should pick this over the Sniglar if you want more safety features on your changing table.

Comparison with Sniglar

  • Gives you more storage space
  • Rounded panels and boards make it safer for your baby
  • Better practicability because the panel size allows you to be creative

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Sundvik Changing Table

Sundik changing table also doubles as a dresser because of the extra storage and dressers. The panel of the outer frame can easily fold and convert into a cabinet, nobody would even know it was a changing table. You should get this if you place practicability above all else and is not into the minimalist designs of the Sniglar.

Comparison with Sniglar

  • You have color options to choose from; Gray-brown and white
  • Apart from the open storage, it has two additional drawers.
  • It also doubles as a dresser

Learn more about the Ikea Sundvik Changing table here

Bottom Line

Parents have been complaining of back and knee pains from bending down to change their baby’s diapers. These problems might add strains to pre-existing conditions. Changing tables remove any need for bending down while replacing diapers on your baby. A changing table can also help get your house organized and put all your baby diaper changing kit in one place. 

Ikea Sniglar Changing table is just the perfect height so you can stand comfortably while changing your baby’s diapers. It doesn’t hurt that there is a storage space under where you can easily arrange your diaper changing kit neatly. 

Doing this will give you access to fresh diapers whenever you need to change your child. You can get the Singlar Changing table without breaking the bank and say goodbye to misplaced diaper creams or wipes.

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