EGREE Portable Baby Changing Table

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EGREE Portable Baby Changing Table Review

EGREE Portable Baby Changing Table

A baby needs constant care and attention. But sometimes, when a baby cries, you do not know why. Your best guess is good. Sometimes, however, it could be that they need a diaper change.

Not being prompt to change a baby’s diaper can be as discomforting as being hungry for the baby. Experts say that a baby runs the risk of urinary infectious diseases, rashes, and irritation if their diapers are not changed as needed.

To avoid this, you should change your baby’s diaper once every one to two hours. Changing a baby’s diaper is as essential to the baby’s health and growth as food. 

When it comes to changing diapers, there is one problem that most mothers complain about: back pain. Experts claim that about 3000 diapers are needed by a baby in her first year. This is a lot of work for the parent, especially the mum.

Changing a diaper once in one to two hours means bending, standing, and turning now and again. However, with a baby changing table, you can do away with all this inconvenience.

Diaper changing table or diaper changing station has a raised height and abundant storage space for you to change your baby’s diapers comfortably

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    First thing’s first. Let’s explore a few details about EGREE Folding Mobile Diaper Changing Table.

    About the EGREE Baby Changing Table

    Diaper tables come in different shapes and sizes. Some of them have adjustable heights to suit the mother or the adult caring for the child. Others do not, but instead come in average heights that can work for most people.

    The table surface comes in different materials too. Some can be waterproof, while some can be more skin-friendly than others. While purchasing a baby diaper changing table, safety concerns, comfortability, functionality, user, and baby-friendliness are things to consider.

    One baby changing table that is best in terms of these features is EGREE Diaper Changing Table. EGREE Diaper Changing Table can be adjusted to four different heights.

    No matter how tall or short you are, one of these heights would be suitable and convenient for you to change your baby’s diaper. This appropriate height would also prevent you from backaches and pains from kneeling.

    Egree Diaper Changing Table Review



    Here are some other reasons why the Egree Diaper Changing Table is ideal and best for your baby.

    EGREE offers diaper changing tables with superior features at an affordable price. Here are some other reasons why EGREE Diaper Changing Table is ideal and best for your baby.

    Adjustable Height:

    EGREE Diaper Changing Table has four different possible elevated heights that you can choose from regardless of how tall you are when changing diapers, clothes, or doing massage for your baby. Hence, eliminating backaches from crouching to massage the baby.


    Safety is most paramount when it comes to babies. EGREE Infant Changing Station uses a skin-friendly textile for its table cover. It also has a quality, unrustable and antistatic frame that supports your baby weight and prevents shifting or gliding when in use.

    The frame provides added security to your baby and eliminates the risk of shock through its ability to stop the build-up of static electricity. EGREE tables come with a safety belt to help keep your baby in position while you change her. It is suitable for enduring use. 


    Everyone worries about space. An overly large table can take much space and obstruct free movement. Yet, if a table is too small, it might not serve its intended purpose quite well.

    The diaper changing station is compact and portable. It has four tires for easy movement from one part of the house to another. When not in use, the table can easily be folded and put against the wall or behind the door to save space.  

    Storage Space:

    After changing a baby’s diaper, you might want to change her cloth or feed her next. EGREE Table comes with storage capacity to cater to accessories like feeders and towels.

    It has enough space that can also accommodate clothes and diapers to ensure convenience for the parent. The table has two baskets on one side and one large lower storage space below the table. You can use this table as a drying rack stand. 

    Certification and Warranty:

    EGREE nursery changing table is certified by the Consumer Protection Council. This means that the table is tested and attested to be safe.

    If you buy the diaper table today, you can return it for a new one if there are issues with its cloth or frame within the next two years. You can get a replacement or a refund if you receive any part of it damaged. 

    Our Choice

    The EGREE Diaper Changing Tables are the best Infant Changing Tables. They are portable and affordable. They can be folded when not in use and have wheels for mobility.

    What sets EGREE tables aside from all other baby changing tables are their adjustable heights, safety belts, and antistatic frame. Like every other product, the EGREE table has its pros and cons.

    Regardless of its shortcomings, however, the product has superior features in terms of safety and convenience compared to its counterparts. It is the perfect choice for new mothers and soon-to-be parents. 

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